Students who live off their homes and campus often need to arrange their own broadband connection at their new location. Students have options of taking either home broadband or mobile broadband.

Advantages of student broadband contracts?

  • Price discounts for students
  • Short term contracts – 9 month, 6 month and 30 days rolling contract.
  • Flexible customisation – TV packages and call plans can be added.
  • No landline option.

Student Broadband Providers

Students can compare broadband deals from Now broadband, BT, Virgin Media, Direct Save Telecom, John Lewis, Onestream and Hyperoptic as these providers offered tailored products for the students.

Factors to consider

Superfast speeds (30Mbps+) are good for light usage, However, ultrafast speeds (100Mbps+) are perfect for streaming, connecting multiple devices and online gaming.

Contract length
Picking the perfect deal with right contract length can save the total contract cost. .

Bundling two or more services with the same operator can help you make savings. Virgin Media, Sky, TalkTalk and BT are the top triple-play and quad-play service providers.

Virgin Media Student Broadband

Virgin Media offers 9 month contracts to students.

Virgin Media offers flexible customisation of various components in the bundle. Students can choose from broadband plans – M50, M100, M200, M350 and M500.

Students can choose broadband & phone or broadband only plan or and TV packages and 4G SIM