Virgin Media M200 Fibre Broadband Packages

PackageAverage speed
(Download / Upload)
(Monthly / Contract)
Virgin Media M200 with
Talk Weekends
18 month contract
213Mbps /
Includes Weekend calls.
£35 setup fee
 £34 /
Virgin Media M200
Broadband Only
18 month contract
213Mbps /
No phone line.
£35 setup fee
£50 /


Virgin Media M200 Speeds

M200 Fibre broadband (formerly, VIVID 200) offers 300% faster speeds, when compared to the faster fibre plans (67Mbps) offered by BT, TalkTalk and Sky

M200 fibre plan comes with an average download speed of 213 Mbps and an average upload speed of 20 Mbps.  

M200 broadband is ideal for busy households with 5+ users, for multi-tasking, downloading, 4K streaming and gaming. 

The ultrafast speeds of M200 offer the best experience without any lag when play online games without . Likewise, connection speeds will not slow down when you connect multiple devices. 

With 213Mbps speeds, you can download a HD movie of 8GB in less than 4 minutes.

Truly unlimited

M200 plan comes with truly unlimited  usage with no restrictions on your speeds or data usage. Virgin Media does not slow down your speeds during peak times.

Inclusive weekend calls

M200 broadband and plan  includes weekend calls to UK landlines (01, 02 and 03 and 0870) and Virgin Mobile numbers for no extra cost.

No phone line and bundling TV options

You can take M200 broadband only plan without home phone and TV although it’s costlier than the bundles.

Bundling TV package with M200 helps you get the best deals with price discounts and free gifts.

Free equipment

Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 is included in all Virgin Media broadband packages. Hub 3 is one of the WiFi routers that come with latest features like smart channel selection, intelligent wifi and stronger security settings.

M200 with TV packages include Virgin TV 360 box which provides seamless viewing and recording 500 hours of TV shows.

Free extras

You can stay connected to your friends and relatives when you are on the go, by connecting to Virgin Media WiFi.

This benefit is free for all Virgin broadband customers. Maximum of 7 devices can be registered and you can access WiFi in popular locations including London Underground.

Virgin Media M200 package includes F-Secure and WebSafe features for safer browsing and to keep your devices protected from viruses and malware.

More deals from Virgin Media

Note: Prices include Virgin phone line rental

Deal Average
M50 Fibre broadband and calls  54Mbps  Unlimited  £28
M100 Fibre broadband and calls  108Mbps  Unlimited  £28
M350 Fibre broadband and calls  362Mbps  Unlimited  £40
M500 Fibre broadband and calls  516Mbps  Unlimited  £46
 Big Bundle  54Mbps  Unlimited  £33
Bigger bundle 213Mbps Unlimited £49
 Ultimate Volt bundle  1130Mbps  Unlimited £99