Plusnet offers reliable broadband, cheaper fibre plans and award-winning customer service, making it one of our top picks for value for money and affordable prices from the UK’s leading broadband providers.

  • Plusnet fibre broadband deals are more affordable than similar deals offered by BT and Sky. 
  • Plusnet recently launched its ultrafast (145Mbps – 500Mbps) plans at competitive prices.
  • Plusnet is owned by BT, allowing it to offer mobile services over EE’s network, which is also owned by BT.


  • Reliable speeds and excellent customer service.
  • Affordable ultrafast plans
  • Packages are cheaper compared to BT, Virgin Media and Sky. 
  • Flexible 12 month & 18 month contracts


  • You can’t get TV bundles

Plusnet Broadband Deals

There are three widely available Plusnet broadband plans – Unlimited (10Mbps), Unlimited Fibre (35Mbps) and Unlimited Fibre Extra (66Mbps). 

Additionally, Plusnet offers some full fibre plans as shown in the table below:

(10Mbps download)
PAYG calls
Free setup
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Unlimited Fibre
(36Mbps download)
PAYG calls
Free setup
Offer: £70 Reward card
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Unlimited Fibre Extra
(66Mbps download)
PAYG calls
Free setup
Offer: £70 Reward card
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Full Fibre 74
(74Mbps download)
Free setup £24.99
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Full Fibre 145
(145Mbps download)
Free setup £29.99
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Full Fibre 500
(500Mbps download)
Free setup£39.99
See Deal
Free setup. 18 month / 24 month contract applies.

  • In addition to the free setup, selected plans also come with a £70 rewards card. Offer ends 31st August 2022.
  • All Plusnet broadband packages include a free WiFi router and landline connection. Includes pay-as-you-go calls.
  • You can add evening and weekend calls or calls anytime. You can also add an international call plan if needed.

Plusnet Unlimited is an ADSL plan with an average download speed of 10Mbps and an average upload speed of 1Mbps. While slower than fibre plans, Plusnet Unlimited is great for browsing and YouTube streaming on a single device.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre has an average download speed of 36 Mbit/s and an average upload speed of 9 Mbit/s. Significantly faster than standard broadband, helping you stream HD video and connect multiple devices.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra has an average download speed of 66 Mbit/s and an average upload speed of 18 Mbit/s. Fibre Extra is perfect for busy households with multiple devices. You get enough speed to download large files faster and stream HD and 4K videos without buffering.

Plusnet WiFi Routers

Plusnet offers the Basic Hub Zero Router (Plusnet 2704n) to Unlimited plan customers (ADSL). It’s perfect for ADSL speeds and has 4 ethernet connections, WPS settings and a WiFi button.

Plusnet Fibre customers receive the Hub One router, a dual-band AC wireless router with 4 gigabit connections.

Plusnet Hub One features USB connectivity and Smart Scan for faster fibre speeds for all connected devices.

Plusnet Call Plans

In addition to PAYG calls, Plusnet offers free calls to Plusnet support and other Plusnet landline numbers, but customers can upgrade to the following calling plans if needed:

  • Evening, weekend, UK and mobile calls
  • Unlimited UK and mobile calls
  • Anytime International 300 – Includes 300 anytime minutes + 25% discount on calls to 35 international destinations.

Plusnet TV

Plusnet offers a basic TV service, including Freeview and entertainment channels, which can be viewed using the YouView+ box.

The main highlight is that Plusnet TV includes BT Sport 1 channel.

You can add more channels and HD channels by subscribing to the add-ons. You can also get all BT Sport channels through add-ons.

However, Plusnet TV may not be the best choice for TV lovers accustomed to watching premium channels from Sky, BT and Virgin Media.

Plusnet Mobile

Plusnet Mobile offers 4G based SIM-only mobile plans with extra data for its broadband customers.

Operated by EE, the UK’s largest mobile network, Plusnet Mobile has so far expanded coverage to 99% of the UK.

No lengthy, but 30-day contracts apply. When your plan runs out of data, you can simply purchase bolt-ons for extra use, whether it’s internet access, calls, or texting.

  • All mobile plans come with a 30 day contract
  • Plusnet provides mobile services over EE’s 4G network, which has 95% coverage in the UK.
  • No additional charges for tethering
  • Plusnet Mobile plans offer discounts and data boost to Plusnet broadband customers.
  • UK based customer service is available 365 days a year.

Is Plusnet any good?

For many quarters, Plusnet has been known as a reputable broadband supplier with more satisfied customers than its competitors.

According to Ofcom’s 2021 Customer Satisfaction Report, Plusnet has higher customer satisfaction (81%) than other providers.

Here are the facts from Ofcom’s latest broadband surveys in 2019 and 2020:

Here are the facts from Ofcom’s latest broadband survey for 2019 and 2020:

  • Over three quarters of Plusnet customers (86%) are satisfied with Plusnet, according to an Ofcom report published in January 2020
  • According to Ofcom’s Broadband Speed Report 2019, Plusnet’s Unlimited (with an average speed of 10Mbps) delivered an actual speed of 12.9Mbps during peak hours
  • Plusnet Fibre Unlimited (36MB average) had an actual speed of 32.8Mbps.
  • Plunset Fibre Extra (with an average speed of 66MB) had an average speed of 61Mbps.
  • In terms of broadband and phone complaints, Plusnet generated slightly more complaints in the third quarter of 2019, according to Ofcom.


Over-all, Plusnet offers affordable broadband and phone service and great customer service, while Plusnet fibre broadband plans are very cheap compared to Virgin Media, BT and Sky and offer big savings.

How to switch to Plusnet?

  • After choosing the Plusnet package that suits you best, complete the signup process online. You will be informed of the activation date.
  • If you are switching from BT, TalkTalk or Sky or ADSL or fibre provider, Plusnet usually takes 10 business days to complete the switch.
  • If you are leaving Virgin Media, you will need to contact your cable broadband provider and cancel your existing service, which will run until the end of the cancellation period (up to 1 month).
  • When you switch from Virgin Media, Plusnet engineers install a new phone line at your location and activate broadband service.

2 thoughts on “Plusnet Broadband Review 2022”

  1. The broadband speeds are decent but I have WiFi router issues and my sync speeds never go above 48Mbps but overall the internet connection is reliable. Three months ago, I upgraded from Fibre unlimited to Fibre Extra. My download speed is just 12Mbps up.

    But on the other hand Plusnet customer service is horrible. When you contact the customer support, you have to wait minimum 10 mins to get the answer. Nothing will happen, you have to call and call again.

  2. Can`t even fix a fault with their own equipment.

    i have had to take many days off work, and still the fault with their equpment is not fixed. they continue to take money for a service they are not providing, and as i have lost so much money sitting at home waiting for an engineer to visit if they actually turn up, they claim they have a photograph of my front door to prove they visited, this is contrary to 6 hrs of cctv footage. i may be forced to take them to court, as apparently a payment for a service that they can`t provide is non refundable.

    After the 3rd and final BT visit my connection speed is less than when i started to complain about it dropping out. and plusnet`s response is its fixed. i think not.

    Now they are blaming my cctv, they made my internet worse. and now blaming unrelated equipment. i have filed a case with the county court.

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