Virgin Media Gig1 is gigabit broadband plan which offers the fastest 1Gbps speeds or higher to the UK homes.

Currently,  nearly 13 million UK homes or 50% of the Virgin Media broadband customers can get Gig1 fibre broadband, while the on-going Gig1 rollout is expected to cover all the Virgin Media cables areas this year.

Virgin Media Gig1 fibre broadband speeds

According to Virgin Media,  Gig1 can deliver up to 2.2 Gbps speeds, however, the current Gig1 plan is set to deliver 1130Mbps average upload speed.

Gig1 comes with following advertised speeds. 50% of the customers can get these speeds at their locations.

Download speed (average)1130Mbps
Upload speed (average)52Mbps

Virgin Media Gig1 Minimum speed 

Virgin Media offers speed estimate for Gig1 as follows:

Expected Speed Range: Download 1120 – 1130 Mbps. Upload 48 – 52 Mbps
Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed: Download 570 Mbps

It should be noted that these speeds are not as accurate as the speed information for your address that you will get from Virgin Media,

Is Gig1 full fibre broadband?

Virgin Media Gig1 is not full fibre broadband such as FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) service provided by Hyperoptic or BT full fibre. Virgin Media Gig1 is delivered via Hybrid Fibre Coax and fibre network using the advanced DOCSIS 3.1 technology.

Does Gig1 offer symmetrical upload speeds?

Although Virgin’s next generation cable network offers gigabit download speeds, but it does not offer symmetrical upload speeds such as delivered by the FTTP services. 

Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre broadband deals

  Specification Details    
Virgin Media Avg. speed 1130Mbps
Unlimited fibre broadband
No landline
Contract: 18 months
Cost: £60 per month
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Virgin Media Avg. speed 1130Mbps
Unlimited fibre broadband
Weekend calls
Contract: 18 months
Cost: £65 per month
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Virgin Media Avg. speed 1130Mbps
Unlimited fibre broadband
Anytime calls
250 TV channels
Contract: 18 months
Cost: £85 per month
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  • Gig1 includes the latest Hub 4 as standard WiFi router.
  • Standard 18 month contract and £35 setup fee apply. 
  • Ultimate Volt bundle includes Gig1 fibre broadband, anytime calls and unlimited O2 mobile SIM and O2 Priority benefits. 

Virgin Media Hub 4

virgin media Hub 4

Virgin Media Gig1 customers get more advanced router than Hub3. The new Hub 4 is compatible with the next generation DOCSIS 3.1 cable network and is designed to offer faster speeds and more reliability during network congestion. 

  • 802.11ac WiFi standard
  • Dual bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • Intelligent WiFi
  • 11 antennas
  • DOCSIS 3.1 support 
  • 32 WiFi channels

Virgin Media Gig1 vs Virgin Media Ultrafast plans

PackageAverage SpeedsMonthly cost
(includes weekend calls)
Virgin Media M100108Mbps download
10Mbps upload
Virgin Media M200213Mbps download
20Mbps upload
Virgin Media M350362Mbps download
36Mbps upload
Virgin Media M500516Mbps download
41Mbps upload
Virgin Media Gig11130Mbps download
52Mbps upload

Can I get Virgin Media Gig1 fibre broadband in my area?

Currently, Virgin Media Gig1 availability is limited to some selected cities in the UK. So far, Gig1 service has been rolled out to reach more than 7million UK homes.

Virgin Media has successfully completed the Gig1 rollout in most parts of London, Southampton, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Glasgow and Norther Ireland.

Virgin Media is expected to expand the Gig1 service in more cities across the UK by the end of 2022.

Is Virgin Media Gig1 any good?

Gig1 Fibre is the fastest residential broadband with gigabit speeds, although its upload speeds are not impressive. It comes with Hub 4 router which is built for Virgin’s cable network to provide the faster speeds and more reliability.

Virgin Media Gig1 broadband is ideal for the best 4K streaming and smooth gaming experience. Gigabit speeds ensure that all devices get ultrafast speeds without dropouts even during bandwidth intensive activities.

Virgin Media packages also come with bundling options and flexibility with a wide range of choices. You can choose Virgin Media Gig1 service without phone line or add your favourite TV package or add-ons like Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.