Sky is a leading quad-play service provider in the UK, offering internet, telephone, digital TV and mobile services on a single deal with great value for money. 

Sky’s most popular product is its pay TV service which features Sky Q set-top boxes and the amazing range of its TV contents like 300+ channels, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and its exclusive Sky Atlantic channel.

Sky broadband is the second biggest provider after BT, offering a range of superfast and ultrafast products with award-winning customer support.

While Sky broadband deals include landline with pay as you go calls as standard, Sky mobile is the latest feature that is worthy to mention. Sky offers a range of handsets with attractive monthly tariffs.

Sky Broadband Deals

Sky broadband services include the traditional ADSL broadband as well as fibre broadband. However, Sky’s slowest broadband service – Broadband Essential Plus which offers ADSL speeds of 11Mbps is often not preferred service as most homes need faster speeds for streaming videos and other bandwidth intensive activities.

Sky offers three fibre broadband deals

Ultrafast Plus
Download speed59Mbps145Mbps500Mbps
Upload speed16Mbps27Mbps60Mbps
Speed guaranteeTick100Mbps400Mbps
RouterSky Hub 4Sky Hub (SR 203)Sky Hub (SR 203)
Contract length18 months18 months18 months
Setup cost£0£0£0
Monthly price£26 £33£43 
Offer: Includes up to £95 voucher till 5th July 2022

All Sky broadband products come with totally unlimited usage and no fair usage policy. Sky will not slow down your speeds during peak times.

Broadband Speed guarantee is included in all deals except Essential Plus. You can claim money back if your speeds fall below the minimum speed guarantee.

WiFi guarantee comes with Sky Broadband Boost which will cost £5 a month. Daily line checks and flexible engineer visits are included to fix WiFi issues.

Sky Broadband and TV

You can take Sky broadband and Sky TV together in a bundle. A TV & broadband service costs lesser than the total cost of the two services when taken separately. 

All Sky broadband and TV deals come with following features:

  • Includes premium featured, 4K ready, 2TB Sky Q TV box
  • Includes 300+ TV channels (50+ in HD)
  • Includes home phone with PAYG calls
  • Sky broadband Hub router
  • 18 month contract
  • You can add Netflix to your package which will cost £4 extra a month.
Broadband Superfast with TV
(59Mbps average, PAYG calls)
Broadband Ultrafast with TV
(145Mbps average, PAYG calls)

Sky Broadband Features

Sky Broadband Hub

Sky Broadband HubTo complement the broadband connectivity, Sky offers the top-notch Sky Hub wireless router for best WiFi signal, faster speeds, wider coverage and secured sharing.

It’s a dual band router that can handle up to 1Gbps speeds and comes with 8 antennae and 4 gigabit connections. You can connect up to 64 devices at the same time.

Sky Broadband Boost

Sky broadband buddyAs a premium service, Sky offers WiFi guarantee with Sky Broadband Boost subscription.

The WiFi guarantee promises minimum speed of 3Mbps in every room of your room or you can claim the money back you paid for broadband boost subscription, if you can’t get the promised speeds.

Sky Broadband Boost includes daily line health checks and free engineer visits on evenings and weekends.

It also comes with Sky Broadband Buddy app and parental controls to help you manage your devices and your family’s screen time.

Sky Broadband Extras

Sky GoSky offers free public WiFi to its customers who can access the Cloud chain of public wifi hotspots to go online. You can register up to 6 mobile devices to use this free wifi when you are on the go.

Sky Go is a free app for Sky TV customers so they can watch the shows on their mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and laptops.

The new Sky Go Extra which is included with Sky Q Experience allow you to stream TV on 2 devices and download to watch later or offline. It is also compatible with Xbox and PlayStation. Without Sky Q Experience, it costs extra.

Sky broadband includes Sky Broadband Shield parental controls which allow you to block unsuitable websites. You can customise its settings to safeguard your kids and family from inappropriate web content, malware and phishing.

Sky TV Features

Sky GoSky TV comes with Sky Q box and Entertainment TV pack as standard. Entertainment pack includes Sky Atlantic, 300+ TV channels and 40+ catchup channels.

With the new feature ‘fluid or seamless viewing’ that’s unique with Sky TV, Sky Q allows you to watch TV shows not only on main TV set but also on other devices including tablets in different rooms or even outside the house.

Sky calls it as Sky Q experience which requires Sky Mini boxes to be placed different rooms and the wireless connectivity between Sky Q box and Mini boxes allows you to enjoy Q experience.

This means, with Sky Q remote, you can pause in one room and continue watching in another room.

Sky Q set-top boxes come with 1TB and 2TB capacities and can record 6 shows simultaneously. so you can record more than 600 hours of HD content from your favourite channels. To view ultra HD content, you will need to enable Sky Q experience.

Sky Q 2TB box is UHD enabled and you watch movies, documentaries, Sky Sports and documentaries on UHD TV set.

Sky TV Channels 

Sky TV Packages
Sky Entertainment Pack is the standard for Sky TV subscribers. With Sky Q TV box is included for for no extra cost, the pack includes some of the best entertainment channels including comedies, dramas, music, news and documentaries.

However, to get the best of Sky TV, you will need to add premium channels like Sports, Cinema, Kids, Box Sets and  HD .

Sky Cinema is an add-on which gives access to 1000+ on demand movies, a brand new premiere everyday and free HD movies from a vast collection.

Sky Sports can be added to your Entertainment pack when you subscribe for the complete sports pack which allows you to watch F1, Cricket, Golf, Football and the all the biggest sports events. What’s more, you can now watch every F1 races in Ultra High Definition enabled Sky Q box. You can add BT Sport

Sky HD allows you to watch 40 high definition top channels including news, documentary and entertainment channels. No need to say, this requires additional subscription. Plus, 3D content and channels can be added on demand.

Sky Q Experience: Sky offers Sky Q Mini boxes which come with wireless connectivity. Using this feature, you can watch your favourite shows on multiple devices including TV sets and tablets and smartphones without the need for cabling.

Is Sky broadband any good?

Sky has been found to be a reliable broadband provider and the least complained about provider among top UK broadband providers over many quarters, according to Ofcom broadband customer satisfaction reports.

Ofcom broadband customer survey 2021  revealed that Sky has topped the survey with the best customer satisfaction levels while its broadband and TV services generated the fewest complaints when compared to its competitors.

Likewise, Sky Home phone and Sky TV services too received top ratings for customer satisfaction and performance, according to Ofcom’s reports.

Sky TV and broadband products allow you to get Cinema, Sports, Kids and Movies, multi-screen and fibre broadband and home phone on a single deal to help you save money and easily mange your bills.

Although, Sky TV offers matchless quality and performance, Sky TV services are expensive on the negative side.

We also see Virgin Media beats Sky, when it comes to the range of ultrafast products it offers.