Virgin Media Broadband, what they offer and are they any good?

Virgin Media stands out as the most reliable broadband, home phone and TV provider in the UK. According to the latest customer complaints report (Q1 2018) from UK telecom regulator, Virgin’s broadband, phone and TV services are better than its competitors in the UK except Sky, receiving less volume of customer complaints

With Virgin Media, broadband speeds are more reliable and consistently stabler, thanks to its latest DOCSIS 3 technology behind its ultra-fast cable network which offers internet and TV services across the UK.

All Virgin Media broadband packages (54Mbps, 108Mbps, 213Mbps and 362Mbps) including the starter level plan – VIVID 50Mb broadband,  are tweaked by the latest VIVID technology for even better performance.


Virgin Media is the first operator in the UK to offer starter level packages with 54Mbps speeds as standard. While BT and other ISPs offer maximum speed of 67Mbps, Virgin Media cable broadband offers top speeds of 362Mbps to home users.

Due to this advantage, the provider has become the first choice for anyone who is looking out for ultra-fast broadband for internet access needs. To support this, ISP has topped several independent and Ofcom speed surveys and customer satisfaction ratings since its nation-wide fibre upgrade in 2012.

The company offers tailor-made packages to families, individuals and students. Customers can choose from a range of standalone broadband deals or add home phone and digital TV or even mobile SIM based on their needs.

The new Virgin Media Big Bundles is the best way to get superfast, fibre optic broadband, calls and digital TV for your home on a single deal, helping you save more than £175 as these packages have discounts for the first 12 months and  free installation with new subscriptions.

Virgin Media broadband speeds

Virgin Media’s entry level  broadband and phone package – VIVID 50 and Player triple-play bundle offer 54Mbps speeds which is faster than UK average (46.2Mbps in November 2017) fibre broadband speeds measured by Ofcom speed survey.

So, even the basic and cheapest packages from Virgin Media ensure that you get better user experience when you make downloads or stream or watch videos and TV online.

Yet, faster speeds (213Mbps and 362Mbps average speeds) that Virgin Media offers with top-end packages are ideal for watching high definition (HD) videos online, playing the latest games and for families with multiple users who access internet simultaneously.

You can download a DVD movie in less than 3 minutes using Virgin’s 213Mbps connection.

Virgin Media broadband and phone

  • Fair usage policy or traffic management applies to all packages. Your download speeds may be affected during peak times, when you have crossed the FUP limit allowed for these hours.
  • Inclusive calls allow you to make unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers, plus weekend calls to 0870 numbers
  • Free setup and £65 upfront fee apply to 12 month and 1 month contract respectively.
  • 1 month notice is required to cancel 30 days rolling (1 month) contract.

Virgin Media Broadband, phone and TV service

Virgin Media offers broadband and TV using its own cable network which has spread over 60% of the UK. The 100% fibre optic wiring has enabled the ISP to offer not only the fastest residential speeds in the UK but also speeds which are close to advertised speeds.

Broadband customers also get the latest SuperHub 3.0 wireless router which is capable of faster and most secured connectivity & sharing at their homes.

The new Virgin TV V6 box which is included with triple play bundles is even more advanced TV box which can record 6 shows while watching live TV and can record 500 hours of shows in SD or 100 in HD using its 1TB storage. V6 box also allows you to search all your Catch Up and on demand content using its smart remote feature. V6 Box can record up to 6 channels, while you are watching a live TV show.

The top-end VIP bundle includes two V6 boxes so you can use one of them in another room too.

TV bundles come with up to 245+ channels including Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinemea HD, Disney channels, BT Sport and Nat Geo Wild in HD, BBC One HD, BBC News HD, Sky News, iTV, 4HD, 5HD.

Catch up feature enables you to watch your favourite shows of the last seven days.

Virgin Phone is added to big bundles so so you can get free weekend calls to UK landlines. Options to save your line rental or add anytime calls or mobile calls or international calls are also available.

Virgin Media stand-alone broadband

This option enables customers who live in Virgin’s cable network areas to get its fast broadband without phone line and line rental & calls cost. Cable wiring will be just installed up to home means there is no need to install or change landline to access the new service.

You can enjoy top speeds from 54Mbps to 362Mbps, depending on your chosen package, though installation fee applies to all Virgin Media stand-alone packages.

Virgin Media Student broadband

For university students who need broadband only during term-time, Virgin Media offers flexible contracts on a range of packages including stand-alone, broadband & phone or broadband & TV deals.Read our Virgin Media student broadband packages to find out more about the latest offers.

Advantages of Virgin Media broadband

There are more choices for users, in terms of speeds,from 54Mbps to 362Mbps (user average speed). If you plan to stream HD videos or play online games, faster packages are ideal for your usage.

All Virgin Media broadband plans come with unlimited downloads so you can be just unconcerned about data usage, when you make files download or watch HD video contents online.

Virgin Media broadband deals – including dual and triple play packages come with both 12 month and 1 month rolling contracts.  This option would help customers pick the deal which are flexible to their needs.

For students, Virgin Media offers special packages which are subject to 1 month contract length.

Broadband only plans are also available so users with specific needs such as students can take up broadband without line rental.

Virgin Media Super Hub 3 wireless router which is included with packages is designed to offer fast reliable speeds & connectivity in home environment. It comes with 4 gigabit connections, 5 internal antennas, dual wifi frequencies and WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless security protection.

Web Safe is offered free with Virgin Media broadband. Users can optionally enable it to protect their family from unsafe or inappropriate online content by blocking such sites. F-Secure SAFE is additional protection for devices from viruses, malware and online threats.

Virgin Media WiFi is free for its customers via its hotspots and in stations on the London Underground.

Switching to Virgin Media cable broadband

After you sign up with Virgin Media, you will be informed over installation date.

Contact your current provider and cancel the existing service which would run till the end of notice period (up to 1 month).

Meantime, your broadband will get installed at your premise. You can opt for QuickStart Self Install or Engineer installation which might take a few hours

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