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Deal You get Offers Monthly Price
TalkTalk Simply Broadband (up to) 17Mb unlimited broadband 18 months Half Price + £75 Love2Shop voucher
Plusnet Unlimited broadband (up to) 17Mb broadband Free broadband for 12 months + £75 cashback £0
Sky Unlimited broadband & calls (up to) 17Mb broadband + Weekend UK calls  £75 prepaid Mastercard £0
Virgin Media Broadband & Phone (up to) 50Mb broadband +
Weekend UK calls
 9 months price drop £12
BT Infinity  broadband (up to) 52Mb broadband + weekend calls Reduced price for 12 months £10

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Common Questions

What speed would I need?

The speeds you would need depend upon what applications/programs you are about to use online.

    • To browse, receive emails, stream music and download small files, you would need 1Mbps – 2Mbps connection. DSL/cable/mobile broadband can be used.
    • To view standard video online without buffering, you should have faster download speeds in the range of speeds 2Mbps – 4Mbps. DSL and cable broadband are suitable
    • You would need very fast connection with actual speed of 8Mbps+ for large file/movie downloads, streaming high definition videos and real-time online gaming. Fibre optic broadband is ideal for these applications. Faster ADSL 2+ and cable are also fine.
    • If you need to upload large data and files, make sure that you get faster upload speeds too, because most connections come with upload speeds much slower than download speeds.

(Note: Advertised broadband speeds come with pre-fix ‘up to’. This means, the actual speed you receive will be much lower than this speed. For instance, ‘up to 14Mbps’ ADSL 2+ connection could offer just 7 – 8Mbps to users who live within 5 km from the exchange.)

Download time for applications

Speed 1Mp3 30 minutes standard video A DVD movie
4Mbps 16 seconds 18 minutes 2 hours 40 minutes
16Mbps 4 seconds 10 minutes 40 minutes
40Mbps 2 seconds 4 minutes 15 minutes

How much data would I need a month?

Light users who occasionally download or stream/download videos, would need 10GB or more. 40GB is safe if you use internet daily for browsing, Youtube and occasional film downloads.

If you frequently download large files, stream/download movies or share connection with others in your family/office, 100GB + usage or unlimited plan is ideal.

User type Emails per day Mp3’s per week Video clips per week Online gaming per week Usage needed per month
Light user 30 20 15 3 hours Minimum 10GB
Regular user 60 30 15 15 hours 30GB – 50GB
Heavy user 100+ 60 60 30+ hours 100GB or Unlimited