Updated on 20-04-2019

TalkTalk Broadband, Calls and TV Review

What do TalkTalk packages offer

TalkTalk offers a simple range of broadband packages which allow you to choose the right deal with or without inclusive calls. TV bundles which come with unlimited broadband are bundled with freeview channels plus flexible TV boosts including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, premium entertainment channels and Kids.

  • TalkTalk Fast Broadband
    It is one of the best, cheapest standalone broadband options for anyone who looks out for high speed broadband plan at budget price. This plan includes totally unlimited broadband usage and PAYG calls.
  • TalkTalk TV with Fast Broadband
    This TV bundle is an affordable choice for homes. It includes unlimited broadband, HomeSafe and Youview TV pack which 80+ channels, catch up TV, on demand movies and more. YouView box is included for no extra cost.
  • TalkTalk TV Plus with Fast Broadband
    This top-end TV bundle comes with additional features, extra premium TV channels etc. With unlimited broadband ,  TV Plus  package is suitable for families that demand more entertainment,  stream videos and play online games.  Plus TV includes YouView+ box which can record and store live shows, while you are watching your favourite channels.
  • TalkTalk has enhanced your TV viewing experience by prioritising TV traffic while watching live shows, on-demand films and top channels.

TalkTalk broadband prices include line rental to help customers get full clarity of pricing details.

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TalkTalk Superfast Fibre Broadband

TalkTalk offers just two fibre packages which differ only in speed.

TalkTalk Faster Fibre comes an average speed of 35Mbps download speed and Faster Fibre with speed boost offers 63Mbps average speed.

If you are already a TalkTalk Fast broadband or TV customer, you can upgrade to Fibre packages with an extra fee.

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TalkTalk Home Phone Features

TalkTalk allows you to make free calls to other TalkTalk customers, even, when you are on a line only package such as Fast Broadband or Faster Fibre.

All packages include pay as you go calls to enable you pay only for the calls that you make.

You can add calls – anytime, mobile and international – for extra subscription that best suits your needs and budget.

Flexible, call boosts are available to help you meet your needs.  International and mobile call boosts which come with discounted call rates are not subject to any contract. You can cancel them at any time.

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Reviewing TalkTalk has not been that much easy and straightforward, when compared to its rivals like Sky or Virgin Media. TalkTalk has sometimes slipped to the bottom of customer service in a few quarters (between 2015 and Q4 2016), according to Ofcom reports.

However, afterwards, the company added more customers and saw a spurt in growth, thanks to its good performance, innovative marketing techniques and the launch of low-cost, fixed price packages. This new approached indeed helped the provider earn the reputation back.

Customer service which was messed up a couple of years ago, now shows great signs of improvement, after the ISP taking prompt action to resolve technical problems and other consumer complaints with better customer support.

TalkTalk has been decently performing well in areas like ease of setup and reliable connectivity, however,  its major strength being a budget provider, offering the best value for money to its customers.

While offering low prices, Talk Talk broadband also makes sure that  its products are much cheaper than BT, Virgin or Sky, when it comes to the standard price of its packages which resumes after the heavily-discounted, introductory offer. This helps TalkTalk get more loyal customers who need not pay hefty monthly fee, after renewing the contract.

TalkTalk offers totally unlimited broadband  with no traffic management terms.   This ensures your speeds and data usage get never affected at any time including peak times of network congestion.

TalkTalk broadband includes  HomeSafe parental controls, which is offered for free with TalkTalk subscriptions to help protect all devices and users from harmful, online contents and malware such as virus. Now,  SuperSafe F-Secure internet security is offered to TalkTalk customers for better online protection.

TalkTalk Super Router is the latest,  wireless router which is  now available with all packages including standard and fibre.  It comes with the latest WiFi ac feature and very advanced security standard for faster, more reliable and secure home WiFi.

Last but not the least, TalkTalk TV which is available as bundles with standard/fibre broadband and various calls & TV boosts is the most affordable triple-play service in the UK, especially, when you compare prices with BT, Sky and Virgin Media. There is no need to pay through the nose for the service which offers flexible TV packs and YouView+ box which comes with rewind and record functionalities.

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Ratings based on speed, reliability, value for money and customer service

TalkTalk speed rating
TalkTalk broadband offers three different speeds –  Fast broadband (11Mbps), Faster Fibre  (35 Mbps) and  Faster Fibre with speed boost (63Mbps) fibre broadband.

  • According to Ofcom report 2018, Fast brodband (11Mbps) delivered actual speed of 8.7Mbps minimum  to its users  during peak times.
  • Faster Fibre (35Mbps) offered real world speeds of 32.3Mbps on average to its users.
  • Faster fibre with speed boost offered an average speed of 52.8Mbps during peak times. (8pm – 10pm)

TalkTalk reliability rating
Although, TalkTalk claims that its core network is 99.9% reliable,  still, its broadband  and phone service lacks the professional customer support when compared to Sky or Plusnet,  according to the latest Ofcom’s consumer complaints annual reports.

Customer Service
TalkTalk reliability rating
When it comes to the quality of customer support in 2017, TalkTalk has 83% of its broadband and landline customers who were happy with its performance, reliability and resolution of issues.

This is great improvement that TalkTalk achieved in the last two years, according to the latest Ofcom customer satisfaction report published in April 2017.

Value for money
TalkTalk value for money rating
In this area, TalkTalk really  beats all other ISPs  by offering great features and freebies.

Along side low-priced broadband, you also get free Super wireless N router, free YouView+ TV,  HomeSafe internet protection, optional mobile SIM,  discounts and gift cards – all these really add great value to your money.

TalkTalk over-all rating
Latest YouView+ TV (TV Plus) and fibre broadband are indeed great value packages for the most UK homes.

There are budget-friendly deals , whether  you want to choose standard or fibre broadband or triple play TV bundles. This makes TalkTalk as one of the favourite picks for UK households.

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Final Verdict

  • TalkTalk has recently earned some good reviews due to its affordable, ‘value for money’ packages and reliable, fast broadband.
  • The ISP has consistently scored well for home phone service quality, but, the fluctuations in performance still exist.
  • Improving customer service,  low cost bundles combined with freebies, new range of services like HomeSafe and YouView+ and nice extras like  F-Secure and Super Router are good enough to recommend TalkTalk.
  • Over-all, TalkTalk, UK’s major provider of home phone and broadband services, is a right choice for those who make a lot of calls and need large monthly internet usage, yet want to make great savings on communication bills.

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