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post_office_broadbandPost Office, a respected and popular retailer in UK, offers broadband and home phone services which include up to 17Mbps broadband as the only product means it is not the best option for homes that look out for for faster or fibre broadband.However, Post Office stands out as one of the best providers for homes that look out for cheap broadband and phone, reliability and best customer support.

Post Office home phone which includes free weekend UK landline calls will cost from £16.99 a month which is now added to the monthly price of the package.

Compare Post Office Deals and Offers

Package Speed Download Calls TV Cost More
Post Office broadbandBroadband Premium
18 month contract
up to
Unlimited Weekend N/A £20 /month
£247 /year

Features of Post Office Broadband

  • Post Office offers a simple range of home phone & broadband packages and their line rental charges are quite cheaper than most service providers in the UK market.
  • Their call rates for evening calls or anytime calls which you can add at extra cost, are also cheaper than BT.
  • They have just two broadband & phone packages which bundle up to 17Mb broadband and weekend calls with free line connection worth £60 is offered on both the deals.

Post Office HomePhone

  • Post Office phone service is not subject to any minimum contract. If you are interested in their broadband offerings, you are required to sign up to 18 month contract.
  • Weekend calls (Friday 6pm to Monday 6am) to UK landlines are added to the phone at no extra cost.

Post Office Home Phone & Broadband Premium

  • Choose this package if you use broadband for watching videos online or downloading files, music & videos. This is unlimited plan, allowing you to make lot of downloads.
  • Online security & parental controls is included with this package.
  • Currently, there is 18 months of discount offer on this package which usually costs £26.99 a month including line rental.