Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband Review

Virgin Media M100 Broadband Review

Our Rating 4/5

Virgin Media  M100 Fibre broadband is an ideal package for busy UK homes that look out for an ultrafast broadband option at a reasonable price.

Offering an average download speed of 108 Mb/s, Virgin Media M100 broadband is one of the best options for streaming HD and 4K videos, downloading large size files, online gaming and for connecting 2 to 5 devices at the same time. 

Virgin Media M100 speed is 38% higher than the widely available, fibre broadband packages (67Mbps) offered by BT, Sky and TalkTalk.

When it comes to cost vs speeds,  Virgin Media M100 certainly has an advantage over these fibre packages as Virgin Media offers M100 for the same price. That truly makes M100 sound like a great alternative,  offering you better value for money.

That said, is Virgin Media M100 broadband any good? How reliable is M100 and is it worth considering?

Find out everything you need to know about this plan in our latest review.

Good connectivity and reliable speeds.FTTC broadband services (BT, TalkTalk and Sky)
have better availability than Virgin Media.
Virgin Media M100 offers ultrafast speeds
at competitive pricing
Slow upload speeds
M100 phone bundles and TV bundles
offer great value for money
FTTC plans (67Mbps) are cheaper than M100
Hub 3 router offers decent performanceExpensive broadband only option.
You can get free extras like Virgin Media WiFi

Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband Deals

Virgin Media M100 broadband comes in different types of packages or bundles so you can choose from the three or four types which can best suit your needs:

  • M100 Broadband and Phone 
  • M100 Broadband Only 
  • M100 Broadband with SIM 
  • M100 Broadband and TV
Download speed
M100 broadband with Phone108MbpsIncludes free weekend calls.£28
Big bundle + Drama108MbpsIncludes free weekend calls,
145 TV channels
One-off £35 setup fee will apply.

Virgin Media OomphM100 Oomph bundle includes Virgin Mobile SIM with 5GB data.

You can customise all the Virgin Media broadband bundles when you sign up, by simply choosing the speeds, call plans, premium TV add-ons and mobile SIM.

Virgin Media M100 Speeds

Virgin Media M100 broadband plan comes with an average download speed of 108 Mbps and an average upload speed of 10Mbps.

Average download speedAverage upload speed
Virgin M100 broadband108 Mbits/s10Mbits/s

Average speeds indicate that half of the customers can get these speeds however the actual speeds usually vary depending on your area.

You can get the speed details like estimated speed range and minimum speeds for your postcode and address when you sign up with Virgin Media. 

According to Ofcom’s latest annual broadband providers’ speeds report released in May 2021,  Virgin Media M100 fibre delivered  an average real world speed of up to 111Mbps to the UK homes during  peak times (8pm – 10pm) though the speeds may vary depending on the location.

What do you get with Virgin Media M100 broadband packages?

Landline with free weekend calls

Virgin Media broadband and phone packages include Talk Weekends which means you can make unlimited calls to UK landlines, mobile numbers and 0870 numbers during weekends.

All Virgin Media M100 packages include Virgin Media Hub 3 WiFi router.

M100 broadband and TV bundles

Virgin Media M100 broadband and TV bundles include broadband, home phone and TV on a single deal.

Virgin Media TV offers  two TV packages – Mixit TV or Maxit TV which is bundled with Virgin TV 360 Box

Big Bundle
(Mixit TV)
Bigger Bundle
(Maxit TV)
BroadbandM100 M100
TV110 channels220 channels
PhoneTalk WeekendsTalk Weekends
Virgin Media Hub 3
Virgin TV 360 Box
Virgin Media Hub 3
Virgin TV 360 Box
Installation £35 setup cost£35 setup cost

You can add Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Netflix subscriptions which will cost extra.

M100 Broadband Only

Virgin Media M100 broadband only plan gives you the option of getting just broadband without landline service which also means this plan does not come with any inclusive call plan like M100 broadband & phone bundle. 

See our exclusive offer which includes price discount, free setup and £75 voucher. Offer ends 31st October 2021.

Virgin Media M100 fibre broadband features

Intelligent WiFi

Intelligent WiFiVirgin Media offers Hub 3 WiFi router with M100 package. Hub 3 uses Intelligent WiFi technology that ensures faster WiFi speeds on all connected devices in every room of the home.

With the help of Virgin Media Connect App, you can manage home WiFi and scan blackspots where speeds are slow.

If needed, you can use Boosters or WiFi extenders to boost speeds and remove blackspots around your home.

Home Phone 

M100 broadband and phone option includes Talk Weekends as standard. You can make unlimited weekends calls to UK landlines and mobile numbers of any network. 

Virgin Media TV

You can get M100 broadband with Virgin TV by choosing Big or Bigger bundle which includes more than 200 channels.

If you want more channels, you can just add Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and various Picks by customising the package and by subscribing for the add-ons.

M100 broadband without phone line

Virgin Media just broadband option allows you to get M100 without Virgin phone line. If you don’t require landline service, you can opt for this plan.

M100 Oomph Bundle

Oomph feature includes a Virgin Mobile SIM with monthly data and speed boost. It should be noted that Oomph bundles will cost more than the regular bundles.

Virgin Media Connect App

You need to install Connect App to manage broadband in your home and fix all the issues. Connect App also helps you scan Virgin Media public WiFi hotspots when you on the move.


Virgin Media broadband customers can use Virgin Media WiFi on the go and stay connected without the need of mobile data. 

M100 package includes WebSafe for safe browsing and F-Secure internet security to protect the connected devices from malware and viruses.

M100 Fibre broadband comparison

Virgin M100 fibre broadband is significantly faster than FTTC fibre packages offered by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and EE.

Also we find, M100 is attractively priced, offering superb value for money.

As we compare these providers, here are our findings:

Download speed
Upload speed
Cost &
Virgin Media M100 108 Mb/s10 Mb/s £24 /month
Free setup
18 months
BT Fibre 267 Mb/s18 Mb/s £29.99 /month
24 months
TalkTalk Fibre 6567 Mb/s17 Mb/s £22 /month
18 months
Sky Broadband Superfast59 Mb/s20 Mb/s £25 /month
18 months
Vodafone Superfast 263 Mb/s20 Mb/s £21.50 /month
Free setup
18 months
TalkTalk Fibre 150145 Mb/s25 Mb/s £28 /month
18 months
Plusnet Fibre Extra66 Mb/s18 Mb/s £24.99 /month
Free setup
18 months
Sky Ultrafast145 Mb/s27 Mb/s £33 /month
18 months


Is M100 totally unlimited broadband?

M100 fibre broadband is a truly, totally unlimited plan with no traffic management. No fair usage policy applies. The provider does not slow down  connection speeds during peak times. 

Does Virgin Media M100 include line rental?

Virgin Media M100 broadband and phone package comes with landline and the price includes line rental. 

You can make weekend calls to UK landline numbers and mobile numbers (Talk Weekends). 

Is M100 fibre broadband any good? 

 M100 offers ultrafast speeds at a  reasonable price.  Perfect for 4K streaming on 2 devices while you can connect more devices for browsing and other light internet usage. 

Is 108Mbps fast?

Virgin Media M100 broadband (108Mbps speed) is five times faster than standard broadband connection. 

108Mbps broadband is great for downloading files, music and videos. You can download a 5 minute video in less than 30 seconds. A mp3 song of 5 minutes will need just a second to download. 

100Mbps+ speed internet connection is ideal for smoother 4K streaming without buffering. 

Is Virgin Media M100 good for gaming?

Virgin Media M100 offers enough speeds for online gaming and 4K streaming when one or  two devices connected. However, M200 (213Mbps) and top end plans (M350 and M500) are ideal for gaming on multiple devices.

Is M100 enough, or should I upgrade it to M200 broadband?

The difference between M100 and M200 broadband and is that the latter comes with an average download speed of 213Mbps which is two times faster than M100. 

Obviously, M200 will enable you to connect more devices and stream 4K streaming and plan online games even better. 

Cost-wise, M200 is a bit costlier than M100, however, the choice of the plans purely depends up on the number of users in your home.

M200 is usually recommended for homes with 5+ users who do bandwidth intensive activities simultaneously.

Is Virgin Media WiFi free and how can I use it?

Virgin Media WiFi is available via the provider’s WiFi hotspots and at 250 Tube stations on the London Underground.

Virgin Media offers Connect app which you can install on your android smartphone or iPhone.  You can install this app on a maximum of 7 devices.

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3 thoughts on “Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband Review”

  1. I had to endure slow speeds and drop-outs throughout my contract before I decided to quit Virgin Media.

    My experience with M100 was nightmarish. I could not connect more than two devices and do what I wanted to do – steaming and playing online games.

    We also had to face router issues which caused frequent drop-outs. The worst part was we were left without broadband for a few hours or even for more than a day. This happened frequently in the past three months and we decided to leave Virgin Media, as the service was getting worse everyday.

    Fortunately, the contract ended in July and instead of renewing which I did not prefer, I switched to Sky and signed up for Sky superfast.

    After being with Sky for a couple of weeks, I found Sky speeds are much better than M100. Sky Hub is totally issue-free and no drop-outs and Sky offered (advertised speed 59Mbps) speeds higher than what we expected.

    Now, perfectly happy that I switched to a provider that offers a reliable service.

  2. I am supposed to get 85Mbps but wifi speeds are below 56Mbps but I get 90Mbps on ethernet. Getting only 6Mbps upload speed on average.

    We have connected 4 devices at the same time and experience slow speeds in some areas around the home.

    Completely dissatisfied with Hub 3 performance. Tried using extenders to boost the speed, but of no use.

    Should I upgrade from M100 to M200, what if I don’t see improvement in speeds, when multiple devices are connected?

  3. Absolutelfy fantastic service provided by Virgin Media in my area (fortunately). There are few outages after I moved to my new residence. It is pardonable.

    Sometimes the connection speeds drop in the evenings, but not happening every day, that’s a relief.

    Over-all, Virgin Media broadband just delivers what they promises – reliable and fast speeds.. I am on M100 without landline which is cheaper than phone bundle.

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