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Plusnet Broadband

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Plusnet Unlimited broadband
Offer: £50 Amazon Gift Card. Ends 24th April
Plusnet Unlimited usage
upto 17Mb speed
PAYG calls
£19.99 p/m
18 month contract
Total contract cost: £359.82
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Plusnet Fibre Unlimited
Offer: Free fibre connection
Plusnet Unlimited usage
up to 38Mb speed
PAYG calls
£23.99 p/m
12 month contract
Total contract cost £287.88
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Plusnet Fibre Unlimited Extra 
Offer: Free fibre connection
Plusnet Unlimited usage
up to 76Mb speed
PAYG calls
£28.99 p/m
12 month contract
Total contract cost £347.88
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Plusnet broadband and phoneA leading player in the UK’s competitive broadband and phone market, Plusnet enjoys great reputation as a service provider with many customer satisfaction awards to its credit.

A brand owned by BT, Plusnet offers products that have unique appeal to households which are looking out for affordable broadband with quality service.

The Yorkshire based supplier may not be offering broadband at unbeatable prices, which it boasted of a year ago, especially after the launch of cheap home phone bundles from its rivals TalkTalk and Fuel.

However, going beyond its cheap price tag, Plusnet offered something that made its customers happy – reliability, value for money and UK based customer support.

Plusnet Fibre broadband

Plusnet products include standard, ADSL 2+, upto 17Mbps service and superfast, fibre optic broadband.Fibre broadband products which Plusnet launched in 2012 is currently available to more than 13 million UK homes via BT’s fibre networks.

The superfast fibre broadband service comes with standard, download speed of up to 38Mbps, while some areas are upgraded to get double this speed, ie.., 76Mbps.


Broadband Options

  • Plusnet deals offer you the flexibility to take broadband with or without home phone.
  • Broadband and phone packages include free weekend calls, free activation, cheap line rental and discounts.
  • Broadband only packages are suitable for customers who want to get plusnet broadband, while staying with their existing home phone provider.

Unlimited data allowance

  • Whether you take standard or fibre service, all the packages include unlimited monthly download allowance.
  • Plusnet unlimited packages are not subject to any usage restrictions or traffic shaping, with only fair usage policy affecting the speeds of heavy users at peak times.

Line Rental inclusive All-in price

  • Plusnet line rental is now included in monthly price of the package

One month contract

  • One month contract that Plusnet offers along with the standard 12 or 18 month contract is suitable for subscribers who need a temporary connection to meet their needs.
  • The service can be cancelled at anytime after notifying the provider of your decision 10 days earlier.
  • However, these deals do not include free activation and wireless router as they will cost extra, when you take up short contracts.
  • For Plusnet fibre customers, the service agreement will have a contract length of 18 months.

Low cost packages

  • Plusnet broadband is subject to price variation depending on whether an exchange is in market 1 or market 2 & 3 area (low cost).
  • Cheaper monthly prices that Plusnet advertise apply only to low cost areas ie., market 2 & 3 areas which according to the ISP, include 85% of UK.
  • For users in market 1 areas, plusnet standard and fibre broadband package will cost an extra £7 a month.

UK based customer support

  • Along with a vast knowledge base of support guides, tutorials and FAQ, Plusnet offers 24/7 telephone help by a professional team based in the UK.
  • Home broadband customers can contact 0800 432 0200 or 0345 140 0200 for any assistance from the support team.


  • Plusnet Assist is a free help software for Plusnet customers to diagnose and fix problems related to PC, broadband connectivity, home and wireless networking.
  • Plusnet Protect is McAfee PC & internet security software that comes free with unlimited packages.
  • Plusnet Protect will be free for 3 months for Essentials customers and will cost £2 per month, after that.

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