TalkTalk Fast Broadband Review

TalkTalk Fast Broadband Review
TalkTalk Fast broadband is a low cost, ‘no frills’ package from the UK’s budget provider. A line rental, standard, ADSL 2+ package with no calls, it’s a perfect starter for small households with one or two internet users. Alongside, decent speeds and totally unlimited usage, it also offers some great features like Super router and internet security. But, is TalkTalk fast broadband any good?

What can you get from TalkTalk Fast broadabnd?

TalkTalk fast broadband offers an average download speed of 11Mbps and  1Mbps upload speed. While these speeds are achievable by 50% of its customers,  users actually received 10.2Mbps on dailys basis, according to Ofcom’s speed report 2018.

Maximum Minimum 24 hours Peak times
(8pm – 10pm)
TalkTalk Fast
(up to 17Mbps)
(average 11Mbps)
8.9Mbps – 10.5Mbps 7.8Mbps – 9.3Mbps 8.7Mbps – 10.2Mbps 8.6Mbps – 10.1Mbps

Totally unlimited usage
Fast Broadband comes with totally unlimited internet usage means no slow down, even at peak times.

Free Super Router
You get Super Router, an advanced, dual band wireless router designed with the latest WiFi technologies to offer you reliable,fast and secure WiFi connection at your home.  It comes with two ethernet ports and it can be connected to YouView TV which TalkTalk offers with its TV bundles.

Free HomeSafe Internet Security
With HomeSafe, you can protect your devices and kids from rogue websites and inappropriate content. It is not just website filter and parental controls, but it additionally protects your devices malware threats.

SuperSafe Boost, powered by F-Secure is also available to ensure additional protection from viruses, phishing and other malware attacks. The subscription includes protection for up to 8 devices including PCs, mobiles and tablets.

What is TalkTalk Fast Broadband good for?

Cheap unlimited broadband
Fast broadband is a great option if you look out for cheap, reliable, unlimited broadband with all good features. There are no hidden costs such as additional setup fee. New customers can get great discounts in the monthly price, gifts and vouchers.

Best for light to moderate use
TalkTalk fast broadband works well with homes with one or two users, or people who would mostly use internet for browsing, shopping and streaming sites like YouTube.  1Mb upload speed is pretty decent for quicker uploads of photos or small files, but not suitable for business use which requires faster upload speeds.

Flexible contract options
Both 18 month and 12 month contract options are available (which are subject to change, depending on the offer), so you can pick the one that is right for you.

Call boosts
Fast broadband comes with PAYG calls. However, if you want anytime calls or international calls, you can just add the specific calls boost or cancel it any time.

Fixed Price Guarantee
TalkTalk offers no price rise guarantee for the entire contract.

Provider Average
Speed & Usage
Details Cost
PAYG calls
Offer: Free setup 
£17.95 /month Buy

Cons of TalkTallk Fast broadband

Expensive call rates
TalkTalk call rates with Fast Broadband are not as cheap as Plusnet or Post Office. You can make it cheaper by subscribing for a regular call plan such as anytime calls.

Poor customer satisfaction ratings
TalkTalk had the lowest customer satisfaction levels, when compared to other major ISPs like Sky, EE or Virgin Media,  according to Ofcom customer satisfaction report published in 2019 . The annual consumer complaints report from Ofcom in 2018 also revealed that the regulator received the highest volume of broadband complaints for TalkTalk during 2017.

No free cloud storage or free public WiFi
While its rivals BT, Virgin Media and Sky offer free public WiFi and free cloud storage to their customers, TalkTalk is yet to launch these services to its customers.