BT Broadband, what they offer and are they any good?

British Telecom (BT) has been the most preferred communication service provider among UK homes for obvious reasons like excellent nation-wide coverage, the availability of bundles and great reputation as the builder of UK’s largest broadband network.

BT broadband packages offer totally unlimited downloads and there are no hidden caps or restrictions on data speeds even at peak times.

There are various options available to help you meet your specific needs – broadband & phone or triple-play broadband, TV and phone packages, and even you can add BT Mobile plan at discounted pricing.

BT broadband users are offered award-winning Home Hub wireless routers (Hub 4 and 5) and BT Sport entertainment as freebies. The new, super WiFi Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) is now bundled for free with Superfast fibre packages.

Its biggest chain of public WiFi hotspots across the UK is also free to use, if you are a BT customer. Only BT broadband customers can exclusively get BT TV  while BT SmartTalk is app for mobile users to make cheap phone calls via WiFi.

Thinking to take up fibre broadband? BT Infinity fibre broadband has wider coverage than any other provider, with 95%+ coverage. You can choose from 36Mbps to 300Mbps speed. To enable you to access such lightning speeds, BT also offers its popular Smart Hub wireless router with its service so you can enjoy the best WiFi experience in home environment.

BT broadband packages

Standard broadband comes with average download speed of 10Mbps. Although, it is much slower than fibre broadband, BT has improved reliability and speeds with deploying advanced, copper network (ADSL 2+). Standard BT broadband is available to 99% of the UK

BT Superfast fibre broadband offers average download speeds of 36Mbps/50Mbps/67Mbps via its fibre optic network (FTTC) which covers more than 90% of the premises across the UK.

All packages come with totally unlimited downloads and inclusive weekend calls. You can make to UK landlines with 0845 and 0870 numbers from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight. If  you want more calls, you can upgrade you package to include additional call features.
BT broadband, calls and TV
BT TV is available to broadband subscribers who get YouView box or YouView+ box to access 80+ freeview channels, 7 days catch up TV, BT Sport channels, Premium channels, Netflix, Sky channels etc. Premium channels and add-ons like Netflix, Sky channels, Premium channels and BT Sporf would cost extra.There are three TV packages – Starter, Entertainment Plus and Max.

You can customise the triple-play deals by adding standard or fibre broadband or suitable call plan to meet your requirements.

BT also started offering Ultra HD (4K TV) which enables customers watch BT Sports and premium channels in 8.29m pixels on 4K enabled TV sets. BT TV customers can also watch US based AMC channels when they subscribe to BT Sport pack.

All features of broadband are included in triple play bundles, such as totally unlimited downloads, BT WiFi and BT Virus Protect.

BT home phone

BT home phone line is required to access broadband, home phone service and BT TV service. BT line rental is included, while there would be some one-off costs such as connection fee, when you order for BT product as as new customer.

BT Phone offers various call plans – weekend, anytime and international call packages. There is BT Basic, subsidised social phone plan for low income homes. There is also Home Phone Saver package for families that want to cut home phone bills and save money.

Add BT Mobile to broadband packages at cheaper price

BT Broadband customers can get a £5 discount on the new BT Mobile plans. There are three 4G SIM Only tariffs available starting at £5 per month (including discount) and new Broadband customers can add a BT Mobile SIM card to any package during sign up.Otherwise BT Mobile SIM Only will cost from an £10 a month for non-BT customers.

Full details below:

BT 4G SIM Only plans Monthly price /
BT customers
500MB data
200 minutes
unlimited texts
2GB data
500 minutes
Unlimited texts
15GB data
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited texts

BT Sport

BT offers its own Sports TV service which can be accessed via online player on your PC or laptop or Mac or via BT Sport app on tablets and smartphones. BT Sport which includes four sports channels can be added to all broadband packages.

Apart from Scottish Premier League, FA Cup with Budweiser and WTA tennis live matches, BT Sport also offers some exclusive live shows such as Barclays Premier League matches and Aviva Premiership Rugby matches.

BT Broadband Extras

Free BT WiFi

BT runs more than 5 million public wifi hotspots in the UK and 7 million outside the UK and as a value added service, BT offers unlimited public wifi to its broadband customers at no extra cost.

BT broadband and Infiity customers can make free use of BT WiFi at these locations to go online while traveling inside UK or abroad.

BT Cloud Storage

BT Cloud is free online storage for BT customers so they can back up important files and personal content like photo albums. BT offers free online space to all customers. You can get up to 200 GB free storage to keep all your personal data.

BT SmartTalk

To help BT home phone users save money on mobile calls, BT offers free BT SmartTalk app. You can make mobile calls to landline numbers such as 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers via SmartTalk at BT call rates, hence,  cheaper than standard mobile call rates.

BT Parental Controls and BT Virus Protect

With all packages, BT offers free parental controls for safer browsing. You can block harmful & inappropriate websites on your devices and also customise the settings as you wish.

BT Virus Protect  includes firewall, anti-phishing, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection for up to 15 devices.

Switching to BT

  • You will need to choose the package that’s suitable for you. Setup may need engineer visit which will be informed by BT switching team.
  • With standard service, you will just need to connect the Hub which will be sent to you via post. However, fibre installation would need engineer who would activate the service on a date informed to you.
  • After activation the line, the Hub needs to be connected to get internet access.

Since, the speed upgrade of fibre Infinity to 52Mbps speed, the provider has just increased its fibre broadband subscription base to nearly 4.5m in 2016. BT has also expanded its 300Mbps broadband coverage over many areas in the UK.

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