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First Utility Broadband – Features, Deals, Offers & Latest Prices

Update: First Utiliiy is now rebranded as Shell Energy Broadband.

Why choose First Utility broadband?

First Utility Broadband

  • Cheap broadband packages without additional, hidden costs
  • Broadband discounts, if you are already an energy customer
  • No price rise during minimum period
  • Free hardware like wifi router with free delivery
  • Dedicated, UK based customer support

About First Utility

First Utility, a well-known energy provider, now offers low-cost broadband service with a range of packages to all customers. You don’t need to be an energy customer to get First Utility broadband, however, you can get discounts, if you are already an existing customer.

First Utility broadband is available in both types – ADSL and fibre, with prices that are very competitive in the UK market.

Line rental inclusive pricing, no upfront cost and totally unlimited downloads are some of the great features that can really add value to First Utility broadband.

With First Utility, you can be rest assured that broadband prices will not increase during the minimum contract period.

First Utility broadband packages

There are three deals that you can choose from.

  • First Utility – Standard broadband with 11Mb average download speed
  • SuperFirst Utility – Fibre broadband with 35Mb average download speed
  • UltraFirst Utility – Fibre broadband with 63Mb average download speed

All packages come with unlimited data allowance, free connection and 18 month contract. Line rental is included in the monthly cost.

Only pay as you calls are included.

However you can choose from call plans – Evening & weekend or Anytime or International