BT Superfast Fibre Unlimited Broadband Review

What is BT Superfast Fibre unlimited broadband and weekend calls good for?

Superfast download speeds and upload speeds
BT’s FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) broadband uses the latest fibre technology to offer average download speed of 50Mbps and 9Mbps upload speeds.

BT makes sure that you get faster speeds all the time during day or night without reducing speeds even at peak hours.

BT also offers Stay Fast Guarantee means BT would give you £20 back, if your speeds go below the minimum guaranteed speed set for this package.

BT fibre broadband is 500% faster than the normal high speed ADSL 2+ connections means you can do better when it comes to internet activities which require high bandwidth and speeds, whether it be regular surfing or downloading album & movies or playing superfast games or watching TV shows in HD .

Totally unlimited broadband data
Capped broadband usage could often lead to hefty bills, whenever your usage exceeds the monthly allowance limit. Even when you switch to unlimited plans, all of them may not be truly unlimited to offer you unrestricted data usage as there could be hidden limits which you may not be aware of.

But with BT, you get totally unlimited broadband without any hidden limits means you can download as much as you wish.

BT Smart Hub wireless router
One of the best ever wireless routers that you can rely on for superfast speeds, reliable and secured connectivity, when you share fibre broadband at home. Built with the latest wifi technology, Hub 6 features dual-band modes, enhanced wireless range, faster WiFi speeds with minimum wireless interference and advanced wireless encryption for secured connection.

Free weekend landline calls within the UK
Weekend landline calls between Friday 0.00 and Sunday 0.00 are included

Free unlimited WiFi via BT WiFi hotspots
No need for mobile internet, when you are near a BT WiFi hotspot. BT offers free WiFi to its customers at more than 5m locations across the UK.

Free Extras – free cloud storage and BT parental controls
BT Superfast fibre 1 unlimited package also includes online protection for your kids with free parental controls which allow you to block unsuitable sites.

With free web space, you can store all your personal data and albums at a secured place.

Package Details

50Mbps average speed Add BT Sport pack
Unlimited broadband New Smart Hub (Home Hub 6)
Inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines £9.99 upfront cost
200GB free cloud storage 24 month contract
Includes £80 BT Gift card. Offer ends 19th December 2019

Offer Price:   £28.99 a month for 24 months (including line rental)

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