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Relish Broadband Review

Available in London and Swindon, Relish broadband is not a typical, fixed-line broadband provider but rather an ISP which delivers its service via 4G based wireless network which is connected by base stations across these two cities.To get Relish broadband, you do not need phone line & cables and there is no need to wait so long. Only a small aerial needs to be mounted outside your home for installing broadband which is usually done within 5 working days.

Relish wireless broadband is pretty fast and offers 40Mb download speeds and it has recently added 1Gbps fibre broadband to London areas.

Relish Broadband Packages

  • Home Unlimited (20Mbps average speed)
    Free setup when you take 12 month contract. Free wireless router is included.
    However, there is £70 setup fee on 1 month contract. Monthly prices start from £22


  • Easy to install
    Unlike fixed broadband, Relish comes with simple hardware that requires less time to install.  For dwellers of London and Swindon, the installation is hassle free and usually done with the help of Relish engineer.
  • Faster than regular broadband
    Up to 40Mb Home Unlimited  from Relish is much faster than regular broadband which offers maximum speed of 17Mbps. In fact, Relish speeds are comparable to fibre broadband such as BT Infinity or Virgin Media Vivid 50
  • Unlimited downloads
    Relish offers unlimited monthly data allowance with Home Unlimited and Home Fibre packages.
  • Quick broadband setup  and activation
    It usually takes less than 5 days for Relish to get  your broadband activated at your premise.
  • No upfront cost
    Home Unlimited with 12 month contract is not subject to any upfront fee.
  • Free wireless router
    Relish offers Verve VH510B wireless router which comes with dual band wireless feature to connect up to 32 devices at the same time.
  • 30 days or 1 month rolling contract option
    Short contract option is available along with standard 12 month contract.