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Best broadband deals for August 2020

Fibre broadband

Best plans by speed

Standard Broadband (10Mb – 30Mb)

Plusnet Unlimited 
Average download speed 10Mbps. Unlimited downloads. No setup cost. £75 Reward card offer ends 5th May 2020.
Price: £18.99 per month  

Post Office Unlimited 
Average download speed 11Mbps. Unlimited downloads. No setup cost. 
Price: £18 per month

Fast Broadband (30Mb – 55Mb)

Vodafone Superfast 1
Average download speed 35Mbps. Unlimited downloads. Free setup Price: £22.95 per month

TalkTalk Faster Fibre
Average download speed 38Mbps. Unlimited downloads. Free setup Price: £21.95 per month

Superfast Broadband (55Mb+)

Vodafone Superfast 1
Average download speed 63Mbps. Unlimited downloads. Free setup 
Price: £22.95 per month

TalkTalk Superfast Fibre
Average download speed 67Mbps. Unlimited downloads. Free setup
Price: £21.95 per month

Ultrafast Broadband (100Mbps+)

Virgin Media M100 Broadband 
Average download speed 108Mbps. Unlimited downloads. Weekend calls. 
Price: £33 per month

Virgin Media M200 Broadband 
Average download speed 213Mbps. Unlimited downloads. Weekend calls. 
Price: £38 per month

Best Broadband and TV Deals


Sky TV + Broadband Superfast 
147 TV channels. 59Mb average speed. Inclusive eve & weekend calls. £37 per month

Virgin Media 

Big Bundle 
110 TV channels. 108Mb average speed. Inclusive weekend calls.  
Price: £29.99 per month.

Bigger Bundle 
220 TV channels. 2138Mb average speed. Inclusive weekend calls. Sky Sports and BT Sport. Free setup. 
Price: £49 per month 


Faster Fibre broadand + Entertainment Boost
88 TV channels. 38Mb average speed. £33.50 per month.


Superfast Broadband + Entertainment TV 
124 TV channels. 50Mb average speed. £37.99 per month.

Now TV

Fab Fibre broadband + Entertainment Pass 
14 TV channels. 36Mb average speed. Inclusive weekend calls. £30.99 per month

Broadband Providers of the Month

Virgin Media

Guide to choosing the broadband deal that is best for you

By speed

For most of us, broadband speed is the point of comparison where we start from. It’s important you can decide what speeds you would actually need. Is standard or fast broadband with 11Mb speed enough for me or should I go for superfast or ultrafast fibre package?

With a massive variety of broadband deals available with an average speed between 10mbps and 362Mbps, you should be able to decide which speeds can meet your needs and which speeds are unnecessary.

If you’re unsure of what speeds would be enough for your household, use the following guidance:

  • Standard, ADSL broadband (10Mbps/11Mbps average download speed) will just do well for general internet activities like web browsing, emailing, online shopping and downloading. One or two users can go online using these connection speeds without any problem.
  • Superfast, fibre broadband is often recommended for households with more than two users. With speeds between 35Mbps and 362Mbps, faster packages are ideal for streaming TV shows and videos in HD, downloading and gaming on line.
  • Ultra fast broadband comes with 100Mbps+ speeds and is ideal for very busy households with streaming HD & 4K videos, gaming online and sharing.

All providers do not offer faster packages in the same price range. You would also need to find the provider who offers faster packages with great pricing, when compared to the rest.

By package

While choosing the deal, what type of package you’re looking for? Is it broadband and phone, or broadband, phone and TV package or broadband-only plan?

Bundling saves your money, when you require two or three services . Broadband only is great option to save money, if you are just an internet user and really don’t need phone and TV.

Some broadband deals come with no contract or short-term contract options. They are expensive, and searched only by users with specific needs

By price

It’s hard to decide whether a cheap package is also value for money, when it comes to broadband.  Instead of looking at only price, you should consider the deal as a whole.

A cheap deal can save your money, but, it may not come with everything you’re looking for.  By contrast, you can find a better deal with all great stuff you need when you spend a little more. Affordability is good to consider, but, it should be balanced with value for money.

Finally, when you spot deals that best suit your needs, ask yourself if the deal is worth the money or should you  go for something cheaper?

By provider

You can select a provider for what it’s good for. For example, if  you want good customer support and reliability, Plusnet and Sky are great options. If you want great TV service, Sky is the top choice, but, if you also want superfast broadband with TV, Virgin Media is better option than Sky.

Likewise, TalkTalk, Post Office and Plusnet are perfect, when you look out for cheap broadband packages.

By customer service

If customer support is very import for you, you can consider suppliers like Plusnet and Sky who are well known for the quality of service and good customer support. They also have more satisfied customers than its rivals, as per Ofcom report 2019.

EE is also worth to consider, as it had received top rankings for customer satisfaction in 2018.

By contrast, TalkTalk broadband ranked the lowest for customer satisfaction and incompetent handling of customer complaints, according to Ofcom survey.