Virgin Media Bigger Bundle Review

Last updated on January 25th, 2021 at 02:07 pm

virgin media bigger bundle

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle is one the best options for homes that need ultra fast fibre broadband with great TV features.

Virgin Media Bigger bundle (+ Movies) now includes M100 ultra fast, fibre broadband (108Mbps average download speed), free weekend calls and 230+ TV channels together in a single package.

There is the latest, most advanced, and totally secure WiFi Hub wireless router so 10+ users in your household can access the web enjoying the fastest fibre speeds at the same time. 

M100 fibre is more than 2x faster than BT Fibre 1 broadband which offers 50Mbps average speeds. At these lightning speeds, you can download a blu-ray disc in minutes or watch a full HD movie or TV show from streaming websites like Netflix without buffering.

What’s more, your download speeds do not get slowed down, when multiple users share the connection on various devices.

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle


Average speed
108 Mbps download
10 Mbps upload
Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0
Unlimited broadband £0 setup cost
Weekend calls 18 month contract
222+ TV channels   
Offer: Free setup
Offer price: £45 a month for 18 month


M100 Fibre Broadband

It is the latest fibre technology that powers Virgin Media cable broadband to offer ultra fast speeds with more reliability and great consistency.

Bigger bundle comes with ultra-fast M100 fibre broadband which offers average download speed of  108Mbps and unlimited usage.

M100 fibre broadband  is suitable for households where 5+  users need to go online for various types of usage, including HD streaming, file downloads and playing games online.

Sharing Virgin Media fibre broadband in home environment is hassle free and very secure. The dual band Hub 3.0 wireless router is smart enough to provide faster speeds and reliable connectivity without any drop outs.

Free Weekend calls to UK landlines

With Virgin Phone, you get inclusive free weekend calls to UK landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin mobile numbers.

Bigger bundle includes Maxit TV pack + Movies

You get Maxit TV pack which includes as many as 245 channels which include Disney channels, Nat Geo Wild and other top entertainment channels in this pack. More than 50 channels including BT Sport are available in high definition. 

On this Limited Edition, Bigger bundle now includes free kids pack and Sky Cinema HD channels

Various players like BBC iPlayer are included along with Virgin TV box sets.

With catchup feature, you can watch the shows of the last seven days.

With 4K compatible TV set, you can watch Netflix and YouTube in 4k resolution.

The new Virgin TV 360 box is 4K enabled and HDR ready and you can record up to 6 shows at the same time, is included free of cost. It comes with huge capacity of 1TB to record 100 hours of HD content.

Bigger bundle offers tons of on demand videos , TV shows and movies at pay per view basis

Virgin TV Anywhere app is exclusively for Virgin Media TV customers who can watch TV on the go.

Bigger bundle with BT Sport

All the four BT Sports channels in HD including BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3 and BT Sport ESPN are included in Full House for no extra cost.

With BT Sports, you can watch MotoGP TM, Aviva Premiership Rugby, UFC and more sports events.

Bigger bundle (Maxit TV) with Sports

This bundle is for sports lovers who can watch all the Sky Sports channels in HD as well as BT Sport channels in 4K Ultra HD

There are separate channels for various sports including Premier League, cricket, golf, football and more.

Virgin TV Go app and Sky Sports app are included so you can watch live sports events when you are on the go.

Bigger bundle (Maxit TV)  with Movies

Bigger bundle with Movies is must for households which do not want to miss out great movies in amazing HD resolution.

Watch Sky Cinema which includes 11 HD channels with great entertainment choices.

With Sky cinema app installed on your smartphones and tablets, you can watch a huge volume of movies when you are on the go.

Get access to Box sets and on-demand movies including new releases are available for rent. 

Virgin Media Broadband and TV
Virgin Media Bigger Bundle
GBP 45