Updated on 20-04-2019

TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband

Broadband Phone Costs
Average Speed
Download: 36Mbps
Upload: 2Mbps

PAYG calls

Upfront: £0
Line rental included
Monthly: £22.95
Total contract: £413.10
18 month contract
No setup cost
Offer Price: £22.95 a month for 18 months (including line rental)

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TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband Deal Summary

  • TalkTalk faster fibre broadband comes with average download speed of 35Mbps, truly unlimited broadband which is about 4 times faster than regular connection across the UK. (Average TalkTalk fibre speed: 33.4Mbps, according to Ofcom speed survey, Nov 2015)
  • Broadband usage is not subject to any traffic management means faster speeds at all times
  • Includes the new smart dual band Super Router to ensure fastest wireless speeds and extended WiFi coverage while sharing internet access in home environment.
  • Talk2Go App for your mobiles, so you can make cheaper calls using your landline minutes.
  • Includes HomeSafe parental controls and internet security for the entire family safer browsing.
  • Enhanced internet security with SuperSafe boost
  • Fixed price guarantee until 2019. 12 month / 18 month / 24 month contract options are available.
  • Reduced price also applies to fibre bundles with TV and Plus TV.


Superfast fibre optic broadband
TalkTalk Faster Fibre broadband offers 4 times faster speeds, when compared to a typical ADSL 2+ plan, due to its delivery over fibre optic lines.  Get online with advantages of superfast speeds and reliability of TalkTalk Faster Fibre broadband ( 35Mbps average speeds), when you make downloads, watch TV shows online or play high-bandwidth games or even when multiple users share the connection.

Totally unlimited broadband
TalkTalk Faster Fibre offers truly unlimited usage with no hidden caps and without reducing access speeds at peak times. This ensures that the quality and bandwidth of your connection will not be manipulated by the provider, as some ISPS do. No matter how much data you download, no restrictions are put on your usage.

Faster Fibre is suitable for regular streaming of HD movies, watching TV shows,  playing games online and for sharing broadband with others in the family.

New Super Router
The latest Super router is a specially designed device for superfast broadband home users and easy to setup WiFi and use. The smart dual-band feature makes sure that you connect and share broadband with great speeds, minimum wireless interference, reliable and secure internet access.

Talk2Go app
No need to use expensive mobile calls but use phone calls on your mobile devices when you are on the go. Installed on smartphones or tablets, Talk2Go WiFi app could help you save your money on calls, whether your are in the UK or abroad.

Parental controls to block unsuitable websites and anti-virus protection are enabled in this feature so the online safety is ensured for users and all your devices.

 No Line rental – the plan price includes it
No need to add line rental charges separately. The package price includes it for better clarity of pricing.

Our Review

TalkTalk Faster Fibre broadband is recommended for families which look out for faster, more reliable option than the typical ADSL 2+ service, as the fibre connectivity ensures all these qualities.

It is also a perfect budget plan for those who are searching for cheaper, fibre optic broadband deals.

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