• Speed
    TalkTalk speed rating
    TalkTalk offers two services –  Fast broadband (up to 17Mbps) and ‘up to’ 38 Mbps/76Mbps fibre broadband. According to Ofcom report, average UK ADSL 2+ download speed  was around  8.4Mbps in November 2015, which also applies to TalkTalk. TalkTalk Faster Fibre (up to 38Mbps) offered real world speeds of 33.4Mbps on average, while its rivals Sky and BT also offered download speeds in  close range 33Mbps – 35Mbps.  However, average upload speed via TalkTalk Fibre reached only 2.1Mbps, when compared to 8Mbps+ achieved by similar packages from Plusnet, BT and Sky.
  • Reliability
    TalkTalk reliability rating
    Although, TalkTalk claims that its core network is 99.9% reliable,  it was found to be the second most complained broadband  and phone service in the UK,  according to Ofcom’s consumer complaints report Q1 2016 .  Most complaints were related to slow speed and technical issues.
  • Customer Service
    TalkTalk customer service rating
    When it comes to the quality of customer support, TalkTalk is not on par with Plusnet or Sky, as only 56% of TalkTalk broadband customers are happy with its customer service. Poor quality of customer service has often dragged its reputation down to lower levels.
  • Value for money
    TalkTalk value for money rating
    In this area, TalkTalk really  excels all other ISPs in offering great features and freebies. Along side free broadband, you also get free Super wireless N router, free YouView+ TV,  HomeSafe internet protection, free mobile SIM,  discounts and gift cards – all these really add value to its service.
  • Over-all
    TalkTalk over-all rating
    Latest YouView+ TV (TV Plus) and fibre broadband are indeed great value packages while the budget-friendly deals and improving customer support aim to attract switchers.


TalkTalk, UK’s major provider of home phone and broadband services, is a right choice for those who make a lot of calls and need large monthly internet usage, yet want to save some money.

TalkTalk has also performed reasonably well in areas like ease of setup and reliable connectivity while its major strength being best value for money.

Put their current free broadband offers aside, Talk Talk broadband has always been cheaper than BT, Virgin or Sky, when it comes to the standard price which resumes after the introductory offer.

TalkTalk also gained some popularity due to its excellent HomeSafe parental controls, which is offered for free with TalkTalk connections to protect all devices and users from harmful, online contents and malware such as virus. Now,  SuperSafe F-Secure internet security is offered to TalkTalk customers for better online protection.

TalkTalk Super Router is the latest,  wireless router which is  now available with all packages.  It comes with the latest WiFi ac feature for faster, more reliable and secure home WiFi.

Customer service which was messed up earlier, now shows great signs of improvement, after TalkTalk taking prompt action to resolve technical problems and other consumer complaints with better customer support.

Latest Deals and Prices

Package Speed Usage Calls TV Cost More
TalkTalk broadbandFast Broadband
12 month contract
No Setup cost
up to
Unlimited PAYG N/A £19.95 /month Check
TalkTalk broadbandFaster Fibre
18 month contract
Free fibre install
up to
Unlimited PAYG N/A £27.50 /month Check
TalkTalk broadbandTV + Fast Broadband
12 month contract
up to
Unlimited Evening &
80+ £19.95 /month Check
TalkTalk broadbandTV  Plus + Fast Broadband
12 month contract
up to
Unlimited PAYG 110+ £25.95 /month Check
TalkTalk broadbandFaster Fibre up to 76Mb
18 month contract
Free fibre install
up to
Unlimited PAYG N/A £30 /month Check

What do TalkTalk packages offer

TalkTalk offers a simple range of packages which allow you to choose the right deal with or without calls. TV bundles which come with unlimited broadband are bundled with evening & weekend calls or anytime calls.

  • TalkTalk Fast Broadband
    It is one of the best, cheapest standalone broadband options for anyone who looks out for just broadband plan at a cheap price. This plan offers totally unlimited broadband for just £19.95 a month including line rental.
  • TalkTalk TV with Fast Broadband
    This TV bundle is an affordable choice for homes. It includes unlimited broadband, HomeSafe and Youview TV pack which 80+ channels, catch up TV, on demand movies and more for just £19.95 a month including line rental.
  • TalkTalk TV Plus with Fast Broadband
    This top-end TV bundle comes with additional features, premium TV channels etc. With unlimited broadband ,  TV Plus  package is suitable for heavier users who make large downloads, stream videos and play online games. TalkTalk has prioritised TV traffic on Plus service with traffic management terms affecting only P2P traffic during peak times.

TalkTalk broadband prices include line rental and upfront costs to help customers get full clarity of pricing details.

TalkTalk Home Phone Features

TalkTalk allows you to make free calls to other TalkTalk customers, even, when you are on a line only package such as Fast Broadband or Faster Fibre.

You can add calls for extra subscription that suits your needs and budget.

Flexible, call boosts are available to help you meet your needs.  International and mobile call boosts which come with discounted call rates are not subject to any contract. You can cancel them at any time.

TalkTalk Superfast Fibre Broadband

TalkTalk offers just two fibre packages which differ only in speed.

TalkTalk Faster Fibre comes with ‘up to’ 38Mbps download speed and Faster Fibre up to 76Mb  offers maximum speed of 76Mbps.

If you are already a TalkTalk Fast broadband or TV customer, upgrading to Fibre will cost  from £5 extra a month.

Likewise,  Fibre up to 76Mb will cost  £10 extra a month for the customers who upgrade their standard broadband plan to fibre.

18 month contract and free fibre installation apply to these packages.

Final Verdict

  • TalkTalk has recently received some good reviews due to its affordable, ‘value for money’ packages and reliable, fast broadband.
  • The ISP has consistently scored well for home phone service quality, but, the fluctuations still exist.
  • Improving customer service,  low cost bundles combined with freebies, new range of services like HomeSafe and YouView+ and nice extras like  F-Secure and Super Router are good enough to recommend TalkTalk.