Broadband & phone packages allow you to get free calls, high speed broadband and even cheaper call rates for a simple reason that you buy two telecom services together from the same provider.

Bundling related services like broadband and home phone, equally benefits providers and customers as the cost comes down to attractive levels.

Key Benefits of broadband and phone deals

Bundling saves money 

You get many benefits such as free connection, cheaper call rates and introductory discount offers so it is not surprising that you could make great savings and get more value for your money by choosing a bundled deal. ISPs usually offer incentives to customers who take up multiple services on a single package. By contrast, you would pay more when you take phone and broadband from two different providers.

One single bill is more convenient and also time saving

You will need to contact just one supplier when it comes to billing or technical support.

Option to choose line rental only broadband plan

You just pay only for the line rental, if you need just broadband without any call plan. One more way to save money on your internet bill

No nonsense PAYG calls

If you make occasional calls via landline, PAYG call feature with broadband allow you to pay only for the calls that you make.

Inclusive call plans 

If you are a regular phone user, inclusive call plans like weekend or evening & weekend or anytime allow you to make calls at lower rates, when compared to PAYG calls.

Cheaper international calls

International call rates are much cheaper via home phone when compared to mobile rates for the same calls.

How to find the broadband and phone deal that is best for you?

While choosing a suitable broadband and phone package, you compare various combinations of broadband and phone to arrive at a deal that best meets all your needs.


You can just choose the speed based on your internet habits and budget. However, superfast, fibre broadband is better option when you plan to spend more time online.


Since all packages offer unlimited usage for any budget, it’s not a big deal. However, truly or totally unlimited broadband ensures that your speeds are not restricted at peak times.


Freebies such as public WiFi, online security and web storage are also worthy to consider when comparing providers.

Call plan 

Which calls are included in the package? PAYG or weekend or evening & weekend or anytime? Comparing prices could help you find the cheapest broadband & phone combination you are looking for.

Comparing call rates is important when you want to go with PAYG calls

When choosing inclusive call plans, find out when and how long you can make free calls. This may vary from one provider to another.

Line rental saver

Standard line rental is the general option which allows you to pay it every month. However, you can save a lot on line rental, when you pay in advance for 12 months by debit/credit card. This is line rental saver which is available with many providers including TalkTalk, BT, Sky and Virgin Media.

If you are keen on saving more on broadband and phone, you can choose line rental saver option.