BT Fibre 2 broadband

BT Fibre 2 is mid-tier fibre plan which offers ideal speeds for HD streaming, quicker downloads and for connecting 2-5 devices. 

Bundling Fibre 2 with BT TV gives you options of getting Sport, Big Sport and Entertainment channels with BT’s popular Youview TV box and the latest BT Pro TV box.

Faster upload speeds, when compared to Fibre 1Ultrafast plans (100Mbps+) are better choices for
4K streaming and online gaming.
Excellent Smart Hub WiFi routerPrices are not so cheap
Free access to BT public WiFi hotpots 24 month contract
BT TV packages can be bundled
1,000GB of free web storage
BT Virus Protect for up to 15 devices

BT Fibre 2 Details

Fibre broadband
Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)
Data usageUnlimited
LandlineLandline / No phone line options
Average download
67 Mbits per second
Average upload
18 Mbits per second
RouterSmart Hub
Contract length24 months
Upfront cost £29.99
Monthly cost£33.99 (broadband only)
£38.99 (broadband & phone)
Special Offer: Includes £100 Gift card. Ends soon.

Is BT Fibre 2 any good?

BT  Fibre 2 is great for 4K streaming and for uploading information at lightning speeds as it comes with an average upload 18 Mb/s average upload speeds which are significantly faster when compared to regular broadband plans and even Virgin Media M100 fibre broadband (10Mbps).

According to the annual broadband speed survey results published by the regulator Ofcom in May 2020,  Fibre 2 delivered the real world speeds of 56.7Mbps during peak times (8-10pm) (Read the report).

The latest Ofcom report which was released in May 2021 revealed that BT Fibre 2’s  average downloads ranged between 54Mbps and 74Mbps during peak times.

BT Fibre 2 with TV

BT offers a wide range of  TV bundles which include Fibre 2 broadband plan. As BT TV is not available as standalone service, you need to add a BT fibre broadband plan after choosing the TV package. 

BT TV offers there packages – Entertainment, Sport and Big Sport which can be combined with Fibre 2 plan to make a bundle.

BT Fibre 2 and TV packages come with PAYG calls and 24 month contract. 

Fibre 2 and Sport
(67Mbps + 163 TV channels)
Includes BT Sport channels£59.99£50.99
Fibre 2 and Big Sport
(67Mbps + 175 TV channels)
Includes BT Sport and
Sky Sports channels
Fibre 2 and Entertainment
(67Mbps + 171 TV channels)
Includes Now Entertainment
and AMC
Offer: Includes £100 Gift card when you sign up online

BT Fibre 1 vs BT Fibre 2

With Fibre 2, you get larger online cloud storage (1000GB) and BT Virus Protect for 15 devices. Fibre 1 just allows two devices for this virus protection.

BT Fibre 2 comes with 67Mbps average download speed which is significantly higher than Fibre 1 (50Mbps). The faster speeds of Fibre 2 helps more devices to be connected, high quality streaming and online gaming. 

When we compare the  prices, Fibre 2 is marginally costlier than Fibre 1 and that makes Fibre 2 is a package with better value for money too.

BT Fibre 1 vs Fibre Essential

BT Fibre Essential is the cheapest starter level fibre plan which offers slower download speed of 36Mbps when compared to Fibre 1 which offers 50 Mbps average download speed and 9 Mbps average upload speed.   By comparison,  Fibre 1 also includes with some premium features such as Smart Hub and free McAfee online protection.

When it comes to performance and value for money, Fibre 1 certainly has an advantage – Fibre 1 is not only faster and more reliable, it is definitely a better option for HD streaming and for connecting more devices.

BT Fibre 1 Broadband Review

BT Fibre 1 comes with 50Mbps average download speed which is unique with BT when compared to the FTTC service (35Mbps – 38Mbps) offered by other Openreach based providers such as TalkTalk and Sky. 


  • Faster fibre speeds 
  • Includes Smart Hub router


  • Higher monthly cost, when compared to the budget plans offered by Plusnet and TalkTalk 
  • The faster BT Fibre 2 package is better option, if you can pay a little more

BT Fibre 1 Deal

Average speed
50Mbps download
9Mbps upload
Add BT Sport pack
Unlimited broadband Free Smart Hub wireless router
No Phone line £29.99 upfront cost
200GB free cloud storage 24 month contract
Offer: £80 Virtual Reward card included. 
Offer price: £29.99 a month for 24 months 

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Is BT Fibre 1 any good?

BT Fibre 1 broadband is one of the best options especially when you look out for a basic fibre plan with decent speeds. 

BT Fibre 1 speeds are more than enough for small households with a few devices and for streaming HD videos. 

According to Ofcom broadband speed report May 2021,  Fibre 1 delivered average download speeds between 42Mbps and 51Mbps during peak times as the actual speeds significantly vary depending on the location.

Some premises which are far away from the street cabinets received slower speeds which dropped to 20 to 30Mbps at peak times. 

BT Fibre Broadband Features

Totally unlimited broadband

BT fibre broadband is truly unlimited without any usage caps or any other restrictions.

BT also promises that your connection speeds are stable and faster all the time as BT will not slow down your speeds at peak hours (8-10pm).

Stay Fast Guarantee 

BT fibre packages comes with Stay Fast Guarantee which ensures that you get minimum guaranteed speeds or you can claim money back, if the problems are not fixed within 30 days. 

BT Smart Hub wireless router

BT Smart Hub

Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 include Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) which is one of the best WiFi routers, designed and optimised for fibre optic broadband.

Smart Hub features

  • You can connect multiple devices using the gigabit ports or just connect them via WiFi.
  • BT Fibre router (Smart Hub) is a dual band, wireless router with latest features like smart scan, 7 antenna and smart channel selection that help you get super-strong WiFi signal, wider wireless range, faster speeds and reliable connectivity without dropouts.
  • Smart Hub also comes very modern security features like advanced encryption methods like WPA2 for safe browsing. 

Complete WiFi

The Complete WiFi feature enables you to get faster, guaranteed WiFi speeds in every room around your home.

Complete WiFi needs extra subscription and BT offers the latest Smart Hub 2 router with WiFi discs. The WiFi boosters will help you boost wifi signal strength in wifi blackspots.

Pay As You Go Calls 

When you choose broadband with landline option, home phone is included with access to PAYG calls. However, if you are a frequent home phone  user, you can just add a call plan.

Free Extras

Unlimited BT WiFi via public hotspots 

BT has more than 5 million public WiFi hotspots across the UK.

While on the go, you can connect to these WiFi hotspots available at popular locations like restaurants and airports for no extra cost.

BT Virus Protect 

BT Fibre 2 includes  parental controls to help you block the websites and web content which you think are harmful and inappropriate for children. 

Additionally,  Fibre 2 customers get McAfee powered BT Virus Protect internet security for up to15 devices.

Free cloud storage 

Fibre 2 package includes up to  1000GB free web storage to help you backup all your data whether it be personal and business.

Is BT broadband any good?

According to the latest survey by the regulator, BT scored well when it comes to customer satisfaction ratings. Around 80% of the customers were satisfied with BT’s service quality and customer support. 

By comparison, 78% of the landline customers were happy with BT home phone service. (Read Ofcom report)


Is BT Fibre 2 full fibre broadband?

BT Fibre 2 is fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband which uses fibre optics between the exchange and the street cabinet but uses copper cable to connect the cabinet and your home.

If your home is far away from the cabinet, say 500 metres and more, it is likely that there will be significant loss of speed.

This is why, BT asks your street address when you sign up online. Then, BT is able to provide estimated speed range and guaranteed minimum speed for that specific location. 

Is BT Fibre 2 broadband available in my area?

BT fibre 2 service is available for more than 90% of the UK homes. You can get Fibre 2 service, if BT’s fibre network is available in the area where you live. You can just check the availability by using our postcode checker.

Is BT Fibre 2 unlimited?

In fact, BT Fibre 2 comes with totally unlimited usage which means there are monthly data caps. You can make limitless downloads and stream videos as many hours as you wish.

It should be noted that BT broadband services do not have fair usage policy and traffic management which means BT does not slow down your connection speeds at peak times.

What is Fibre 2 minimum guaranteed speed?

On average, BT Fibre 2 customers can expect to get minimum speeds from 45Mbps – 55Mbps, however, the speeds may vary, depending on the location. 

BT usually offers estimated speed range and minimum speed details to the customers when they sign up. 

Does Fibre 2 include calls?

Fibre 2 with landline comes with no inclusive calls. You can make PAYG calls or you can upgrade it to call plans like anytime calls.

However, Fibre 2 Only plan comes without phone line which means you do not get home phone service.

Is BT Fibre 2 good for speeds?

Fibre 2 offers decent speeds for HD streaming and online gaming. You can connect more devices for light usage, however, you have to limit the number of devices when you use it for bandwidth-intensive activities like 4K streaming.

That said, it offers enough speeds for a couple of devices for ultra HD 4K streaming and online gaming.

Is BT Fibre 2 broadband good for gaming?

If you get 50Mbps+ speeds, you can connect two or three devices for multitasking, HD streaming,  online gaming etc. without any issues. 

However, for 4K streaming, 100Mbps speeds can provide the best experience especially when you connect more than two devices. 

Does BT Fibre 1 include line rental?

All BT fibre broadband plans including Fibre 1 comes with line rental. Home phone service is not provided, when you opt for broadband with no phone line option.

Does Fibre 1 include home phone calls?

When you choose broadband with landline option, you get pay as you go calls. There is no inclusive call plan, however, you can add a call plan which will cost extrq.

What is BT Fibre 1 speed guarantee? 

BT gives you Stay Fast Guarantee or minimum guaranteed speed which varies from one premise to another, depending on the location. The minimum guaranteed speed refers to the speeds that your router receives from the street cabinet.

It should be noted that the home WiFi speeds may be slower due to many reasons such as interference and the distance of the device from the router. 

 What is Fibre 1 with Halo?

Halo is available with selected BT fibre packages but not with Fibre 1. You need to upgrade to 100Mbps plan or higher.

Halo offers better WiFi by providing Smart Hub 2 and Hybrid connect using 4G when broadband goes down. If you are a mobile customer, you also get extra mobile data and 4G backup during broadband outage.

How to switch to BT?

Under new switching norms, you do not need MAC (Migration Authorisation Code), when you switch to BT from providers on Openreach network, such as TalkTalk and Sky.

Just sign up online and BT will do the whole migration process with no downtime.

However, if your current provider is Virgin Media, you would need to cancel it before the switch. usually, BT would deliver its service within 15 days and accordingly, you can cancel the current service to minimise downtime.

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  1. I use BT Fibre 2 with Complete WiFi because I faced some wifi issues after three months. Download speeds dropped from 53Mbps to 26Mbps.

    After installing the WiFi disks, the WiFi seems to work well now speed is not fluctuating so badly. Coverage is impressive and I am also happy with the speeds.

    However, the deal is pricey after adding Complete WiFi. Though BT is good service provider, Hyperoptic packages are cheaper for 150Mb service. BT TV bundles are much more costlier than Virgin Media. BT deals are useless, if you look for value for money and savings.

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