Broadband Providers

Virgin Media Broadband Review

Virgin Media, the third biggest broadband provider after BT and Sky, is well-known for the lightning speeds of its broadband

TalkTalk Broadband Review

TalkTalk is well-known for its low-cost broadband, phone and TV services. While its customer service is decent, it remains a

Community Fibre Review 2022

Community Fibre is a gigabit broadband provider mainly offering its full fibre broadband services in parts of London.  Community Fibre

WightFibre Broadband Review

WightFibre is a cable broadband provider operating on the Isle of Wight. WightFibre is a full fibre broadband provider and

Shell Energy Broadband Review

Shell Energy broadband is a low cost service provider of broadband and phone. It was previously operating under the brand

Plusnet Broadband Review 2022

Plusnet offers reliable broadband, cheaper fibre packages and the award-winning customer service so it is one of our best picks

Sky Broadband Review 2022

Sky is a leading quad-play service provider in the UK, offering internet, telephone, digital TV and mobile services on a

BT Broadband Review 2022

BT is the most popular broadband provider in the UK with the highest number of customers (9.3m in 2022). This

Onestream Broadband Review 2022

Onestream offers straight-forward, low-cost broadband plans to the UK homes that look out for affordable, ‘no-frills’ broadband & phone services.

Vodafone Broadband Review

Vodafone offers two, entry-level, fibre broadband packages which are bundled with home phone and line rental. Superfast 1 comes with

John Lewis Broadband Review

Searching a customer-friendly broadband service with commitment to quality? Looking for packages that won’t make your head spin with lots

Origin Broadband Review

Origin, best known for its pay upfront deals, is relatively a small provider in the UK with a limited customer

Hyperoptic broadband review 2022

Hyperoptic is a city-based full fibre broadband provider which offers gigabit speeds to homes and businesses in more than forty

Gigaclear Fibre Broadband

Gigaclear offers pure fibre broadband service to homes and businesses in rural areas across the UK. It has built fibre-to-the-premises

SSE Broadband

Southern Electric (SSE) is a well known provider of gas and electricity as well as phone & broadband services in

Broadband Packages

Virgin Media Big Bundle Review

The Big bundle is the cheapest triple-play package from Virgin Media and the package includes M100 fibre broadband (108Mbps average

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle Review

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle offers different fibre broadband plans with a comprehensive TV package (Maxit) that includes more premium TV

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt Bundle Review

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt bundle (formerly, Ultimate Oomph bundle) is a complete broadband, TV & phone package which includes all

Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre Broadband Review

Virgin Media Gig1 is gigabit broadband plan which offers the fastest 1Gbps speeds or higher to the UK homes. Currently, 

Virgin Media M500 Broadband Review

Virgin Media M500 is one of the fastest fibre broadband options for super busy homes to get reliable connectivity &

Virgin Media M200 Broadband Review

Virgin Media M200 fibre broadband is a great, entry-level ultrafast package for busy homes (5+ users) as  200Mbps+ speeds provide

Virgin Media M350 fibre broadband review

Virgin Media M350 ultrafast fibre broadband is a top-end fibre package which is built for bandwidth hungry activities like online

Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband Review

Virgin Media  M100 Fibre broadband is an ideal broadband plan for busy UK homes that look out for an ultrafast

Sky Ultrafast Broadband Review

Ultrafast broadband refers to high speed fibre services which provide 100Mbps+ speeds and Sky Broadband Ultrafast offers an average download

TalkTalk Fibre 150 Broadband

  Details Cost    Fibre 150Avg. download 145MbpsAvg. upload 25MbpsPAYG calls Contract: 18 monthsFree SetupCost: £28 per month go to site Fibre 150 + TVAvg. download 145MbpsAvg.

TalkTalk Fibre 65 Broadband

Details Cost   Fibre 65Avg. download 67MbpsAvg. upload 17MbpsPAYG calls Contract: 18 monthsFree SetupCost: £24.45 per month Go to site Fibre 65 + TVAvg.

TalkTalk TV Review

TalkTalk TV is one of the major digital TV service providers in the UK, among the other leading pay TV

Sky Broadband Superfast, Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus

  Details Cost     Avg. speed 59MbpsUnlimited fibre broadbandPAYG calls Cost: £28 per month Avg. speed 145MbpsUnlimited fibre broadbandPAYG calls Cost: £45 per month Avg.

Virgin Media M600 Broadband Review

What is Virgin Media M600 broadband? Virgin Media M600 broadband is a free speed upgrade from M500 to M600 for

Virgin Media Bundles | Broadband, phone and TV

Virgin Media bundles are deals which come with two or more services like broadband, landline and TV together in one

TalkTalk Fast Broadband Review

Fast broadband is a standard broadband plan (ADSL) from TalkTalk.  The plan comes with unlimited usage, landline, PAYG calls and

BT Fibre 2 Review – Fibre 2, Fibre 1 and Fibre Essential

BT Fibre 2 broadband BT Fibre 2 is mid-tier fibre plan which offers ideal speeds for HD streaming, quicker downloads

BT Fibre 1 Broadband Review

BT Fibre 1 is an entry level fibre broadband package which comes with impressive speeds – 50 Mbps average download