TalkTalk Fibre Broadband Review

TalkTalkTalkTalk is one of the cheapest fibre broadband providers in the UK. It offers fibre packages with superfast speeds, totally unlimited usage and great extras like internet security. You can add TV to make to get the best value for your money.

The over-all performance is decent, while the customer service shows signs of improvement.

TalkTalk Fibre Broadband Deals

TalkTalk fibre broadbandTalkTalk offers fibre broadband packages with two superfast speeds –  38Mbps (Faster Fibre) and 67Mbps (Superfast Fibre). These are average speeds meaning 50% of the UK customers can get these speeds from their ends.

All fibre packages come with totally unlimited usage, advanced, WiFi Hub and HomeSafe internet security boost.

No call plan is included, while, landline calls to TalkTalk numbers are not chargeable. You can also make PAYG calls, whenever you need.

With TalkTalk, call plans like anytime calls and SuperSafe come as optional boosts which you can add or cancel at anytime with one month notice.

Package Price
Faster Fibre

  • 38Mbps average speed
  • Totally unlimited
  • No inclusive calls
    Free setup  +
    £80 voucher

 £22.95 a month for 18 months (includes line rental)

More Details

Superfast Fibre

  • 67Mbps average speed
  • Totally unlimited
  • No inclusive calls
    Free setup 
 £25.95 a month for 18 months (including line rental)

More Details

TalkTalk Fibre Broadband Download and Upload speeds

Faster Fibre Superfast Fibre
Download Speed
38Mbps 67Mbps
Download Speed
(average real world)
 33.4Mbps 64.1Mbps
Upload Speed
9Mbps 17Mbps
Upload Speed
(average real world)
 2.1Mbps N/A

We compared TalkTalk fibre performance on the basis of advertised speeds vs actual speeds during peak times(Ofcom speed survey Nov 2018) – and we found that the actual download speed was pretty good, close to the advertised speeds


Totally unlimited fibre broadband
TalkTalk fibre packages come with totally or truly unlimited usage means TalkTalk does not throttle down your speeds at any time, even during peak hours (8pm – 10pm). However, your speeds could become slow, if you download/upload movies/files or make excessive downloads during peak times through B2B sites, torrents etc

TalkTalk WiFi Hub wireless Router
TalkTalk WiFi HubThe new WiFi Hub is a dual band wireless router which is a Sagemcom make, capable of 300Mbps speed and 802.11ac compatibility.

With 4 Gigabit connections and 7 antennas, it comes with next generation WiFi technology to offer 2 x speed of Super router which is bundled with standard, ADSL 2+ package.

Its advanced chip set allows up to 50 devices to connect to Wi-Fi at the same time. It also comes with the best security technologies like WPS and WPA/WPA2.

Free Internet Security
TalkTalk offers free, basic level online protection with all packages. HomeSafe is in fact a web filter or parental controls which helps you block sites with inappropriate content, malware etc. it also protects your devices from malicious programs to certain extent.

However, SuperSafe internet security (available as boost) powered by F-Secure offers advanced level of protection from all kinds of threats from the web like viruses, malware and phishing etc.

What is TalkTalk fibre broadband good for?

  • TalkTalk offers low cost fibre packages to households with more than two users
  • TalkTalk offers discounts with triple play packages, allowing you to get fibre broadband, calls and TV together. You can choose the standard TV or Plus TV package to add to fibre plans.
  • TalkTalk offers 30 days guarantee for customer satisfaction means new customers who are not happy with service, can cancel the service within a month without penalties.
  • TalkTalk fibre packages also come with no price rise guarantee for the whole contract


  • No ultra fast broadband
    Currently, TalkTalk fibre broadband offers average speed of 67Mbps, while other providers Virgin Media and BT offer even faster speeds.
  • Slow upload speed
    TalkTalk fibre broadband upload speed is slow, when it compared to similar fibre plans from BT, Plusnet or Sky, according to Ofcom real world speed survey Nov 2018.
  • Improving customer service
    Customer satisfaction is at the lowest level, while complaints volume is much higher, when compared to other major ISPs, according to the latest Ofcom report. The ISP is still struggling to improve customer service.
  • No extra services
    Value added services like Cloud storage or public WiFi which are available with BT, Virgin Media or Sky are not available with TalkTalk.
TalkTalk Fibre Broadband
TalkTalk Superfast Fibre Broadband
GBP 22.95