Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph Bundle Review

Our Rating 4/5

What is Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph Bundle?

Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph Bundle is a complete broadband, TV & phone package which comes with the premium features of ultrafast fibre broadband and an all-inclusive TV package.

In addition, this quad-play bundle also includes anytime landline & mobile calls and an unlimited mobile SIM.

That said, Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph Bundle is unarguably one of the best bundled services that you can get. It should be also noted that it’s the costliest package from Virgin Media.

What do you get with Virgin Media Oomph Bundle?

Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph is a comprehensive package of four services in a single deal. As we said, bundling multiple services helps you save money and also easily manage your bill.

Overview of what Ultimate Oomph bundle offers:

BroadbandUltrafast M600 Fibre broadband
Average download speed630Mbps
Average download speed41Mbps
RouterHub 3 WiFi router (Hub 4 upgrade available)
Home phoneAnytime More calls
TV channels250
Contract length18 months
Setup cost£35
Monthly cost£89

Virgin Media M600 broadband

Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph Bundle

One of the highlights of Ultimate Oomph bundle is M600 fibre broadband, the fastest residential broadband plan from Virgin Media.

M600 broadband which offers an average download speed of 630Mbps is exclusively available to Ultimate Oomph customers which means M600 does not come with other options such broadband & phone or broadband only. 

M600 plan also comes with faster upload speeds (41Mbps) when compared to M500 broadband (36Mbps). 

So, the lightning speeds of M600 in both directions (download and upload) just help you get the best experience when you stream ultra HD videos and play online games. With M600 ultrafast broadband, downloading large size files and connecting multiple devices is never a problem and does not slow down your speeds.

However, M500 broadband which is also available without TV, enjoys better availability, while M600 upgrade is expected to cover all Virgin Media cable areas by this year end.

Virgin Media Hub 3 and Hub 4

Virgin Media Hu 3 and Hub 4

Virgin Media Hub 3 is standard WiFi router for all packages, however, Ultimate Oomph bundle customers can opt for the new Hub 4 upgrade which will cost extra.

Virgin Hub 3 comes with in-built technology (Intelligent WiFi) to automatically fix WiFi issues and offer reliable speeds. As M600 broadband provides is the fastest plan, syncing Virgin Hub provides enough speeds to connect 10+ devices for bandwidth intensive activities like 4K streaming and online gaming.

While Virgin Hub 3 is capable of 500Mbps+ speeds, Virgin Media Hub 4 is designed for gigabit broadband connection (1Gbps) and for better WiFi as Hub 4 can link 32  bands while Hub 3 comes with lesser capacity (24 bands). So, Hub 4 is recommended to improve WiFi range and signal strength. In addition, Virgin Hub 4 is also future proof as it is compatible with the advanced DOCSIS3.1 network. 

Virgin Media offers two solutions to fix WiFi issues such as slow speeds and blackspots – Virgin Media Connect app and WiFi Extenders

Virgin Media Connect App helps you scan all the rooms in a house to monitor the speeds that you get from the router. Once you find the rooms where the speeds drop, you can fix the issue by moving the router to the right place. 

WiFi extenders which Virgin Media offers are useful to remove blackspots as they boost signal strength and speeds all around your home.

Anytime Home Phone Calls

Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph bundle includes Talk More Anytime calls which allows you to make anytime calls to UK landlines, 0845 and 0870 numbers and mobile numbers of any network. 

Free roaming calls in 43 abroad destinations are also included.

Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph bundle channels

Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph bundle comes with Maxit TV pack (230+ channels) which includes all the Entertainment Picks and Kids Pick.

Ultimate Oomph TV bundle also includes Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD and BT Sport Ultimate, ESPN and more.

Sport channels
BT Sport HD, Sky Sports, ESPN
Eurosport (13)
Movies Sky Cinema, Movies24, Film 4, TCM HD (31)
Entertainment BBC ONE HD, Channel 4, 5Star (144)
News BBC News HD, CNN, CNBC, Sky News (11)
KidsCBBC HD, CN, Disney XD (22)
Music 4Music, Box Hits (9)

Virgin TV 360 box

Ultimate Oomph bundle includes the new Virgin TV 360 box which is 4K enabled and HDR ready.

Virgin TV 360 BOX

Virgin TV 360 box comes with 1TB storage and you can record shows from 6 channels at the same time. You can record up to 500 hours of TV content.

You can add up to 2 Mini boxes to watch TV in another room.

Virgin TV is also packed with features like catch up, on demand video contents, Virgin TV Go app and Box sets.

Virgin Media Go App allows you to watch live TV shows, recordings and box sets on smartphones, tables and iPhones when you are on the go.

Superfast 5G SIM

Ultimate Oomph bundle includes a 5G SIM with truly unlimited data, mins and texts and free roaming in 43 locations outside the UK.


According to Ofcom customer satisfaction report 2021, 80% of the broadband customers are happy with the service quality and broadband speeds. 

Ofcom Broadband Customer Service Report 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Virgin Media broadband truly unlimited?

All Virgin Media fibre broadband plans including M600  are truly unlimited and do not come with any hidden data caps. No traffic management or traffic shaping applies so your internet connection does not slow down even during peaktimes.

Is Virgin media ultrafast broadband reliable?

Virgin Media claims that its broadband service is 99.88% reliable and M600 broadband, due to its lighting speeds, is ultra reliable and can cater the needs of a super-busy home with multiple users.

Is M600 good for gaming?

Both M500 (516Mbps average) and M600 (630Mbps average) are ideal ultrafast plans for online games and for watching 4K TV shows & videos.

How do WebSafe and Virgin Media Internet Security work?

Virgin Media offers WebSafe parental controls for safe browsing and for the protection of devices. You can manage its settings to block the inappropriate sites for kids.

Virgin Media Internet Security or F-Secure which will cost extra, helps you protect all the connected devices from viruses, malware, ransomware and spyware.

Can I get standalone M600 broadband?

Currently, M600 fibre broadband is included in Ultimate Oomph bundle only.

What is the difference between M600 broadband and Gig1 fibre broadband?

Gig1 fibre broadband offers average download speed of 1104Mbps and is available in selected UK cities only.

By contrast, M600 broadband is widely available in areas where Virgin Media cable network is present.