Virgin Media M500 is one of the fastest fibre broadband options for super busy homes to get reliable connectivity & speeds for 4K streaming, video calling, online gaming, when multiple devices need to be connected at the same time.

M500 offers nearly 10x faster download speed, when compared to Virgin’s starter level M50 fibre plan (54Mbps avg. download speed) and the plan is also competitively priced and is available as various options.

  • M500 is available as broadband only, broadband & phone or with Virgin TV to get help you get better value for your money. 
  • The plan also allows you to get O2 5G SIM when you buy M500 Volt bundle.

Overall, Virgin Media M500 is a top-tier ultrafast service with options to bundle broadband with home phone and Virgin TV.

Virgin Media M500 Broadband Deals

Virgin Media broadband options


M500 broadband and phone package comes with Talk Weekends which include  unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and UK mobile numbers.

M500 broadband and TV bundles allow you to add Big / Bigger TV bundle and TV add-ons such as Sky Cinema and Sky Sports. 

Virgin Media M500 Volt bundles include O2 SIM with 10GB monthly data, exclusive discounts and O2 Priority benefits.

M500 broadband only plan comes without landline.

Specification Details    
Virgin Media Avg. speed 516Mbps
Unlimited fibre broadband
No landline
Offer: £100 voucher
Free setup
Contract: 18 months
Cost: £36 per month
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Virgin Media Avg. speed 516Mbps
Unlimited fibre broadband
Weekend calls
Contract: 18 months
Cost: £36 per month
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Virgin Media Avg. speed 516Mbps
Unlimited fibre broadband
Weekend calls
145 TV channels
Contract: 18 months
Cost: £49.99 per month
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How fast is Virgin Media M500?

Virgin Media M500 fibre broadband offers an average download speed of 516Mbps. It also offers superfast upload speed of 36Mbps. 

Expected Speed Range: Download 469 – 547 Mbps. Upload 36 – 37 Mbps
Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed: Download 258 Mbps

M500’s ultrafast download speeds are great for 4K streaming, quick downloads, playing games online and uploads, even when you connect more devices in different rooms. 

Here is the comparison of M500 with similar packages offered by other providers:

download speed
upload speed
Virgin Media M500516Mbps36Mbps£36
Virgin Media M350362Mbps36Mbps£32
Sky Ultrafast Plus500Mbps60Mbps£43
BT Full Fibre 500500Mbps72Mbps£49.99

Ofcom broadband speed survey May 2021

According the home broadband performance report released by the regulator Ofcom in May 2021, Virgin Media M500 delivered the top average speeds of 542Mbps during peak times (8 to 10pm), though the average real speeds range mostly range between 410Mbps and 500Mbps depending on the location in the UK. 

Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Router

Virgin Media Super Hub 3

Virgin Media offers Super Hub 3 WiFi router which can connect up to 20 devices simultaneously, offering reliable, superfast speeds all around your home. 

Virgin Hub 3 comes with dual bands and the latest ac WiFi to ensure stable connectivity without dropouts.

Hub 3 is specifically designed to deliver ultrafast fibre speeds using the Intelligent WiFi technology by optimising the home WiFi.

With Virgin Media Connect App, you can ensure that devices in different rooms get faster speeds or you can just the fix the issue of blackspots using boosters.

Is Virgin Media M500 any good?

Virgin Media M500 plan comes with some valid reasons for which you can consider it as a broadband choice.

  • M500 offers lightning speeds that are ideal for 4K streaming and online gaming. You can watch UHD 4K movies and TV shows and enjoy the best streaming experience.
  • You can connect multiple devices using Hub 3 and access reliable speeds all around your home. Additionally, Virgin Media Connect App and WiFi extenders help fix all the WiFi issues.
  • M500 is also a clear winner in terms of pricing when we compare the and FTTP plans from BT, TalkTalk and Sky. The overall cost of M500 is quite competitive when we take it with home phone or with both phone and TV. 
  • M500 bundling options also helps you mange your bill and reduce your spending as the bundled deals come with discounts, free setup and gifts.

Customer Satisfaction

Ofcom Broadband Customer Service Report 2021

According to the customer service report released by Ofcom, 82% of Virgin Media broadband customers are satisfied with the speeds while the overall satisfaction levels stand at 80%. The average call waiting wafting time is also pretty decent (1.45 mins) when compared the industry average of 4.09 mins.

However, Virgin Media home phone customer satisfaction levels were the lowest (69%) among the landline providers. The landline customers also had to bear with the worst average call waiting time of 7.40 mins.