Ultrafast broadband refers to high speed fibre services which provide 100Mbps+ speeds and Sky Broadband Ultrafast offers an average download speed of 145 Mbps. 

Sky ultrafast broadband is more than three times faster than the regular fibre (FTTC) broadband which offers an average download speed of 35Mbps to 38Mbps.

When compared to Sky Broadband Superfast service which offers average speeds of 59Mbps, Sky Ultrafast broadband offers more than two times faster speeds using the advanced GFast technology. 

Monthly costSetup cost
Broadband Ultrafast
18 month contract
Broadband Ultrafast Plus
18 month contract
Broadband Gigafast
18 month contract
Offer: Includes £100 voucher till 5th July 2022

How fast is Sky ultrafast broadband?

Sky offers two ultrafast broadband deals and each comes with different speeds.

The starter level Sky Broadband Ultrafast comes with an average download speed of 145Mbps and an average upload speed of 27Mbps. 

Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus offers average download speeds of 500Mbps and average upload speeds of 60Mbps.

By comparison, Sky’s standard fibre package (Sky Broadband Superfast) comes with an average download speed of 59Mbps and an upload speed of 16Mbps.

Average download speedAverage upload speed
Broadband Superfast59Mbps16Mbps
Broadband Ultrafast145Mbps27Mbps
Broadband Ultrafast Plus500Mbps60Mbps
Broadband Gigafast900Mbps100Mbps

Sky ultrafast broadband deals

Sky Broadband Ultrafast is ideal for connecting multiple devices, online gaming and HD & 4K streaming. With download speeds of 145Mbps, a 5GB file can be downloaded in just 4 minutes.

Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus is more than three times faster than Sky Broadband Ultrafast (145Mbps vs 500Mbps). The lightning speeds of Ultrafast Plus are great for super busy households with lots of devices need to be connected simultaneously. 

Ultrafast Plus is recommended for online gaming and 4K streaming as high speed connectivity ensures best experience and reliability. Ultrafast Plus speeds (500Mbps) will just download a 5Gb file in just 90 seconds.

Is Sky ultrafast broadband available in my area?

Sky ultrafast broadband has limited availability and it is being rolled out across the UK so its availability depends on your location. 

Currently, 25% of the UK homes can get Sky Broadband Ultrafast (145Mbps) while the Ultrafast Plus (500Mbps) is available to 16% of UK households.

Sky ultrafast broadband router and installation

Sky Broadband Hub

Sky ultrafast broadband packages include Sky Broadband Hub which is designed for high speed GFast fibre broadband and is capable of handling 100Mbps+ speeds.

The Sky Broadband Hub or Sky Q Hub 2 (SR203) comes with 4 gigabit connections, 8 antennae and a built-in G.fast modem and can handle the WiFi speeds of up to 2Gbps. 

Sky broadband Hub is easy to setup and using the Sky App, the customers can manage the Hub and the connected devices. 

Sky also offers Booster (SE210) to fix the issues of blackspots and enable all the devices get faster speeds in different rooms.


Sky ultrafast broadband and Talk

Sky ultrafast broadband includes PAYG calls. Ultrafast Plus customers can make internet calls. You can add suitable call plans in case you need.


Sky ultrafast customers get the latest Sky Q Hub 2 router as and optional Booster devices are also provided to improve WiFi speeds. 

WiFi Guarantee 

Sky Broadband Boost subscription which costs £5 a month offers WiFi Guarantee for faster speeds in every room or you can claim money back.

Sky broadband boost also guarantees reliable connectivity and the connections are checked on daily basis. Sky also arranges engineer visits at anytime when needed.

Sky Ultrafast Broadband and TV

You can add Sky TV packages which include Sky Sports, Sky TV channels and Sky Cinema and a wide selection of entertainment channels.   

Is Sky Ultrafast any good?

Sky broadband is highly rated for the customer service and reliable connectivity & speeds.

According to Ofcom report May 2021, 80% of Sky broadband customers are happy with the service and the speeds. 

Ofcom Broadband Customer Service Report 2021

As per Ofcom complaints report, Sky generated the least number complaints in Q3 2020 which means Sky broadband services offered better quality of connectivity and customer service than other providers.

What we liked:

  • Ultrafast speeds at competitive pricing
  • Speed Guarantee or money back
  • The latest Sky Broadband Hub
  • High Quality customer service
  • Bundling with home phone and Sky TV
  • Free extras like Sky public WiFi 

What you need to know:

Limited availability
When compared to Virgin Media ultrafast broadband which is available to more than half of the UK homes, Sky ultrafast broadband is just available to 25% of the homes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sky ultrafast broadband full fibre?

Sky has two ultrafast packages and each one is delivered via different technology.

Sky broadband ultrafast (145Mbps) is not fully fibre in technical terms, as the service uses the next generation G.fast technology to boost the speeds of hybrid network (FTTC) of fibre and copper to the optimum level.

However, Sky Ultrafast Plus (500Mbps) provides full fibre broadband connection (fibre to the premises) with minimum guaranteed speed of 400Mbps.

Does Sky ultrafast broadband come with home phone?

Sky broadband ultrafast comes with landline and PAYG calls. You can upgrade it to anytime calls or add international calls.

However, the full fibre Ultrafast Plus does not need landline and offers VoIP based home phone service.

2 thoughts on “Sky Ultrafast Broadband Review”

  1. Sky ultrafast average speeds are nowhere near the speeds they advertise (145Mbps download, 27Mbps upload). My current speeds are 104Mbps / down 12Mbps up and SR203 hub router delivers wireless speeds between 45Mbps – 95Mbps.

    However, there are no connectivity issues for me after upgrading from superfast to ultrafast. I am happy with increase in download speed, but not getting faster upload which is the only issue for me.

  2. I get around 50Mbps upload speed (advertised speed 60Mbps) and I am on Ultrafast Plus. The download speeds are reliable and great. Over-all, I am happy with Sky which is better than BT Ultrafast FTTP (150Mbs) which I was using a year ago.

    My current contract has three months to end, more likely that I will renew the contract again as there are no major issues.

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