Virgin Media M200 Broadband Review

Last updated on April 12th, 2021 at 03:03 pm

Virgin Media M200 fibre is an ultrafastl broadband plan that offers faster speeds when compared to packages from BT, TalkTalk and Sky which offer speeds around 145Mbits/s.

By contrast, M200 fibre comes with ultra-fast download speeds of 213 Mbits/s and faster upload speeds (20 Mbits/s) and allows you to enjoy all your online activities without any hassle – whether it be streaming HD videos, playing games online or just browsing.

M200 fibre is also quite suited for households with more than 10 devices that need to be connected at the same time.


M200 fibre comes with 213Mbps average download speed and 20Mbps average upload speed. By average, it is meant that 50% of the users can expect to get these speeds. However, Virgin Media would offer speed estimate that helps you find realistic speeds that you will get at your premises when you sign up online.

If you want to peek into the real-world speeds of a broadband plan such as M200, Ofcom’s annual broadband speed report is quite useful. According to the regulator’s report published in May 2020, M200 broadband delivered 200.7Mbps to its customers during peak times (8pm – 10pm).

Since no traffic management applies, there is no speed reduction by the provider during peak times.Virgin Media promises that Internet access speeds  are not slowed down at any time.


Totally unlimited

There are no data caps on M200 broadband and there are no extra charges for downloading, streaming or playing games online.

Super Hub 3.0 

Virgin Media has boosted the performance of its Super Hub router with new features like Intelligent WiFi, Connect App and boosters for faster speeds, strong signal and advanced security .

Hub is included with all fibre packages without any additionl cost.

Free Extras

  • WebSafe parental controls
  • F-Secure internet protection
  • Virgin Media WiFi access on 7 devices
  • WiFi on the London Underground

Unlimited Data Boost

If you take M200 with Oomph, you become eligible for an unlimited data boost when there is total loss of internet connectivity.

You can use unlimited data boost for up to seven days. If the fault is not fixed in seven days, you will get an additional data boost.

M200 availability

Virgin Media fibre is available to 60% of the UK, while M200 is available in most of the coverage areas.

You can check availability for your postcode while you sign up online.

Virgin Media M200 Broadband Deals

M200 is available as broadband only, broadband & phone and triple play TV bundle. Standard 18 month contract will apply unless you prefer for 30 days rolling contract which usually comes with additional upfront cost and monthly price. 

Virgin MediaM200 Broadband & Phone Broadband
213Mbps Unlimited
Inclusive weekend calls 
£40 a month 
£35 setup
18 month contract 
More Info
Virgin MediaM200 Broadband, Phone & TV Broadband
213Mbps Unlimited
Inclusive weekend calls
110+ channels 
£47 a month for 18 months
£35 setup
18 month contract 
More Info
Virgin MediaM200 Broadband Only  
[EXCLUSIVE: £75 voucher]
213Mbps Unlimited
No phone line 
Free setup
£28 a month
£0 setup
18 month contract 
More Info

Should I choose M200?

As an ultra-fast package, M200 has a few rivals to match. It is 3 times faster than BT Fibre 2 but is reasonably priced, when compared to the latter. 

Both M200 and M350 are ideal plans for gaming and streaming but the latter comes with faster speeds for a slightly higher price tag.

When compared to ultrafast deals from BT, EE, Sky and TalkTalk, M200 is clearly the winner in terms of pricing. FTTP (fibre to the premises) from these providers are pricey and available in selected cities only. 

Over-all, M200 is more affordable than similar plans and seems to offer great value for money amidst ultra-fast broadband packages.

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