Update: Virgin Media VIP TV bundle has been replaced with the new Ultimate Oomph bundle. You can find and compare Virgin Media TV, phone & broadband bundles here

What is Virgin Media VIP bundle good for?

Get the fastest fibre broadband with 362Mbps speeds and unlimited downloads
Virgin Media VIP bundle offers you ultra-fast fibre broadband (362Mbps average speed) powered by the latest VIVID technology. You can enjoy more than 10 times faster speeds and excellent reliability, when compared to UK’s widely available ADSL 2+ broadband. It is also more than four times faster than BT Openreach’s 67Mbps lines.

This simply means you can have amazing experience when you watch or download HD movies or stream high definition online content from popular websites such as Netflix and YouTube or play latest online games. Irrespective of how many users at your home connected to the web simultaneously, the quality and speeds of broadband access is guaranteed all the time.

This uncapped broadband plan offers unlimited downloads thus helping  you download as much as you like. There are no hidden download limits that offers you more freedom when surf the net. However, Virgin Media traffic management policy applies means only your P2P file sharing at peak times may be slowed down.

Top class TV entertainment with more channels
Virgin Media VIP TV pack offers more than 250 digital TV channels to watch. You can now watch 100+ channels on mobile devices when you are on the go.

VIP pack now includes the latest  Virgin TV V6 box which comes with 1TB storage and you can record shows from 6 channels at the same time. There is additional V6 box for another room at no extra cost.

When it comes to HD channels, there are 50+ high definition (HD) channels which bring all the entertainment you need to your home. 100+ entertainment channels,  12 Sky channels and 24 kid channels are included.

HD channels include all the Sky Cinema channels, Sky Sports and BT Sport – all in HD. With a wide range of sports channels in your TV pack, you would never miss out the best sports events including Premier League, Football, Cricket, MotoGPTM, Aviva Premiership Rugby, UFC and more.

Plus, you get four catch up players such as BBC iPlayer and 1TB Tivo TV box which allows you to save up to 500 hours of TV content. What’s more, one V HD box for another room is also offered.

You can also rent the recent movies from Virgin Movies whenever you like.

Other features like catchup TV, popular online players and box sets are also included.

Virgin TV Anywhere
Virgin Media offers this free app to Virgin Media customers so they can watch live TV shows, recordings and box sets on their smartphones, tables and iPhones when they are on the go.

Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0
Virgin Media offers an excellent dual-band wireless router to get the fastest wifi speeds when multiple users at home share its fibre optic broadband. The latest Hub 3.0 designed to ensure wider wireless range and secured connectivity.

Free anytime calls to UK landlines
With Virgin Phone, you get inclusive free anytime calls to UK landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin mobile numbers means you can make daytime, evening & weekend calls for no extra cost.

Package Details

362Mbps average speed  Free Virgin Media Super Hub wireless router
Unlimited broadband 1TB  Virgin TV V6 Box included (two boxes)
Inclusive anytime calls to UK landlines 12 month contract
260+ TV channels and 50 in HD
Includes reduced price for 12 months

Price: £89 per month for 12 months  (including line rental)