Broadband Providers


BT is the largest broadband provider in UK. BT offers standard and fibre broadband plans. If you want to get BT TV, you have to sign up for its TV & broadband packages. You can add other services –  home phone plans and BT Mobile plans. 

Is BT broadband any good? Does it offer reliable connection, customer support and value for money? 

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TalkTalk is a budget-friendly broadband provider with excellent range of cheap broadband and TV packages.

Find out how TalkTalk is rated for its services? How reliable is TalkTalk Fibre broadband and is it any good for speeds?

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers the fastest broadband in more areas than any other provider in the UK. 

Virgin Media Big bundles include Virgin TV packages with ultrafast broadband plans. SIM can be added to your bundle. 

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Vodafone is popular for its low-cost fibre packages which can save lots of money.

Vodafone mobile customers get discount on broadband prices. 

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Sky is the second largest broadband provider after BT. Sky’s reputed TV service and broadband are popular for innovative features and excellent customer service.

How reliable and fast is Sky fibre broadband? Is it any good? What are  Sky TV packages and what is included.

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Plusnet broadband is popular for reliability, award-winning customer support and affordable pricing.

Plusnet offers fibre packages, home phone call plans, Mobile plans and simple TV packages.

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Broadband Packages

Virgin Media

Virgin Media M100 Broadband Review

The best entry-level fibre plan from Virgin Media for HD streaming. Suitable for households with 5 users. 

Find out what are the features and how to get M100 deal at the best price.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media M350 Broadband Review

M350 fibre broadband offers incredible speed of 362Mbps and it’s ultra-reliable for your 4K streaming and online gaming.

How is M350 performance in real-world? Is it any good?


BT Fibre 2 Broadband Review

BT Fibre 2 broadband is ideal for small households with a few busy users. Great speeds, reliability, BT Smart Hub and BT Sport are the top features. 

BT Fibre 2 as one of our top picks from the entry-level fibre plans

Virgin Media

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle Review

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle comes with lots of customisation. 

Bigger Bundle comes with M350 and Maxit TV pack as standard.

You can choose from different speeds and add TV channels during sign up.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media M200 Review 

2x faster than M100, M200 broadband is ideal for super-smooth HD streaming and for connecting more devices.

Find out all the features, pricing and our exclusive offers. 

Virgin Media

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt Bundle Review

Ultimate Volt bundle is the top-end broadband, TV & phone package from Virgin Media.

The bundle includes Gig1  broadband (1130Mbps), Talk More Anytime and 240+ channels  including Sky Sports, BT Sports and Sky Cinema HD. The packages also includes truly unlimited 5G SIM. 

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