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Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband Review

Virgin Media  M100 Fibre broadband, previously, VIVID 100 (average speed: 108Mbps) is an ideal package for households that look out for high performance broadband connection at an affordable pricing.

If the premise has over 10 users who need to access the web at the same time for streaming TV or HD videos or downloading huge files or for gaming online, this award winning broadband provider is indeed a great pick.

According to Ofcom’s latest annual broadband providers’ speeds report released in May 2019,  Virgin Media M100 fibre delivered  an average real world speed of 107.3Mbps to the UK homes during  peak times (8pm – 10pm).

Best features

M100 Fibre
  • M100 optical fibre broadband offers an average download speed of 108Mbps and 10Mbps upload speed.
  • Includes unlimited data usage allowance for every month
  • Faster than double speed, BT (Openreach) based fibre broadband (67Mbps average speed)
  • Excellent bandwidth to support more than 10 devices to go online without slowing down the connection speeds
  • Excellent speeds that would enable users to watch HD videos, movies and 4K  ultra HD content online without buffering.
  • Neither data caps nor traffic shaping applies to M100 fibre broadband. Speeds are not slowed down at peak times
  • Hardware like Super Hub wireless router 3.0 included for no extra cost
  • Flexible 1 month contract is also available along with 12 month contract
  • M100 fibre & calls includes free weekend UK landline calls and calls to Virgin Mobile numbers
  • Free access to Virgin Media WiFi on the London Underground.
  • Web Safe to help families protect themselves from unsafe and inappropriate online content.

Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband and Phone Deal

Average speed
108Mbps download

10Mbps upload
Free Super Hub 3.0 WiFi router
Unlimited broadband 18 month contract
Inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines £35 setup cost
Online protection  
Offer: Special price
Offer Price:  £34 a month for 18 months (including  line rental)

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M100 Broadband Only

M100 Fibre Broadband only allows you to enjoy M100 speeds and benefits without Virgin Phone line. 

Standard option comes with 18 month contract and free setup

Exclusive Offer: £24 a  month. Free setup + £50 voucher till 5th August 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the post contract price for M100?

Post contract price or standard monthly cost applies after the first minimum contract term. M100 fibre and calls will cost £51 a month after 18 months.

How much will the installation of M100 cost?

QuickStart self-installation is free and you can setup broadband without the need of an engineer. However, standard installation through an engineer will cost from £30

Do I have to pay line rental?

Virgin Media monthly line rental £19.00 a month is included in the monthly price, when you sign up for M100 fibre broadband and calls.

Is M100 available as TV, broadband and phone bundle?

Bigger bundle is a triple play bundle which includes M100 broadband, weekend calls and 220+ TV channels including BT Sport and Sky channels in HD.

Can I get Virgin M100 without phone line or line rental?

Yes, Virgin Media also offers broadband only plans which help customers choose from its fibre broadband packages which do not include line rental or phone line and inclusive calls.

However, broadband only plans usually come with higher monthly cost and do not offer discounts during the initial contract term.

What is M100 broadband added with Oomph?

When you add Oomph to M100, you will get a 4G SIM which includes unlimited minutes & texts and data allowance of 2GB. 

Currently, broadband and phone M100 Oomph plan costs £36 a month for 18 months.

Do I get Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 Wireless Router?

Virgin Media offers the latest version of its Super Hub with all deals. Its new Intelligent WiFi feature would scan wifi blackspots in your home and can boost wireless signal to help you get wider coverage.

Super Hub 3 is the fastest and the most reliable WiFi router with advanced security features. This award winning router is included for no extra cost, when you sign up for M100.

Is Virgin Media WiFi free and how can I use it?

Virgin Media WiFi is available via the provider’s WiFi hotspots and at 250 Tube stations on the London Underground.

Virgin Media offers Connect app which you can install on your android smartphone or iPhone.  You can install this app on a maximum of 7 devices.

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