EE offers a comprehensive range of broadband services including the traditional ADSL broadband and superfast broadband packages. You can choose from different speeds that are available – from 36Mbps to 900Mbps.

If you are already a EE mobile customer, EE offers generous 5GB data boost every month for no extra cost.

In addition, new customers who leave their current providers early can claim £50 credit from EE.

EE also offers its own TV service which is based on Apple TV app. EE TV comes with freeview channels at cheap price, however, you will need to add more subscriptions like Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime Video for watching more channels.

Prices are competitivePublic WiFi and other extras are not available
Offers superfast and ultrafast speeds Live channels are not available with EE TV
Free mobile data boost for
EE mobile customers
Ultrafast plans are expensive
Cancellation credit for customers who switch early
Top ranked for best customer support and
high customer satisfaction

EE Broadband Deals

EE’s widely available broadband packages include a slower ADSL plan and two superfast plans. Superfast fibre packages include home phone service as standard while the same packages are also available without landline or phone line.

All EE broadband plans come with unlimited downloads, a free wireless router and one year free internet security.

(10Mbps download)
24 month contract
PAYG calls £27 / month
£10 setup
Unlimited Fibre
(36Mbps download)
24 month contract
PAYG calls
Free setup
£26 / month
Unlimited Fibre Plus
(67Mbps download)
24 month contract
PAYG calls
Free setup
£28.50 / month
Unlimited Fibre Extra
(100Mbps download)
24 month contract
PAYG calls
Free setup
£32 / month
Offer: £50 Amazon voucher with selected plans

EE Unlimited 

Unlimited comes with an average download speed of 10Mbps and an average 1Mbps upload speed. 

EE Unlimited is suitable for light usage such as browsing, email and shopping online. The plan offers enough speeds for a single device to stream videos from sites such as YouTube.

EE Unlimited Fibre

EE Fibre comes with an average 36Mb download speed (9Mb upload speed) and unlimited usage. EE Fibre offers decent speeds that are enough for HD streaming, downloading and connecting a few devices.

EE Unlimited Fibre Plus

This plan comes with  an average download speed of 67Mbps and an upload speed of 18Mbps. Fibre Plus is great for streaming, gaming and connecting multiple devices.

EE Unlimited Fibre Max 100

This ultrafast plan comes with an average download speed of 100Mbps and an average upload speed of 28Mbps. 

EE ultrafast broadband plans are specifically ideal for connecting more devices and for bandwidth intensive activities like online gaming and 4K streaming. 


Truly unlimited
  • All EE packages come with unlimited downloads so they are ideal for heavy usage or for households with multiple users.
  • There are no monthly download caps. All of its fibre plans are not subject to fair usage and traffic management.
Smart Hub WiFi router

EE’s ADSL customers get Bright Box 2 router while the fibre packages include Smart Hub WiFi router which comes with some advanced features when compared to Bright Box 2.

Bright Box 2 is dual band router with the advanced 802.11ac Wi-Fi feature.

EE Smart Hub

However, Smart Hub which comes with 4 gigabit connections, is powered by the latest technologies like Wave 2 and seven antennas for faster speeds, better performance and improved coverage.

The Smart WiFi subscription helps you get faster speeds in every room with the help of WiFi boosters.

Is EE broadband reliable?

EE delivered reliable speeds to its customers, according to Ofcom’s broadband speed report 2021.

EE Fibre which is 36Mb service delivered 34.5Mbps speed at peak times, while Fibre Plus (67Mbps) delivered an average speed of 64.5Mbps during peak times, according to Ofcom report.

Top ranked Customer service

EE home broadband has topped Ofcom’s customer satisfaction survey results published in January 2020. 87% of its customers are happy with broadband service, which generated the least number of complaints in Q3 2019.

Free Mobile data

EE mobile customers will get 5GB free monthly mobile data when they bundle a home broadband plan.

Internet Security

Free Norton Internet security for one year is included, when news customers sign up online.

EE Home Phone

All basic package, both standard and fibre, include standard line rental and PAYG calls. Plus you get following call plans to upgrade:

  • Anytime UK calls: This applies to only landline calls
  • Anytime UK calls + calls to Mobiles
  • Anytime UK calls + Mobiles + International calls: Along with landline calls, you get 1500 mobile minutes and anytime calls to landlines in 50 countries



EE TV which is exclusive to EE broadband customers, allows you to watch 70+ freeview channels (11 in HD), on demand videos and catch up TV. You can also watch pay tv channels like Sky sports, sky cinema and Sky Atlantic with Now TV subscription.

EE TV box can record up to 8 channels and 300 hours of HD content.

EE Mobile

EE offers superfast, 4G mobile service to more than 95% of the UK homes. EE 5G service is currently available in numerous cities across the UK 

  • Its LTE based 4GEE is comes with reliable, superfast mobile broadband (up to 40Mbps speeds) to help you stay connected when you are on the go.
  • 4G Plus (4G+) is the new upgrade available with EE 4G network so you can get speeds up to 90Mbps!
  • At these speeds, you can download 1 hour HD video in just 4 minutes.
  • EE offers a range of mobile plans like PAYG, SIM only and also pay monthly plans that include latest handsets.

About EE

While EE’s G.Fast based ultra-fast services (145Mbps+) are available only in selected areas, its superfast services such as Fibre and Fibre Plus are available to more than 95% of the UK homes. 

Currently, the UK’s largest 4G mobile service operator, EE was earlier doing home broadband as Orange UK and later became EE broadband after it was acquired by BT in 2016.