Updated on 20-04-2019

Sky Broadband and TV Review 2019

Find all the Sky broadband deals & latest offers available in your area. Compare Sky broadband, home phone and TV packagesapproved by Ofcom

Why choose Sky broadband and TV?

  • Sky offers reliable ADSL broadband at low prices that would fit many homes.
  • Sky fibre packages are not among the  best bargain for beginners. But they can great savings are on cards, when they make best use of special offers and promotional discounts.
  • Sky TV is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. Q TV and Sky apps allow you to enjoy HD, 3D, Sports, Cinema and Entertainment channels in a new array of experience.
  • Sky Entertainment which is the base pack now includes more channels and is set to add more features
  • By subscribing to Sky HD, you can watch more than 50 HD channels.
  • Sky has high reputation for delivering excellent customer service which helped it receive good ratings from its own customers and industry watchdog Ofcom over the years.

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How good is Sky broadband?

Since Q4 2015, Sky broadband has been picked as the least complained about provider by Ofcom.

Its customer support and reliable support has been made a special mention by the UK regulator.

In Q2 2017 too, Sky broadband performance continued to be consistent as usual and became the best broadband provider with huge volume of customer satisfaction ratings.

Sky Phone service too topped its rivals Virgin Media, EE and Plusnet in terms of performance, by Ofcom report 2017. Fewest complaints about Sky landline service were received by the regulatory bodies.

Sky offered excellent speeds to its customers on the basis of 24 hour average, as per Ofcom speed report 2017. During peak times,minimum speeds dropped sharply, but they were still better than TalkTalk

Sky Unlimited (11Mb user average) offered average speed of 8.6Mbps in 2017. This is the minimum speed that takes into account all factors of network congestion etc.

Sky Fibre (36Mb average speed) offered average speed range of 30.5Mbps and 33.5Mbps in 2017 which is pretty decent for all HD streaming activities.

Sky 63Mb service delivered average speeds between 49.1Mbps and 61Mbps speeds.

One of the new features that Sky introduced is that it could give you a range of speeds that are achievable at your premises. This would often help you get an idea whether actual speeds would meet your requirements.

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Sky Broadband

Sky broadband comes with different speeds and a lot many features that specifically target different users. Sky is popular for unlimited broadband bundles but the flexibility of its offerings allows you to get its truly unlimited broadband without Sky TV.

Sky broadband unlimited (11Mb average download speeds) is totally unlimited broadband for both new customers and Sky TV users. Sky ensures that you can enjoy truly unlimited broadband without hidden download limits or any kind of traffic shaping.

If you opt for Sky fibre broadband, you will need to choose 36Mbps or 63Mbps which are speeds that 50% of users can get at peak time.

Sky Fibre offers you 25GB monthly usage allowance which is ideal for users who need internet for regular online activities,  without much going for HD streaming or other high bandwidth intensive activities on regular basis.

Sky Fibre Unlimited offers more freedom when it comes to downloading or online HD TV shows, hours of social networking, uploading videos and playing the latest gaming.

Sky Fibre Max for speed lovers with ultimate speed of 63Mbps (average speed) that would make you enjoy your world of internet beyond your imagination and amazement. Multiple users can watch an array of entertainment on multiple devices at the same time.

Sky offers Sky Hub wireless router which comes with all latest technological features to ensure fast, secure, interference-free wifi access and broadband sharing.

Sky also offers free public WiFi to its customers who can access the Cloud chain of public wifi hotspots to go online. You can register up to 6 mobile devices to use this free wifi when you are on the go.

Sky broadband includes Sky Broadband Shield parental controls which allow you to block unsuitable websites. You can customise its settings to safeguard your kids and family from inappropriate web content, malware and phishing.

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Sky TV Bundles

Sky Entertainment Pack is the standard for Sky TV subscribers. With Sky Q TV box is included for for no extra cost, the pack includes some of the best entertainment channels including comedies, dramas, music, news and documentaries.

However, to get the best of Sky TV, you will need to add premium channels, Kids, Box Sets or even add HD  for costlier subscription.

Sky Cinema is another add-on which gives access to 1000+ on demand movies, a brand new premiere everyday and free HD movies from a vast collection.

Sky Sports can be added to your Entertainment pack when you subscribe for the complete sports pack which allows you to watch F1, Cricket, Golf, Football and the all the biggest sports events. What’s more, you can now watch every F1 races in Ultra High Definition enabled Sky Q box.

Sky HD allows you to watch 40 high definition top channels including news, documentary and entertainment channels. No need to say, this requires additional subscription. Plus, 3D content and channels can be added on demand.

Sky Q Multiscreen: Sky offers Sky Q Mini boxes which come with wireless connectivity. Using this feature, you can watch your favourite shows on multiple devices including TV sets and tablets and smartphones without the need for cabling.

Sky Go is an usual app for Sky TV customers who can watch the shows on their mobile devices. No need to say that, you need subscribe to Sky Entertainment, to enjoy this free app.

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Ratings based on speed, reliability, value for money and customer service

Sky speed rating
Sky’s 11Mbps service (ADSL 2+) offered average download speed of around 8.6Mbps in 2016 (Ofcom 2017 report). Average download on 36Mb service was reported to be around 33.4Mbps on 24 hour average.

Sky reliability rating
Sky is rated as one of the most reliable communications service providers in the UK, whether it is broadband or home phone or TV.

Customer Service:
Sky customer service rating
Sky has ranked the top ISP when it comes to  customer satisfaction ratings, according to Ofcom 2017 report. It had the most number of customers who have subscribed for its broadband and home phone services.

Value for money:
Sky value for money rating
Sky offers free wireless N rotuer (Sky hub), the new Sky Q TV bundles, internet security software, vouchers and discounts.

Sky over-all rating
Sky also offers a wide range of benefits to its customers like free wifi access via The Cloud hotspots plus fibre optic broadband to its existing and new customers. Sky TV remained the best service, when compared to triple play bundles offered by Virgin Media, TalkTalk and BT.

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Our View and Review of Sky broadband and TV

If you want just reliable broadband for all your internet needs, Sky unlimited broadband is a great option. They have offered good customer support and earned customers’ good reviews over the years. They have a proven track record in terms of customer service and reliability, according to Ofcom annual reports.

Although, Sky’s fibre broadband prices are not as affordable as TalkTalk or Plusnet, Sky still remains the best choice for families and individuals that look out for cheaper, value based bundling options such as entertainment, broadband and calls and wi-fi internet access via The Cloud. Sky’s copper based, ADSL 2+ (11Mbps average speed) network can reach more than 90% of UK homes which can take advantage of its low-cost bundles.

Sky’s main focus to be on its TV bundles which throws a lots of choices with option to add broadband. If you just need broadband, there are more affordable choices available in the market.

However, if you are willing to pay more, Sky bundles are ideal for homes  with a wide range of needs – both internet & entertainment. Getting Cinema, Sports, Kids and Movies, multi-screen and more features on the same platform would make things simpler for you.

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