Virgin Media cuts the prices of its broadband and phone bundles

February 2, 2018

Virgin Media vivid 300Cable operator Virgin Media has reduced the monthly price of its dual broadband and phone packages for its new customers.

The offer will help new customers get £36 discount across a range of bundles that offer up to 50Mb to 300Mb fibre broadband, with free weekend calls and Virgin Hub 3.0

VIVID 50 & calls (up to 50Mbps) will cost £29 a month ( reduced from £32). We offer an exclusive £20 credit with this package.

VIVID 100 & calls (up to 100Mbps) will have similar price reduction from £37 a month to £34 a month.

VIVID 200 & calls which offers 200Mbps ultra-fast broadband costs £39 a month (reduced from £42)

New customers who take up VIVID 300 & Calls will need to pay just £44 per month, instead of £47 per month.

Virgin Media bundle prices change to the expensive standard tariff after 12 month contract.

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