Fast broadband is a standard broadband plan (ADSL) from TalkTalk.  The plan comes with unlimited usage, landline, PAYG calls and HomeSafe protection.

Fast broadband offers reliable connection for small households with one or two users. The package also includes an advanced router – Super Router.



TalkTalk fast broadband offers an average download speed of 11Mbps and  and average upload speed of 1Mbps .

According to Ofcom’s speed report 2020 revealed, TalkTalk Fast broadband delivered following real-world speeds. 

  Maximum Minimum 24 hours Peak times
(8pm – 10pm)
TalkTalk Fast
(average 11Mbps)
9.1Mbps – 11.3Mbps 8.1Mbps – 10.1Mbps 8.9Mbps – 11.1Mbps 8.8Mbps – 11Mbps

Totally Unlimited

Fast Broadband comes with totally unlimited usage. No monthly data caps. Your speeds will not be throttled by provider at peak times.

Super Router

TalkTalk WiFi Hub

Super Router is an advanced, dual band wireless router designed to offer you reliable, fast and secure WiFi connection at your home.  It comes with two ethernet ports and it can be connected to YouView TV which TalkTalk offers with its TV bundles. Or you can upgrade to the new, faster, WIFi Hub for better performance.

HomeSafe and SuperSafe

HomeSafe offers protection to your devices and kids from websites with harmful content. It is not just website filter and parental controls, but it additionally protects your devices from malware threats.

Supersafe provides additional online protection from viruses, phishing and other malware attacks. The subscription includes protection for up to 10 devices including PCs, mobiles and tablets.

Call boosts

Fast broadband comes with PAYG calls. However, you can add anytime calls or international calls on one month contract. You can cancel call boosts anytime.

Is TalkTalk Fast Broadband any good?

TalkTalk Fast broadband does the job well, but, we recommend Talk fibre plans (Fibre 35 and Fibre 65) which offer faster speeds and more value for your money.

You can check availability of TalkTalk broadband plans here