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Broadband Phone TV Contract Costs
Download: up to 52Mbps
Upload: up to 9.5Mbps
Weekend calls N/A 18 months Upfront: £29.99
Monthly: £29.99
Total contract: £569.81
Online exclusive: £80 prepaid MasterCard  included. Offer ends 25th January 2018
Offer Price:  £29.99 a month for 18 months (including BT line rental)

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BT Infinity 1 Unlimited Broadband and Weekend calls Deal Summary

  • Totally unlimited downloads with no restrictions on your speeds or usage even at peak times
  • Up to 9.5Mbps upload speeds to help faster uploads of photos, videos and files
  • Includes the new Smart Hub wireless router (Home Hub 6), the router with UK’s most power WiFi signal
  • Weekend calls to UK landlines included.
  • Free unlimited access to 5 million BT public hotspots across the UK.
  • Watch BT Sport at no extra cost via App or Online Player
  • Includes BT SmartTalk app for smartphones so you can make low-cost calls.
  • Free parental controls included
  • BT Virus Protect for 2 devices
  • Includes 200GB cloud storage


  • Unlimited Infinity 1 offers you the superfast speeds (up to 52Mbps) that you need for quicker downloads, watching TV & HD videos and online gaming.
  • You can be rest assured of reliable speeds all the time, whether peak or non-peak hours, as all BT’s unlimited packages are not restricted by any traffic management policy that some ISPs implement to throttle the speeds on the connections, especially, when users make excessive downloads during peak times.
  • Infinity is totally unlimited, meaning, it is not capped with any monthly usage cap. You can download, stream music & videos and play games online for as many hours as you wish.
  • As this package includes phone, you get free weekend landline calls to specific numbers like those beginning with 01,02 or 03 and 0845 and 0870.
  • The new, superfast, Smart Hub wireless rotuer (Home Hub 6) offers the most powerful signal and the best wireless range. Only Infinity packages include Smart Hub at no extra cost.
  • With 100GB cloud storage, you can now backup large volumes of data, including files, movies, photo albums etc.
  • Up to 2 devices now can get BT Virus protection,  the advanced online security to protect your devices from viruses, malware and phishing etc.
  • BT SmartTalk app saves your money by allowing you to use your home phone plan on your mobile device. No need to make costlier mobile calls, instead, make cheaper calls using this app.
  • When you are on the go,  you can use the chain of 5m public WiFi hotspots operated by BT in all important locations such as airports, restaurants or shopping malls.

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Note: Price includes monthly line rental

Deal Speed Download/month Price/month
BT broadband unlimited and calls 17Mbps Unlimited  £23.99
BT Infinity 2 unlimited broadband and calls 76Mbps Unlimited  £39.99
BT Unlimited broadband, calls & Entertainment Starter TV 17Mbps Unlimited  £27.49