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TalkTalk TV with Fast Broadband

Price: £29.95 a month
Average Speed
Download: 11Mbps
Upload: 1Mbps
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
105 channels
Upfront: £25
Line rental included
Monthly: £29.95
Total contract: £636.10
18 month contract

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TalkTalk TV and Fast Broadband Deal Summary

  • Totally unlimited broadband (11Mbps average speed) ensuring you of no hidden usage cap or slowing down of speeds even at peak times (6pm – midnight).
  • Pay as you go calls
  • TalkTalk TV includes free YouView TV box (worth £149), more than 85 TV channels and seven day catch-up TV. HD channels are also included.
  • Includes free Entertainment boost
  • TV Boosts available on a flexible 1 month contract
  • New Talk2Go App helps you make cheaper landline calls from your mobiles. Install TV2Go App on your mobile devices and watch TalkTalk TV via WiFi.
  • Free HomeSafe internet security feature to stay safe when you are online.
  • Includes online protection
  • Fixed price guarantee for the life of your contract. 12 month / 18 month / 24 month contract options are available.


Totally unlimited broadband
Enjoy unlimited broadband access without hidden caps or reduced speeds during peak hours. You are allowed to make as much downloads as you like. Access speeds are not reduced and all your traffic is prioritised all the time.

TalkTalk TV
TalkTalk TV pack comes with great features including:

  • Free YouView set top box (worth £149) which can pause and rewind live TV and record up to 30 minutes.
  • Around 85 digital TV channels are included + 7 day catch up from your favourite TV channels
  • 11 movie channels and 5 sports channels including Sky sports & movies which you can add at anytime
  • A huge selection of on-demand movies & videos from Now TV, TalkTalk Box Office & Sky
  • Netflix streaming TV subscription

Talk2Go app and TV2Go app
TalkTalk offers these free apps which you can use for making cheaper landline calls or watching TV on your mobile devices like tablet or smartphone, when you are on the move. You need WiFi signals to use these apps.

Online protection powered by HomeSafe
HomeSafe is free online protection for all your devices when browsing the web. This feature includes parental controls and safety settings to block sites with harmful content.

No line rental – Package price includes it
Line rental is included with monthly price for better clarity of pricing.

Our Review

TalkTalk TV with Fast Broadband is one of the best broadband & TV packages that include TV and totally unlimited broadband at attractive and budget price.

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