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Sky offers all the four telecom services – TV, broadband, home phone and mobile, making it one of the leading quad-play providers in the UK.

Its satellite TV service is much more popular than any other pay TV operator in the UK thanks to its Sky Q set-top boxes and the amazing range of its TV content like 300+ channels, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and its exclusive Sky Atlantic channel.

Being the second largest broadband provider in the UK, Sky offers broadband and fibre services which are best known for the quality of service and good customer support.

All broadband packages come with pay as you go calls with option to upgrade it. Sky mobile offers a range of handsets with monthly tariffs.

Latest Sky deals

11Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Cost: £20 p/m
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59Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Offer: Special price
Cost: £27 p/m
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59Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
Eve & weekend calls
147 TV channels

Cost: £39 p/m
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Sky broadband features

Totally unlimited broadband

Sky offers truly unlimited internet usage means there is no hidden cap nor any fair usage limit. You can make downloads, stream HD vidoes or game online, by connecting multiple devices simultaneously. Sky neither manages traffic nor reduces speeds at peak times so your speeds always remain faster.

Sky Hub wireless router

With its Smart Signal technology, Sky Hub WiFi router ensures that the interference from electronic devices is minimised and the best WiFi channel is automatically chosen to get the strong signals for better performance, wider wireless range and faster speeds.

It’s compatible with both standard, ADSL 2+ and fibre, Sky Hub comes with WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) to connect multiple devices without any hassle.

Sky broadband boost

Both broadband essential and broadband superfast packages now include sky broadband boost. Your lines will be monitored on daily basis to check out any issues. Sky engineers will fix them at a time that best suits  you. You also get free 2GB mobile data during outages.

With Sky broadband buddy app on  your mobile phone, you can switch on and off broadband and also use it as parental control.

Sky Broadband Shield 

This is free online protection feature for all Sky broadband packages. You can filter web content and block websites which are harmful for your devices and users. Using parental control settings, you can choose web content based on age categories.

Plus you are also provided with advanced McAfee internet security trial package.

Sky WiFi

Sky offers its broadband customers free, unlimited access to its public WiFi hotspots across the UK.

Connecting up to six devices like laptops and tablets to a Cloud WiFi hotspot, they can just browse the web without the need of mobile internet.

Sky also offers WiFi app to iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or Android smartphone users to access the nearest hotspot to go online, when they are on the go.

Sky Home Phone

Sky Talk
Sky Talk offers tailored call plans to broadband customers. Selected bundles come with inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

Plus, you can also upgrade to call plans  like Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra, Sky Talk Anytime Extra or Sky Talk International Extra.

Sky offers a new feature Sky Talk Shield which would help you block the calls that you want to avoid. It’s a free feature with Sky Phone.

Sky fibre broadband

Sky fibre broadband is available in as many areas as BT or TalkTalk  fibre.  However, unlike its rivals,  Sky’s fibre offerings are limited  to a single plan – Sky Broadband Superfast which comes with 59Mbps average download speed and totally unlimited usage.

Sky broadband superfast is faster than Virgin Media VIVID 50 (54Mbps average speed) and this would help Sky TV bundles to some extent when they compete with Virgin Media TV bundles.

Sky broadband superfast is best suited for homes and users who spend a lot of time on downloading and streaming TV and movies in HD and playing online games.

Plus Sky offers minimum speed guarantee with its fibre plan. You can claim money back, if your speeds fall below the minimum speed in the first 30 days.

Sky TV

Sky Q TV is the new TV service for Sky broadband customers as well as new customers.It enables users to enjoy fluid and seamless viewing of HD & 4K ultra HD TV content with the help of new Sky Q boxes which can also be used as wi-fi hotspots to share Sky broadband around the home.

Sky Q offers more advanced TV experience than the previous Sky+, as the users can access the boxes and Sky TV content wirelessly on multiple devices including tablet and watch recordings & live TV in different rooms seamlessly.

Sky Q box comes with 1TB and 2TB of storage options. The 2TB version is 4K enabled and  allows you to record 1000 hours of TV shows, while 1TB Sky Q box can record TV shows in HD.

The next generation TV service allows you to watch Sky TV in multiples rooms, even on tablets and record up to 4 shows simultaneously while you can watch fifth live, according to Sky.

With Sky Q App, users can watch and manage Sky TV content on smartphones, tablets, Apple iPhones and ipad

Sky TV bundles

You can subscribe for Sky Q TV bundles without broadband or just mix your favourite TV packs with  broadband essential or fibre package.

Sky TV bundles include the latest Sky Q TV 1TB box which is a giant leap from the old Sky+box. Sky Q app allows you to watch TV channels and live shows on multiple devices including smartphone, laptop and tablet.

Sky offers 350+ Sky Box sets for watching your favourite channels and shows. More than 50 channels are now available in HD, while there are specific channels that offer 3D content on the compatible TV sets. Sky Atlantic and  more premium features including Kids TV are available on Sky TV. With catch up TV feature,  you can watch popular channels from the last seven days

Is Sky broadband & TV any good?

Sky broadband essential broadband is suited for starters, while Sky Broadband Superfast is perfect for heavy internet users, for  streaming HD content and gaming online.

However, you may not find more speed options that Virgin Media or BT offer.

Despite its widest availability, great service quality & amazing range of content, Sky TV packages are expensive, especially, when you add exclusive Sky TV channels. Sky Q boxes also come with hefty, one-off installation cost.

Another small downside to Sky TV is,  it requires satellite dish to be put on your home and this may need engineer assisted installation.

However, when comes to quality, performance, reliability and customer support, Sky stands tall, and both its TV and broadband services are ranked the best for customer satisfaction, according to Ofcom broadband ISPs performance report 2019. 83% of its customers are satisfied with service. Sky was also the least complained about broadband and  TV provider in 2019.