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Virgin Media

Virgin Media TV and Broadband

Being the fastest, widely available fibre broadband provider, Virgin Media also stands out as the most reliable broadband, home phone and TV provider in the UK.

All Virgin Media broadband packages (54Mbps, 108Mbps, 213Mbps and 362Mbps) including the starter level plan – M50 fibre broadband,  are powered by its latest fibre technology for even better performance.

Latest Virgin Media deals

M100 Broadband
average speed
Unlimited downloads
Weekend calls  
Offer:  Free setup
Cost: £27 p/m
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Big Bundle
average speed
Unlimited downloads
Weekend calls
110 TV channels  
Offer: Free setup 
Cost: £29.99 p/m
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Bigger Bundle
average speed
Unlimited downloads
Weekend calls
240 TV channels 
Free setup
Cost: £57 p/m
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Virgin Media Fibre Broadband Speeds

Virgin Media offers a range of speeds from 54 Mbps to 362 Mbps (user average speed) while its fastest M500 (516Mbps) is exclusively available with TV package.

Virgin Media’s popular  broadband and phone package – M100 Fibre (108Mbps average speed) is more than two times faster than UK average (106Mbps during peak times as reported by Ofcom in May 2019) broadband speeds measured by Ofcom speed survey during November 2018.

All Virgin Media plans ensure that you get better user experience when you go online to make downloads or stream or watch videos and TV shows.

Faster speeds (213Mbps and 362Mbps average speeds) that Virgin Media offers with top-end packages are ideal for watching high definition (HD) videos online, playing the latest games and for families with multiple users who access internet simultaneously.

You can download a HD movie in less than 3 minutes using Virgin’s 213Mbps connection.


Totally unlimited

All Virgin Media broadband plans come with truly unlimited usage so you are not restricted by any data caps or traffic management during peak times. 

Free Hardware

Virgin Media Super Hub 3 wireless router which is included with packages is designed to offer fast reliable speeds & connectivity in home environment.

It comes with 4 gigabit connections, 5 internal antennas, dual wifi frequencies and WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless security protection.

Short-term contracts

Virgin Media broadband deals – including dual and triple play packages come with both 12 month and 1 month rolling contracts.  This option would help customers pick the deal which are flexible to their needs.

For students, Virgin Media offers special packages which are subject to 9 month contract length. 

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Broadband only 

Broadband only plans are also available so users with specific needs such as students can take up broadband with no line rental

Standard pricing and one-off setup fee will apply.

Free extras

Web Safe online protection is offered free with Virgin Media broadband. Users can optionally enable it to protect their family from unsafe or inappropriate online content by blocking such sites. F-Secure SAFE is additional protection for devices from viruses, malware and online threats.

Virgin Media WiFi is free for its customers via its hotspots and in stations on the London Underground.

Virgin Media Broadband, phone and TV

Virgin Media bundles

Virgin Media offers various broadband, phone and TV packages – Big bundle, Bigger bundle and Ultimate bundle that allow you to choose different fibre plans with its TV packs – Mixit and Maxit TV. You can add BT Sports, Sky Sports, Cinema, Netflix and more premium channels. 

All Virgin Media TV & broadband bundles come with the latest Virgin TV V6 box which can record 6 shows while watching live TV and can record 500 hours of shows in SD or 100 in HD using its 1TB storage. V6 box also allows you to search all your Catch Up and on demand content using its smart remote feature.

Free weekend calls come with all triple play bundles as standard. The top-end Ultimate Oomph bundle includes two V6 boxes so you can use one of them in another room too.

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Switching to Virgin Media

After you sign up with Virgin Media, you will be informed over installation date.

Contact your current provider and cancel the existing service which would run till the end of notice period (up to 1 month).

Meantime, your broadband will get installed at your premise. You can opt for QuickStart Self Install or Engineer installation which might take a few hours