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A brand owned by BT, Plusnet offers products that have an unique appeal to the UK households which look out for affordable broadband with fast speeds and great customer support.

With Plusnet, the cheapest option is buying a line only package which comes with only line rental and pay as you go calls.

Plusnet offers both standard and fibre options. while some bundles also include TV and mobile plans.Over-all, Plusnet deals would just help you save money and get the best value for money.

How good is Plusnet broadband?

  • Plusnet deals are tailored to suit a wide range of needs, in terms of pricing, contract length and flexible call plans.
  • All broadband packages come with unlimited downloads, while fibre plans offer superfast speeds 35Mbps – 66Mbps average download speeds.
  • Call plans which start from £4 a month can be added, only if you need while the standard plan allows you to make PAYG calls.
  • Plusnet offers UK based customer support which is available on telephone 365 days a year
  • Plusnet customers can make free calls to Plusnet Support
  • Plusnet Mobile plans start from £5 a month and Plusnet broadband customers can get double data on a few specific plans without paying more.

Latest Plusnet deals

10Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Offer:  £75 cashback
Cost: £18.99 p/m
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36Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Offer: £75 cashback
Cost: £22.99 p/m
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66Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Offer:  £75 cashback
Cost: £26.99 p/m
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Plusnet broadband and phone

  • No calls are included in Plusnet line only packages. You can add call plans from £4 a month.
  • Wireless router worth £40 and Safeguard parental controls are included at no extra cost. You can block websites you think are inappropriate for visiting.
  • Traffic management applies. Your speeds would slow only when are a heavy downloader at peak times.
  • Standard plan includes Zero router, while fibre packages include faster,  Hub One WiFi router.
  • Plusnet broadband is subject to price variation depending on whether an exchange is in market 1 or market 2 & 3 area (low cost).
  • Cheaper monthly prices that Plusnet advertise apply only to low cost areas ie., market 2 & 3 areas which according to the ISP, include 85% of UK.
  • For users in market 1 areas, plusnet standard and fibre broadband package will be a little costlier

Plusnet fibre broadband

Plusnet products include standard, ADSL 2+,service  (10Mbps average download speed) and superfast, fibre optic broadband (35Mbps/66Mbps average speed).

Fibre broadband packages are subject to availability. You can check it using our postcode checker.

Plusnet broadband only plans

  • All Plusnet broadband plans – Unlimited, Unlimited Fibre and Unlimited Fibre Extra are also available as broadband only option.
  • Active phone line is needed to get broadband only package.
  • Activation fee applies to broadband only and no contract options.
  • Line rental is not payable with Plusnet, however, you need to pay line rental with your existing phone provider.

Plusnet mobile

Plusnet Mobile offers 4G based SIM only mobile plans which come with extra data for its broadband customers.  Plusnet Mobile is powered by EE, the UK’s largest mobile network and the coverage has been extended to 99% of the UK till date.

There is no lengthy but just 30 days contract with straight forward mobile packages.  When your plan runs out of data, you can just buy bolt-ons for extra usage, whether for internet access or calls or texts.

  • All mobile plans come with 30 day contract
  • Plusnet offers its mobile service via EE’s 4G network which has 90%+ coverage across the UK.
  • No extra cost for tethering
  • UK based customer service is available on all 365 days a year.

Plusnet TV

Currently, Plusnet TV offers YouView based TV service with unlimited fibre packages. Plusnet TV comes with 70+ freeview channels and also includes 20 premium channels, BT Sport Lite and 7 days catch-up. Both YouView and YouView+ boxes are available for just £5.00 extra a month. If you need more channels, you can subscribe to extra premium channel packs, BT Sport and Netflix.

Switching to Plusnet broadband

  • After choosing Plusnet packages that best suits you, sign up online.  You will be informed of activation date.
  • If you move from BT or TalkTalk or Sky or ADSL or fibre based provider, Plusnet usually takes 10 working days to complete switching.
  • If you move from Virgin Media, you will need to contact the cable broadband provider and cancel the existing service which would run till the end of notice period (up to 1 month).
  • When you switch from Virgin Media, Plusnet engineers will install new phone line and activate broadband service at your premise.