Updated on 17-03-2019

Broadband, TV and Phone Deals

According to the UK telecom regulator Ofcom, consumers just miss out the cheapest deals, when they buy communication services like broadband, home phone and TV from different providers.

However, customers who sign up for bundled packages from the same operator get price discounts, free connection, free equipment and free gifts.

Use our postcode checker to compare the best broadband, phone and TV deals in your area.

Standalone Broadband vs Broadband Bundles

  • By comparison, standalone broadband deals require you to pay for installation and wireless router or even make you commit to a long contract. Bundles also help existing customers switch to better packages with a few bucks.
  • Add superfast, fibre optic broadband, HD & 3D TV channels, on-demand movies, sports and anytime calls and customise your bundling options to get the suitable bundle to make everyone happy in your family.

Broadband Features

Speeds and download allowance

  • You can choose from download speeds from 17Mbs and to 300Mbps. You will need faster speeds if you want to stream & watch HD videos online or download large files frequently. Unlimited broadband without usage caps is the right option for frequent download of huge files.
  • When it comes to uncapped broadband packages, most ISPs usually put no restrictions on speeds or downloads unless you go for excessive downloads during peaktimes.
  • Totally unlimited broadband services come without any hidden caps or traffic management to enable you access internet at faster speeds all the time.
  • Ultra fast, fibre broadband is suitable for homes with multiple users who consume huge volume of data for watching high definition videos and playing online games.

Wireless router and WiFi

  • Wireless router cum broadband modem is the centre of your broadband connection.
  • The latest and advanced technologies in wireless routers supplied by Sky, Virgin Media, BT and TalkTalk ensure that you get reliable connectivity, fast speeds, wider wireless range and secured connection.
  • Latest wireless routers  like BT Smart Hub or Virgin Media Super Hub are capable of transmitting interference-free wireless signals at faster speeds, advanced WiFi protection and low energy consumption.
  • Public WiFi access is available at no extra cost to customers of BT, Sky and Virgin Media. With Wifi enabled devices you can now access high speed internet in restaurants, pubs, shopping locations and coffee shops.
  • Virgin Media WiFi network now covers all tube stations in London. Cloud WiFi network serves sky broadband customers while BT has its own pubic wifi hotspots across the UK. This means you need not use expensive mobile broadband data when you are away from home or office.

Online Protection and Parental Controls

  • ISPs’ broadband services now come with improved online protection against malware, email phishing, hacking and child abuse.
  • TalkTalk HomeSafe, Sky broadband shield, BT parental controls and Virgin Media Web Safe are free online protection features available to all broadband users.
  • These free tools enable users to block harmful websites, stop children from accessing unsuitable sites and protect all connected devices.
  • Customers can also add premium internet security with extra subscription.
  • Complete internet security software such as F-Secure and McAfee is also included with selected bundles.

Technical Support

  • Technical support is available both on provider’s official websites as well as on telephone.
  • Plusnet, Sky and Origin are quite outstanding for their 365 days a year UK based customer support.
  • You can browse through Knowledge base articles to diagnose and fix issues.
  • You can also seek help and advice by contacting the providers on telephone.

TV features

Free Set Top boxes 

Set top boxes enable you to to pause, rewind & record TV shows, watch catchup TV and on-demand videos. You can store hundreds of videos in the device so you can watch them later. HD and 3D TV content is also available but you need to upgrade the packages.

YouView TV pack 

Included in BT and TalkTalk TV bundles, YouView TV pack offers free YouView box/Youview+ box which can pause, rewind and record over 200+ hours, and access to 70+ channels and 7 day catchup of TV programmes.

Sky TV customers get the latest Q TV box which comes with a wide range of new features, including seamless watching to help users access TV channels on multiple devices.

TiVo box and the new V6 Tivo box are set top boxes from the cable broadband provider Virgin Media. They enable households watch up to 6 channels while recording a live show. V6 box comes with huge 1TB capacity to record up to 500 hours of HD content.

Sky Cinema, Sports channels and extra premium channels

Sky TV bundles include various movie channels and sports channels. If you are a TalkTalk, BT or Virgin Media customer, you can now add sky channels and extra channels without sky subscription.

TV packs from these providers offer you options to add Sky TV packs with extra subscription.

On-demand videos, films and TV shows

If you want more entertainment, you can subscribe to premium services such as Netflix, TalkTalk Box Offic, Sky Movies and Now TV to watch your favourite movies, shows and videos.

Catchup TV

This feature helps you watch the shows that you have recently missed from popular TV channels.

TV app

Apps like Virgin Media Anywhere, TalkTalk TV app and Sky+ app allows users to watch TV shows on mobile devices, when they are on the move

Home Phone features

Taking phone line from your provider allows you to make calls to UK landlines which may be free or cost extra, depending on the service and package.

PAYG calls are nowadays added to broadband and line rental packages. You will need to pay only for the calls you make.

Or you can just choose from calls plans for you phone needs. Most of the providers offer flexible call plans, which offer many benefits including cheaper call rates and short term contracts.

Weekend calls

Subscription to entry-level packages from Virgin Media and BT also include free weekend UK calls. You can upgrade the call features later, to suit your requirements.

Inclusive Anytime UK calls

Selected top-end TV bundles from TalkTalk, Virgin Media and BT include anytime UK calls. Other customers can add Anytime calls and International calls with extra fee.

Value line rental

BT and Virgin Media offer upfront line rental scheme which allows customers to pay one year line rental in advance. This option could save more than £30 in a year.

Currently, broadband packages come with line rental inclusive pricing, means, the benefits are already included, when you take up their services on standard contracts.

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