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Onestream Broadband offers a variety of plans and speeds for residential customers. With their fast, reliable connections and competitive prices, Onestream is an excellent option for those looking for low-cost broadband services.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features, offerings, pricing, and speeds of Onestream broadband.


  • Truly unlimited – Onestream broadband plans come with totally unlimited data usage so there’s no slowdown during peak times.
  • Free router – All plans, including standard and fibre packages, come with a free wireless router. Fibre customers typically get high-speed routers designed for ultra-fast speeds.
  • Budget deals – Onestream’s affordable, low-cost plans help homes save on broadband and phone bills.
  • Customer support – Onestream has a team of experts who can handle customer inquiries and questions by phone and email.
    Onestream prides itself on exceptional customer service and commitment to providing the best customer experience. It has a Trustpilot score of 4.2 out of 5. 
    However, the broadband provider received mixed reviews, with most customers saying their service is excellent (78%), while others felt their service is poor (20%).


  • You get Superstream router with only 2.4GHz band, no 5GHz band, no gigabit ports.
  • While Onestream offers ultrafast speeds of up to 800Mbps, these faster fibre services aren’t as widely available as basic fibre plans (Fibre 55 and 80).
  • No TV bundles – There is no bundling option for the TV, as Onestream only offers broadband and call plans.
  • No free extras – You can’t get free public WiFi or free cloud storage from some providers like BT and Sky with Onestream.
    Onestream does not offer free PC security like BT and Vodafone.
    Other cheaper options from Vodafone, TalkTalk and Plusnet often feature special offers with discounts, cashbacks and vouchers.

Onestream Broadband Plans

Onestream offers two popular fibre plans – Fibre 55 and Fibre 80.

Onestream Fibre 55

Fibre 55 an ideal entry level fibre package for households with 3 or fewer users. It comes with an average download speed of 45Mbps and an average upload speed of 8Mbps. Along with unlimited data, you also get superfast speeds, good enough for streaming and casual gaming.

Onestream Fibre 80

Compared to Fibre 55, Fibre 80 is 22Mbps faster and can even reach speeds of 67Mbps. Also, upload speeds are faster, reaching an average of 18Mbps. Because of this, Onestream Fibre 80 is perfect for busy households that need multiple people connected, or anyone doing data-intensive activities like 4K streaming or serious gaming.

  • Both plans also include unlimited data, free router as well as free installation and setup.
  • Onestream broadband offers flexible plans with contract options of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. You can save even more by signing up for a longer commitment plan which comes with additional discounts.

Onestream Fibre 20

In addition to Fibre 55 and Fibre 80, Onestream also offers Fibre 20 plan with an average download speed of 16Mbps. This standard broadband is available in more areas than the faster plans, however, this is a slow broadband service that is generally not suitable for HD streaming and other bandwidth-intensive applications such as online gaming and video calling. It also offers a poor average upload speed of just 1Mbps compared to the 17Mbps that the Fibre 80 offers.

Ultrafast broadband

While Onestream’s ultra-fast service doesn’t yet cover many parts of the UK, here are the plans with details like speeds and up-to-date pricing: (24 month contract applies)

Is Onestream broadband any good?

Onestream is a relatively new entrant to the UK broadband market. The Hampshire-based provider was set up by commercial ISP Onecom, which undoubtedly has years of experience in broadband services.

With a limited customer base, Onestream is now a growing ISP, based on the UK’s largest Openreach network, offering slightly faster broadband plans than rivals.

While Onestream offers limited options in terms of packages and speeds, its offerings aren’t overpriced, and the service offers decent customer support and customer satisfaction ratings.

Despite the good Trustpilot reviews, some Onestream customers were unhappy with the provider’s lack of information and transparency. For example, they believe they should be notified of changes to services before changing prices. Another problem is that some Onestream customers find their download speeds are slow and can’t get the promised speeds. While this is true even for big suppliers, customers can often fix their problems with the help of suppliers.

All in all, Onestream can help you save on broadband bills if you sign up for an entry-level fibre plan, but you have to understand that it doesn’t offer the same features as Virgin Media or Sky, nor does it offer the premium customer service of EE or Zen.

Onestream broadband router

Onestream superstream router

Onestream broadband packages include the Superstream (formerly known as Super Dooper) wireless router, a rebranded version of the Technicolor TG588v2 router.

This is a single-band router with basic features. The Superstream router has ethernet ports for ADSL and fibre broadband, antennas and USB, but lacks advanced features such as smart channel selection and smart WiFi found in the BT Smart Hub and Virgin Media Super Hub. It can handle speeds up to 300Mbps.

It’s easy to set and change settings and connect the devices to the network. You can also use the parental controls to filter the web, set time limits, and change WiFi security settings from your mobile device.

Onestream Broadband Deals

Exclusive Offer: Reduced price

Plan Speed (D/U) Cost
Fibre 55 45Mbps /
£24.95 per month
18 month contract
Fibre 80 67Mbps /
£24.95 per month
18 month contract
Supreme 115 100Mbps /
£30.95 per month
24 month contract
Supreme 220 200Mbps /
£34.95 per month
24 month contract
Supreme 550 500Mbps /
£44.95 per month
24 month contract
Hyperstream 1000 945Mbps /
£45.95 per month
24 month contract

Home phone and call plans

Onestream offers a variety of call plans that you can add to your broadband as needed. While the first 60 minutes of calls are free, you can get up to 2,000 discounted call minutes per month. After fair usage ends, standard calling rates will apply.

  • Voice 500 UK landline and mobile calls – Includes 500 call minutes per month.
  • Voice 1000 UK landline and mobile calls – You can make calls of up to 1000 minutes per month at discounted rates.
  • Voice Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls – This plan includes 2000 call minutes per month.
  • International Plan 1 500 mins to 36 destinations – Includes 500 international call minutes per month at inclusive rates. You can call any of the 36 international destinations at any time.

Customer service

Onestream provides UK-based customer support, and there are a few ways to get in touch with them. Visit this page.

Their help centre on the website will help you find answers to your questions and solutions to any broadband-related issues. The help topics are organised into New Customers, Account, Billing, and Technical, making it easy for you to find the information you need.

Help centre FAQ section has answers for common questions like how long it takes for services to go live, what the minimum guaranteed speed is, how to cancel services, and how to make a complaint.

To contact Onestream, you have a few options. First, you can call them on 0333 241 4449 on weekdays (8:30 am to 5:30 pm). Onestream also provides live chat service on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. You can just start a conversation by clicking the “Live Chat” button.

You can also send a message through its website. Onestream aims to reply within three working days.

Customer Reviews

  1. Tim Millea

    I switched from Now Broadband to OneStream and I am severely regretting it. I lost internet on my ‘go live’ day last week and I am now reliant on pricey mobile data. I spent around 1 hr 20 mins on the phone to Onestream, and made no progress. We have no internet and have also lost caller ID. The move to OneStream has been an absolute disaster with no easy way of contacting them.

  2. Mr Stephen Beckett

    Do not even think about getting services from OneStream. They are a rip off company. I was paying £23.50 per month then without notice that increased to £27.50 per month then in Feb 2023, it increased to £52.75 I complained but didn’t get any reply so I cancelled the broadband 2 months ago now I’m being threatened with a bill once again. Do not get OneStream broadband

  3. Aileen Waite

    Disappointed that the price they offered me on the money supermarket website was £19.95 – however they failed to tell me this does not include VAT. Feel like I was misled. Had I known this I would have gone with someone else.

  4. Alan

    I have changed from talk talk to onestream a month ago, at a similar price. Although neither company are reaching their minimum speeds, the onestream service is better, I am able to stream tv from prime, itvx without it dropping out or freezing. Also I can talk to an operative in around 10 minutes, not have to talk to robots. So far so good I will be switching to a digital phone in a few days and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Malcolm

    Just the fact that they have no status page, cannot be contacted out of hours, bank holidays, or Sundays except by email should be enough to put most people off. Cheaper than BT but it shows. Best stick to a more established supplier.

  6. Dan

    Very poor service, the advertising package price not including VAT, total price will add VAT on it, and recent test, only 1/3 speeds as package promise speeds limit.

  7. Adrian Nicholson

    I decided to go with Onestream as I only required an entry-level service and Onestream offered this, what I didn’t realise is I was on an introductory offer which was going to go up and that they have an automatic annual price increase. Both of these factors I suppose I have to accept I either I didn’t read the small print thoroughly enough or failed in my research, either way I accept this but what happened next is just very poor service by Onestream. Whilst on holiday and out of the UK I checked my account on line to find the next due payment had over doubled but i couldn’t find out why so I cancelled the direct debit, Onestream very quickly notified me of the cancellation and gave two contact email addresses that were not available on there web site, i sent out an email to both addresses stating I disagreed with the payment and that I would call them on my return or alternatively to contact me via email, they didn’t contact me but re-instated the direct debit and told me they would try again to which I cancelled the direct debit again and repeated the emails to them, they still didn’t bother to try and contact me instead making a successful third attempt at getting the money from my bank, there has been no customer satisfaction whatsoever, I will never use them again. Very poor service

  8. Neill

    I agree, the customer service (sic) is virtually non existent, very poor wifi speeds, frequently drops out. I had to engage with Ofcom to get them to react in some way. Now I want to move house, sent them an email, no response..

  9. CM

    Onestream exist to make money. They have so far (2 months in), failed to connect my phone properly after transferring. The bills seem to bear no relation to what I agreed. Website is useless. Calling customer services eventually gets through but they can’t or won’t do anything. They automatically billed me for unused McAfee services after “free trial” period ended, despite me not trialling it. Charlatans.

  10. George McIntosh

    My experience.
    I recently moved from BT to Onestream. The move has been a success. The Router arrived two days before the service switch. I lost BT around midnight on the start date and Onestream was live 30 minutes later. The Router may have limited capabilities but with full home coverage, those limitations do not affect me. Speed, 76 down and 18 Mbps up, again, I am happy.
    One point, the Router is not free!, after a certain period it is charged at £3.95 per month.
    At half the cost of the BT service, I am very pleased.
    I am now considering whether I need the Landline that I lost and if I want one, I will certainly give Onestream a chance. It is early days I know but currently I am very happy with the move away from BT.

  11. douglas h hind

    Onestream is the worst company I have ever dealt with, they seem to think they are above the law. I got fed up with broadband dropping out so cancelled broadband but tried to keep telephone at the time they I tried to set me up with a new contract which I refused as I was not going to take on two contracts. My telephone was cut off then after some conversations on mobiles and then trying to blackmail me – take out the new contract or loose my phone number. Then they reconnected me with a different telephone number on my old contract which previously told me had been cancelled. I then told them I would not renew my telephone service with them unless I got my old telephone number back and I was on a pay as you go system, also telling them that, if they wanted to steal my old phone number, it would cost them £100 per year that phone number had been with me which relates to £3700 they then gave me my number back the day my contract ended. Then I asked was I on the pay as you go system the answer was no we have rolled you over your old contract excluding broadband but I could go elsewhere if I wished. That day I was given a refund for monies owing due to time without phone and told I did not owe Onestream anything . They cancelled my ddm. I temporally set up new ddm as did wish to leave myself wide open as my phone was still live. So I have now gone on to new company. One stream then contacted me saying they were unable to collect monies from my bank (£69.33 + £10 late payment charges for 15 days line rental) They have tried claim that money on old ddm and also made it impossible to pay them direct (they think). They may be trying to keep my old number. However I have asked for breakdown of this bill.

  12. Steven Neville

    This has to be the worst broadband experience ever.
    We have been trying to get anything to work for 6 weeks now and we still have no consistent service.
    Going from our old supplier which was faultless and only moved due to cutting costs we were under the illusion the faster but cheaper speed was going to help but its been a pure nightmare.
    They are having their routers back in the post and they can go jump on paying any bill.
    Just don’t bother with them and pay a bit extra and get a proper service.

    I had it put into two properties in different counties both were fine before and it’s not a coincidence that now both have the same issues and at the same time.

  13. Zara

    As mentioned in this review, Onestream router is not as good as the BT Smart Hub or TalkTalk WiFi Hub and is slow and disconnects frequently. The service is available in my area, but the Fibre 80 plan offers a maximum download speed of 42 Mbps.
    Onestream’s prices are definitely affordable considering other providers in my area are less reliable, so I’m hesitant to cancel my current service and switch to another provider.

  14. Tony

    The service is unreliable and mostly unavailable where you live. I cancelled my service three months before my contract expired due to daily dropouts and slow speed. WiFi is the worst and worst customer service and the poor quality of broadband service can make it difficult for people to use the service. You would not be able to enjoy streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video because the internet isn’t fast enough for these activities. Never consider connecting more than two devices at the same time, then you’ll just experience lag and slow speeds.

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