TalkTalk provides CallSafe feature to block unwanted landline calls

January 18, 2018

TalkTalk Home PhoneHome phone and broadband provider TalkTalk has enabled a new feature – CallSafe to help its landline customers avoid unwanted calls like marketing calls.

According to TalkTalk, CallSafe will check whether the calls come from regularly dialed numbers like friends and family. If so, they will be put straight through.

However, while checking the incoming calls from new numbers, CallSafe will automatically block the call, when the number is on a list of unwanted callers

In case, the new number is not on the list, CallSafe will allow you to hear a message from the caller so you can decide to either answer, ignore, or block the call.

To activate the new feature, TalkTalk customers will need to dial 1472. Users can go to My Account to see and manage the approved and blocked callers. Alternatively they can call 1472 to get assistance.

CallSafe allows TalkTalk customers to block nuisance calls, get better call security and protect landline from unwanted callers, according to Tristia Harrison, the CEO of TalkTalk.

The landline operator has also revealed the results of a survey to show how landline users are being affected by unwanted calls.

Conducted by Mortar in October 2017, the survey which was participated by 2000 home phone users shows 61% of landline users just do not pick up the phone to avoid nuisance calls. On average, one important call is missed every month, the findings show.

More than half of the participants were disappointed with their landline provider for not providing an efficient feature to stop unwanted calls.

However, 70% of the users would promptly answer the phone call, if the system has a better feature to block the nuisance calls.

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