What is cable broadband?

Cable broadband internet is a type of fixed line broadband available in the UK. ADSL broadband uses fixed phone lines to bring broadband to the users. Cable internet service differs in a major way – it does not use phone lines but use fibre optic cables which are buried under the roads.

Fibre optic cables can deliver much higher speeds than ADSL or super-fast ADSL 2+ broadband networks. Cable broadband ISP will supply you with a cable modem that needs to be connected between a PC (for broadband) or set-top box (for TV) and the cable wall socket to access cable broadband internet service.

Customers who take Virgin Phone with broadband will have to install Virgin Phone line for which they need to pay for the line rental.

Cable broadband UK

The coverage of cable broadband in UK is steadily improving. Currently, Virgin Media’s cable broadband network is available to more than 65% of UK homes.

Virgin Media, the only cable broadband ISP has been upgrading its customers from 10Mbps to super-fast 100Mbps service and currently provides the fastest broadband connection (50Mbps) in the UK.

Cable broadband is hugely popular with UK families as it allows the users to buy two or more services on a same package called ‘bundling’. Under bundling, customers can get broadband, TV and phone service (triple-play) from the same provider.

Many people just prefer double play (broadband + TV or Broadband + Phone) deals or Triple-play packages instead of going for stand-alone services, according to the latest customer statistics report from Virgin Media. Benefits like discount in price and the convenience of getting single bill for all services have increased uptake in cable broadband.

Cable broadband vs ADSL broadband

Virgin Media has certainly redefined the idea of cable broadband speeds in UK with its blisteringly fast cable internet service. The cable ISP has announced its nation-wide 50Mbps broadband roll out and is also testing 200Mbps service in some areas. With Virgin Media cable broadband internet, you can experience the lightening speeds up to 50Mbps. If high speeds matter most to you, then cable broadband is what you should go for.

Virgin Media cable broadband offers high-speed broadband with entertainment services like TV so it is a good option for most UK families.

How to get Virgin Media cable broadband service?

First, check the availability of virgin Media cable network in your area. If you are living in rural or very remote areas in the UK, you may be out of its network area and you would naturally look for other broadband types like ADSL broadband.

Virgin Media Cable broadband coverage

Here is a list of places in UK where you can get Virgin Media cable broadband. It is not a complete list, so, it’d better to use check availability tool at samknows.com/broadband for accurate information.
Birmingham Leeds Blackpool Greater London
Bradford Newport Luton Brighton
Coventry Norwich Cardiff Nottingham
Dundee Southhampton Edinburgh Swindon
Glasgow Sheffield Tyneside Greater Manchester
Winchester Belfast Liverpool Teesside
Newcastle Sheffield Leicester Ipswich
Bristol Plymouth Swansea Brighton

See the list of Virgin Media cable areas