• BT Fibre 1 (50Mbps average download speed) is 2 times faster than regular broadband (ADSL) and it also comes with truly unlimited data usage.
  • Faster 9 Mbps upload speeds to help you upload photos, videos and files in no time.
  • You get Stay Fast Guarantee for minimum speed or else you can claim £20
  • Includes the powerful Smart Hub wireless router (Home Hub 6)
  • Broadband and phone option includes Pay as you go calls
  • Cheaper broadband only plan is also available
  • Free unlimited access to 5 million BT public hotspots across the UK.
  • BT Virus Protect for 2 devices
  • Includes 200GB free cloud storage


Superfast speeds

BT  Fibre 1 offers an average download speed of 50Mbps which makes it suitable for small to medium size households with up to 5 users and for activities such as downloading, watching TV & HD videos and gaming online.

Truly unlimited

BT  Fibre 1 does not come with any monthly data caps, nor it slows you down, even at peak times as no FUP applies.

Smart Hub WiFi router

The new, superfast, Smart Hub wireless rotuer (Home Hub 6) ensures that you get very strong WiFi signal and the best wireless range. This is included for no extra cost.

Free cloud storage

With 200GB cloud storage for no extra cost, you can now backup large volumes of data, including files, movies, photo albums etc.

BT Virus Protect

Up to 2 devices can get BT Virus protect,  the advanced online security to protect your devices from viruses, malware and phishing etc.

Free BT WiFi

When you are on the go,  you can access to BT WiFi hotspots available in all important locations such as airports, restaurants or shopping malls.