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BT broadband is available wherever one lives in the UK, thanks to its extensive network which has connected millions of homes, even in rural and remote  areas across the UK.

Being the biggest provider of home phone and fibre broadband in the UK, BT also offers digital TV and 4G mobile services to the UK households.

Plus, BT  operates a separate section for its business customers to access broadband, phone and mobile services.

When it comes to home broadband deals, BT bundles them with great features like ultra-fast speed plans, Smart Hub WiFi router, free Public WiFi, free cloud storage and BT Sport TV.

BT Broadband and Fibre packages

BT’s home broadband plans come with a wide range of download speeds ranging between 10Mbps and 145Mbps. Fibre packages start from 36Mbps speed, while 50Mbps and 67Mbps speeds are popular and widely available broadband plans from BT.


50Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls 
Offer:  £70 Gift card
Cost: £28.99 p/m
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67Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls 
Offer:  £110 Gift card
Cost: £31.99 p/m
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67Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
170 TV channels 
Offer: £110 Gift card
Cost: £42.99 p/m
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BT Fibre Essential

This is low cost fibre option from BT with an average download speed of 36Mbps. The plan offers superfast speeds so you can watch HD videos, TV shows or play online games

BT Fibre 1

Fibre 1 offers totally unlimited broadband with 50Mbps average download speeds. Ideal for homes where 3 or 4 devices can stream videos or make downloads without any hassle. Includes BT Virus Protect online protection for your devices.

BT Fibre 2

BT Fibre 2 offers ultra fast download speeds of 67Mbs to BT users. Suitable for big households. Many devices can be connected at the same time and can do anything like HD streaming or gaming online. It comes with additional cloud storage as well as BT Virus Protect for multiple devices.

Broadband Unlimited

This is an entry level broadband package with 10Mb average download speed and PAYG calls. Totally unlimited data access. Cheaper and cost effective, it is quite suited for light users or small households.



Alongside standard broadband, BT offers a wide range of fibre broadband packages. Standard packages come with 10Mb average download speed, while BT fibre optic broadband offers superfast speeds between 36Mbps and 67Mbps. 

Full fibre broadband plans come with 100Mbps – 300Mbps download speeds.

Totally Unlimited

All BT packages offer totally unlimited data and downloads. You are assured of no slow down during peak times.

Free hardware 

Standard package includes Home Hub 4 wireless router, while fibre packages are bundled with the latest Smart Hub wireless router.

Pay as you go calls 

BT broadband & fibre plans include pay as you go calls (PAYG) as standard. Various call plan options are available to add and you can just customise them to suit your needs.

Free extras

BT customers get free access to 5m public BT Wi-fi hotspots across the UK, free cloud storage of up to 500GB, parental controls, free access to BT Sport on mobile and mobile based BT SmartTalk app.

You can also activate BT Virus Protect on multiple devices to protect your devices from malware, viruses and other online threats.



Offering 100+ digital TV channels, BT TV includes YouView box or YouView+ box which allows you to watch, pause, record and rewind TV channels.

Alongside Freeview channels and  BT Sport, BT TV includes more premium channels like Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. 7 days catchup feature allows you to watch TV shows you missed earlier.

BT Sport allows you to watch top four events such as live Premier League football, UEFA Champions League and Aviva Premiership rugby,

These are the TV packages from BT – Entertainment, Big Entertainment, Sport, Big Sport and VIP

Available as bundles, you will need to add a broadband plan after choosing the TV package.

BT TV packages now include NOW TV Passes for just £12 a month and just bundle them with a fibre broadband plan.

BT Phone

BT Phone is included with all broadband packages and you can make pay as you go calls. It also offers other features like free calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers and caller display.

However, BT Phone also offers other call plans to upgrade – evening & weekend calls and anytime calls.

Alongside these call plans, there are also add-ons available for making international phone calls at cheaper call rates.

BT also offers BT Basic, a subsidised social phone plan for low income homes. There is also Home Phone Saver package for families that want to cut home phone bills and save money

BT Mobile

This is 4G based, superfast mobile service from BT. It offers a great range of 4G SIM only plans. Furthermore, its broadband customers get discount when they bundle a mobile plan, thus saving money.

Switching to BT

  • You will need to choose the package that’s suitable for you. Setup may need engineer visit which will be informed by BT switching team.
  • With standard service, you will just need to connect the Hub which will be sent to you via post. However, fibre installation would need engineer who would activate the service on a date informed to you.
  • After activation of the line, the Hub needs to be connected to get internet access.