Virgin Media Big Bundle Review

Virgin Media bundle
Virgin Media Big bundle (previously, Player bundle) comes with M50 fibre broadband (54Mbps average download speed and 5Mbps upload speed) and Virgin V6 TV  box – the two best things for which Virgin is often recommended.

The cheapest of Virgin Media triple play bundles also includes free weekend calls to UK landlines & specific numbers and 100+  digital TV channels including some HD channels.Plus, you can add Virgin Mobile 4G SIM at competitive pricing, though, it is optional.

What can you get from Virgin Media Big bundle?

Superfast internet speeds & unlimited broadband usage to meet your needs
These days long hours of browsing gobble a lot of data, not to mention about the huge volumes of data that you would need when you make downloads or stream movies or play games online.

As such, unlimited broadband without any hidden limits should be ideal for most users to meet their needs. M50 fibre broadband not only offers faster speeds (54Mbps average speed), when compared to  FTTC packages (38Mbps) that BT and Sky offer, it also comes with truly unlimited usage that ensures no slow down during peak times.

M200 can offer consistently faster speeds and reliable connectivity to homes that have 10+ users who need to go online on multiple devices at the same time.

Virgin Media Big bundle includes Mixit TV
Big bundle now includes a free Virgin TV V6 box which comes with 1TB storage, rewind and record features. You can record 6 shows at  the same time, while watching a live show. Its huge storage capacity allows  you to record 500 hours of SD videos or 100 hours of videos in HD.

Mixit TV pack  allows you to watch 110+ digital TV channels which include HD channels and 13 premium channels like BBC One, itv, 4,5, BBC News and Dave.

This package also provides access to Catch Up TV, popular online video players like BBC iPlayer, ITV, All 4, YouTube and Vevo and on demand videos.

Tallk Weekend calls to UK landlines
Inclusive Talk Weekend call plan allows you to make unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobile numbers.

Package Details

Average speed
54Mbps download
5Mbps upload
Free Hub 3.0 wireless router
Unlimited broadband 1TB Virgin V6 Box included
Inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines £35 setup cost
110 TV channels and 10 in HD 12 month contract
Offer: Special price
Offer price: Free Amazon Echo Dot or £50 bill credit till 26th February 2020

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Superfast WiFi using Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 wireless router
Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 is a dual-band wireless router, specifically designed to share cable based, fibre optic broadband in home environment. It comes with the latest Intelligent WiFi technology that ensures you get strong WiFi signal, faster speeds, wider wireless range and secured connection in the home.

Free access to Virgin Media Public WiFi hotspots
Virgin Media broadband customers can get free access to Virgin Media WiFi service available on London Tube Stations.

Extras – Connect app and Virgin  TV Go
The new Virgin Media Connect app allows your mobile to connect to Hub or Virgin Media Public hotspots.  Likewise, you can watch TV channels and on demand videos on your mobile devices using Virgin TV Go ap.

Flexible contracts
Virgin Media Big bundle comes with 12 month contract as standard. However, you can also choose 30 days rolling contract which requires you to pay £65 one-off fee

QuickStart self-install option is available to existing Virgin Media customers. This would cost nothing, while Engineer assisted installation would cost from £40.

There is £35 activation fee for all TV bundles including Player bundle

Virgin Media Broadband and TV
Virgin Media Big Bundle
GBP 33