Student Broadband

Students who live off their homes and campus often need to arrange their own broadband connection at their new location. Students have options of taking either home broadband or mobile broadband. Advantages of student broadband contracts? Price discounts for students Short term contracts

Business Broadband

Business broadband is designed to cater the specific needs of small & medium sized businesses (SME), large businesses and the individuals who run their firms at home or prefer to work from home. Business grade broadband service ensures you get speedier and more

Fibre Optic Broadband

Key benefits of fibre broadband Fibre optic broadband offers much faster speeds than standard ADSL broadband.Connectivity is more reliable as it uses next generation, optical fibre cable to reduce the loss of speed over long distances.Great choice for households where multiple users

Best broadband deals for August 2022

Exclusive Offers for August 2022 While the ISP’s website doesn’t contain all the best deals, discounts, vouchers and gifts, our exclusive broadband deals section offers deals that aren’t available on the provider’s website. For example, Virgin Media offers discounts and £95 vouchers

No Contract and Short Contract Broadband

No contract or short-term broadband is a convenient option for households and users who look out for broadband services without signing up for long term contracts.  Do you need contract-free broadband? If you are a student with no need for long-term deals

Line Rental Saver Benefits

All internet service providers, without exception, hike their home phone line rental prices from time to time.The standard line rental now ranges between £15 – £20 a month, which is more than 20% rise, when compared to 2012.  For broadband & phone customers (including

How to switch broadband provider?

Recently thinking on quitting your current broadband provider and moving to another? Here is some good news for you! If you are switching landline or broadband or both over BT’s network, the process has become easier and simpler from June 2015.According to

10 ways to save money on broadband and phone

1. Buy bundled packages This is the top tip that helps you save good amount of money on broadband, TV, homephone and mobile. If you use more than a service and want to make savings, get them all from the same provider.

Free Parental Controls and Online Protection with your broadband

Having the best online safety feature on your device when you browse the web is as much important as other features that you are looking for, be it superfast internet speeds or reliable connectivity.Unless your device, whether you use PC, laptop or

Broadband Glossary

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) ADSL broadband. A broadband type that uses BT landline to provide broadband connection in the UK.You may also use your telephone to make and receive calls while you are online. ADSL can provide upto 8Mbps download speed.

Types of Broadband

There are four different types of broadband. Choosing the right type for you often depends on the availability and quality of the service.If you live in the UK, this is ADSL or Cable. Currently, ADSL broadband has more than 90% coverage in

How to improve broadband speeds?

Understanding Broadband speeds We often experience slow broadband speeds at times. The drop in speeds can result in poor over-all performance of a broadband connection.Slow speeds can be frustrating as even the simple online things such as web browsing and email checking

Mobile Broadband for Online Gaming

Broadband connection enables you to play online games on your PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones and dedicated games consoles such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 (PS3).But, what are the priorities that you need to look for, when you choose broadband

Guide to Mobile Broadband Dongles

What is a dongle?How do I get a dongle?How to use USB modem stick (dongle) if my PC does not have any open USB port?Is USB modem stick different from dongle?How much speeds can mobile broadbnd USB dongle offer?I am a MAC