Talk Talk to test new wireless broadband routers

TalkTalk is planning to test two,new wireless routers on its networks. Ex-Tiscali customers can get the new Huawei HG521 or the Huawei HG532 wireless router FREE, if they agree to provide comprehensive and regular feedback to the ISP during the trial.

The trials will have a maximum 200 users who need to send the data to Talk Talk Labs team via the feedback system, the provider said in a statement.

Users can switch to their existing routers, if they have any connectivity problems with new routers, the ISP has advised.

Recently, Talk Talk reported that many wireless broadband users still use outdated wireless routers and are vulnerable to hacking or other security issues. Moreover, their wi-fi connections can be hacked by offenders to illegally download copy right materials from internet, the ISP warned.

In its blog, the provider has suggested that customers should replace their old wirless equipment like wireless routers and wi-fi cards with new latest hardware to ensure better online safety.

One thought on “Talk Talk to test new wireless broadband routers

  1. Hi
    I am new to TALKTALK and I am now using a Huawei HG521 router, before I was with Virgin and my router was NETGEAR DG834G download speed was 0.75 Mb/s but with the Huawei my download speed has dropped to 0.45 Mb/s. Can this speed be increased in any way?
    Trevor Wass.

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