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Best broadband providers 2019 for customer satisfaction

Broadband surveyThe much awaited broadband customer satisfaction report has just been released by the industry watchdog Ofcom today. The report also covers landline and mobile services to reveal customer satisfaction ratings for providers during 2018.

Alongside, Ofcom’s telecoms survey 2019 shows other details such as number of consumer complaints to Ofcom per 100k customers, call waiting time of major ISPs etc.

EE had the highest customer satisfaction (87%) followed by Plusnet (86%), Virgin Media (85%), Sky (83%) and BT (80%).

TalkTalk broadband had the lowest customer satisfaction of 79% in 2018. TalkTalk also received the maximum number of broadband complaints (96 per 100k customers) in 2018.

Ofcom broadband customer satisfaction report 2019

Call waiting was the longest for Plusnet customers (average 6.47 min). While TalkTalk, Post Office and EE had short call waiting time between 0.33 min and 0.35 min.

Broadband providers took an average time of 15 days to deliver broadband orders in 2018 while 93% of orders were delivered to customers in time.

When it comes to  home phone service,  TalkTalk again had the lowest customer satisfaction of 81%, while EE (90%), Plusnet (89%) and BT (88%) were on top of this table. 83% of Virgin Media phone customers said they are happy with their service.

Mobile service the highest, over-all customer satisfaction of 93%.  All the operators scored customer satisfaction rating of 90%+ in 2018. Small operator Giffgaff topped the ranking with 96%, followed by EE, Vodafone, Three and Virgin Mobile.

Alongside customer satisfaction report, Ofcom also revealed quarterly based consumer complaints for major providers.

In Q4 2018, Sky, EE and Virgin Media had lower number of broadband complaints, while Plusnet had the highest volume of complaints, followed by TalkTalk.

Likewise, Plusnet home phone had the highest number of complaints in Q4 2014, while Sky and EE had minimum service complaints.

In mobile sector, the volume of complaints for Sky and Tesco was at bottom, however, Virgin Mobile, BT and Vodafone had the highest volume of complaints.

Ofcom report also showed the complaints numbers for pay TV operators. Sky TV received the least number of complaints with TaklTalk TV coming second. However, Virgin Media and BT were the most complained about TV services in this quarter.

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