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Broadband and Phone Deals

Taking broadband and home phone from the same provider is a great option to save your money.

Let our postcode checker help you save your money and time. Find all the broadband and phone deals available in your area.

Broadband only or broadband and phone?

Fixed line or home broadband allows you to choose from a range of broadband only plans or broadband & phone bundles.

Broadband only plans do not require you to take line rental so this option could help you save money. Virgin Media offers you broadband plans without phone line.

However, when it comes to current market pricing and value for money, broadband & phone bundles are good money savers when it compared to stand-alone, broadband only plans.

Broadband & phone bundles allow you to enjoy various benefits such as free connection, cheaper call rates & line rental and introductory discount offers so it is not surprising that you could make great savings and get more value for your money by choosing a bundled deal.

Contacting just one supplier for your billing issues or technical support is another advantage with a bundled service. Providers usually offer incentives and price discounts to customers who take up multiple services on a single package.

By contrast, the main downside of taking two or more services from different providers is that you could miss out all these money saving opportunities. What’s more, the total cost also tends to be much higher when you take phone and broadband from two different providers.

Broadband without phone line usually comes with one-off connection fee. Special offers too are limited when you go for standalone plan. However, if you just require broadband and do not need landline for making phone calls, this option could indeed help you meet your needs.

What is line rental?

Residential broadband is delivered via telephone line (BT) or cable (Virgin Media) network. Customers who take broadband are required to pay certain fee per month for using telephone line or landline as well. This is called line rental which needs to be added to the price of your broadband plan to get the total cost.

Currently, broadband and bundles’ prices include line rental fee to help customers find the total cost of the service without any hassle. However, one-off setup costs still need to be added to this figure to exactly know the total contract cost.

Earlier, working out the cost of your broadband and phone package was a bit tricky part of comparison. Not only you had to do a little mathematics of adding line rental to broadband price to arrive at the total cost, sometimes you have to search line rental charges which ISPs, until recently, were cleverly hiding from a casual broadband consumer’s notice in small print.

This led to ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) instructing providers to advertise line rental inclusive packages on their websites and adverts.

What is line rental saver or value line rental?

Please note, most of the providers currently follow the system of including  line rental in the monthly price, you can simply ignore the line rental cost while comparing the deals.

Standard line rental is the general option which allows you to pay it every month. However, you can save 36% + on line rental, when you pay in advance for 12 months by debit/credit card. This is line rental saver or value rental saver which is available with TalkTalk, BT, Sky and Virgin Media.See how much you can save by comparing these figures:

Standard line rental Line rental saver Savings
BT £18.99 £17.09 £22.80
Virgin Media £19 £15.33 £44
TalkTalk £17.70  £15.93  £21.24
Sky £17.40  N/A  N/A
Plusnet £17.99 £15.49 £30
Fuel Broadband £17.30 N/A N/A
EE £17.50  £15.75  £21
Post Office £16.99  £14.99  £24

What are inclusive Calls?

Phone and broadband packages often include free weekend calls or anytime calls that include mobile calls too.

However, most packages just include pay as you go calls which allow you to pay only for the calls you make. This option helps you pay less and save money.

All major providers now allow you to customise your call plans so you can add call boosts without any commitment for long duration. TalkTalk is a fine example for this. Its terms are so flexible that you can cancel the call boosts at any time.

Some top-end packages like Virgin Media VIP collection include anytime more calls plus cheaper international calls which could help you make great savings.

Getting new home phone line

If your home is not connected to a landline service, you have to get it from BT or another provider before you apply for broadband. You can take home phone with broadband so you can save on installation of new line which could cost up to £130.

Currently, you can get new line free or for as little as £30 with suppliers, when you add broadband or buy broadband, phone and TV together. TalkTalk offers more than that. There are also incentives from your new provider when you bundle all these services and you can get to know all the details on our comparison page.

New line installation usually takes a couple of weeks.

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