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Exclusive Offers for August 2022

While the ISP’s website doesn’t contain all the best deals, discounts, vouchers and gifts, our exclusive broadband deals section offers deals that aren’t available on the provider’s website.

For example, Virgin Media offers discounts and £95 vouchers on its broadband only plans when you sign up for an 18 month contract. In addition to the free setup, new Vodafone and Sky customers will also receive vouchers worth up to £125. However, these discounts and vouchers are not seen anywhere on these suppliers’ websites.

 HOW TO GET THEM? You can sign up for these exclusive offers via our link.

Check out this month’s top deals

  • Get Virgin Media ultrafast fibre broadband (108Mbps – 1130Mbps) from £20 a month. Exclusive £100 voucher with select plans.
  • Earn up to £110 in virtual rewards with BT fibre broadband products. The offer ends on August 24, 2022, and also applies to TV packages.
  • TalkTalk offers fibre broadband plans at discounted prices. Free setup. Choose a speed between 38 Mbit/s – 500 Mbit/s. Monthly prices from £24
  • Special Offer: Vodafone has extended the discount and we’re offering an exclusive £125 voucher for a limited time. Monthly pricing starts from £22 per month with free setup. Offer ends August 25, 2022.
  • Sky Superfast and Ultrafast plans are now free to set up for just £26 a month.
  • As well as offering some of the cheapest fibre packages, Plusnet also includes a £65 reward card when you sign up online.

Guide to choosing the best broadband deal for you

By speed

For most of us, broadband speed is the starting point of comparison. It’s important to choose a plan that provides the speed you actually need. Will standard 11Mb broadband be enough for me, or should I opt for an superfast or ultrafast fibre package?

With plenty of broadband plans available, with average speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1130Mbps, you should be able to decide which speeds meet your needs and which ones are unnecessary.

If you’re not sure which speed is right for your home, use the following guides:

  • Standard ADSL broadband (10Mbps/11Mbps average download speed) is suitable for general internet activities such as surfing the web, sending emails, shopping online and downloading. One or two users can easily get online with these connection speeds.
  • Superfast, fibre broadband is often recommended for households with more than two users. With speeds between 35Mbps and 362Mbps, faster packages are ideal for streaming TV shows and videos in HD, downloading and gaming on line.
  • Ultra fast broadband comes with 100Mbps+ speeds and is ideal for very busy households with streaming HD & 4K videos, gaming online and sharing.
  • Households with more than two users are generally advised to use superfast fibre broadband. With speeds ranging from 35Mbps to 100Mbps, the faster plans are perfect for streaming HDTV shows and videos, downloading and online gaming.
  • Ultrafast broadband with speeds over 100Mbps is perfect for busy homes, streaming, online gaming, and HD and 4K sharing.

Not all providers offer faster packages in the same price range. You’ll also need to find providers that offer faster packages at a cheaper price than others.

By package

When choosing a broadband plan, what type of package are you looking for? Is it a broadband and phone bundle, or a broadband, phone and TV bundle, or a broadband-only bundle?

Bundling can save you money when you need two or three services. If you’re just an internet user and don’t really need a phone or TV, broadband-only is a great money-saving option.

Some broadband plans have no contract or short-term contract options. They are expensive and only sought by users with specific needs

By price

When it comes to broadband, it’s hard to tell if a cheap package is worth the money. Don’t just look at price, you should look at the package as a whole.

A cheap deal can save you money, but it might not have everything you’re looking for. Conversely, if you spend more, you can find a better deal that comes with all the stuff you need. Affordability is a good thing to consider, but it should be weighed against value for money.

Finally, when you find the best deal for your needs, ask yourself if the deal is worth the money, or should you go for something cheaper?

By provider

You can choose a provider based on their strengths. For example, if you want good customer support and reliability, Plusnet and Sky are good options.

If you want great TV service then Sky is the first choice, but if you also want hyperfast broadband with TV broadband then Virgin Media is a better choice than Sky.

Likewise, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and Plusnet are great options if you’re looking for a cheap broadband package.

By customer service

If customer support is very important to you, you might consider providers such as EE, Plusnet and Sky, which are known for their quality of service and good customer support. They have the most satisfied customers compared to their competitors, according to Ofcom’s 2021 report

BT is also worth considering as it has improved its customer satisfaction rankings in 2021.

Broadband Reviews

You can read reviews, guides and latest information about UK broadband providers at sites like to find everything you need to know about service quality and reliability before deciding which one is best for your needs.