No contract or short-term broadband is a convenient option for households and users who look out for broadband services without signing up for long term contracts. 

Do you need contract-free broadband? If you are a student with no need for long-term deals or just want broadband for sometime at a temporary location or just want try a broadband provider, then, broadband deal without a contract is a right choice for you.

Six month deals or one month rolling contracts are definitely flexible and also less legally binding so you can cancel the plans without penalty after giving one month notice or you can just switch to better deals at any time without any hassle.

Some providers like Virgin Media, Now broadband, Direct Save Telecom and Hyperoptic offer short-term broadband deals. 

Is no contract or short-term contract broadband any good?

  • No contract broadband helps you avoid long term commitment or hefty cancellation fee when you need to quit the current provider before contract expiry.
  • Standard contracts of 12 and 18 months can be too long at times that you may look out for broadband packages with 1 month or 6 month terms for various reasons.
  • When you plan to move home at anytime soon, you would just avoid long term contracts which you know could make things a bit complicated.
  • As the contract legally obliges you to pay the total contract cost, you would just end up paying for the service that you have not used for the full term.
  • Likewise, the regular contract is also not suited to students and those who need fixed broadband at their current location for less than a year or for just a few months.
  • Being tied down to long term contracts in such circumstances, can be a hassle as well as expensive.


Although, short and no contract options are flexible and convenient as alternative to longer contracts depending on your specific needs, they are not a complete solution all the time, especially if you want to make great savings.

Upfront Cost
While taking contract-free broadband, you will often need to pay for these things which are usually bundled with regular service at no extra cost.

  • Connection/activation/installation fee is payable
  • Hardware like wireless router would cost extra.

No special offers
ISPs usually offer free extras and discounts like vouchers, gifts, reward and cashback to customers who commit for longer duration whereas these ‘value for money’ offers do not apply when you take up their service for 1 month or 6 months.

No contract broadband providers

Here are some of the providers which offer no contract broadband options to their customers.

Virgin Media
All fibre packages from Virgin Media come with 30 day rolling contract means you can cancel at anytime

Direct Save Telecom
Again, you get another provider which offers 1 month contract option to new customers

Alternatively, 18 month contract is also available if you want to commit for a longer duration.

Customer-friendly ISP Plusnet also offers 1 month contract across its broadband plans.

Installation would cost extra and you will need to give 10 days notice before leaving the provider.

Now TV
Now TV & broadband service also offers packages on 1 month rolling contract.

There is a wide range of packages available. You can bundle standard or fibre broadband with TV packs which include all the premium stuff including movies, news, kids and sports channels.

However, one time upfront fee is payable.