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  • 11Mbps totally unlimited broadband for just £17  a month (including line rental)
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  • Includes the faster wireless router, free calls to TalkTalk landlines and HomeSafe internet protection.

18 months of reduced price on TalkTalk Faster Fibre unlimited broadband

  • 36Mbps totally unlimited broadband for just £24.50 a month including line rental. (includes £70 voucher till 23rd May)
  • 63Mb fibre boost package  for just £27 a month including line rental. (includes £80 voucher till 23rd May)
  • Includes new Super router and free HomeSafe web protection. Free F-Secure protection is also included.
  • No setup cost

Reduced price on TalkTalk TV and Unlimited broadband bundles

  • Limited time offer: TalkTalk TV with fast broadband now costs just £35.95  a month (including line rental). Free TV box included.
  • TalkTalk TV Plus  now costs from £35.95 a month (including line rental) and includes totally unlimited broadband, 110+ TV channels and more features.
  • TalkTalk TV bundles include free YouView boxes worth up to £299. 11Mbps totally unlimited broadband or upgrade to superfast fibre broadband. Includes free super router, free calls to TalkTalk landlines and free online protection.
  • Includes Entertainment boost